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In the Club

About In the Club

  • Released on August 05, 2014
  • Drama

In The Club follows six pregnant women and their partners as they get ready for the arrival of their babies at the local parenting class. Housewife Diane, schoolgirl Rosie, newlywed Jasmin, businesswoman Roanna, midwife Vicky and writer and teaching assistant Kim all have their own issues to deal with.

Main Cast of In the Club

Secondary Cast of In the Club

Daniel Breeze
plays Jude (1 episode)

Lily Pickering
plays Ellie (1 episode)

Peter Singh
plays Dr Inman (1 episode)

Flo Wilson
plays Senior Nurse (1 episode)

Poppy Lee Friar
plays Katie (1 episode)

Victoria Pritchard
plays Jane (1 episode)

Barbara Hatwell
plays Judge (1 episode)

Josh Brown
plays Car Driver (1 episode)

Claire Cooper
plays Claire (1 episode)

Crew of In the Club