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This drama tells the true story of the six Elim College students and their teacher who tragically lost their lives in a flash flood, a traumatic experience for the college and New Zealand.

Full Cast of In a Flash

Emma Fenton
plays Jodie Sullivan

Ingrid Park
plays Beverley Smith

Madeleine Adams
plays Sarah Brooks

Fraser Brown
plays Kerry Palmer

Ben Van Lier
plays Tony McClean

Robbie Evison
plays Anthony Mulder

Simon Ward
plays John Maxted

Lucy Suttor
plays Ros Hughes

Phillip Brooks
plays Matt Bennett

Ariaana Osborne
plays Tara Gregory

Muhammad Nasir
plays Kish Proctor

Kieran Murphy
plays Abhay Tomar

Claudia Nixon
plays Natasha Bray

Kelson Henderson
plays Daniel Charman

Kelson Henderson as Daniel Charman

Kelson Henderson (born 1975) is a New Zealand actor.

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Ellen Ranum
plays Portia McPhail

Davin Shi
plays Jack Lin

Eugene Yao
plays Peter Shih

Jack Barry
plays Peter Zimmer

Jack Barry as Peter Zimmer

Jack is a New Zealand based Actor. He is known for his work in AMC's The Making of the Mob: Chicago, South Pacific Pi...

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Crew of In a Flash

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