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Cast of
I, Madman

About I, Madman

A bookshop clerk starts seeing the disfigured killer from her favorite 1950s pulp novels come to life and start killing people around her.

Full Cast of I, Madman

Jenny Wright
plays Virginia

Clayton Rohner
plays Richard

Randall William Cook
plays Dr. Alan Kessler

Randall William Cook (born 1951) is an American special effects artist most known for The Lord of the Rings trilogy. ...

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Stephanie Hodge
plays Mona

Stephanie Hodge as Mona

Stephanie Hodge is an American actress, stand-up comedian, writer and producer, known for  her roles as Nurse Sandy M...

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Michelle Jordan
plays Colette

Vance Valencia
plays Sgt. Navarro

Mary Baldwin
plays Librarian

Raf Nazario
plays Lyle

Bob Frank
plays Hotel Manager

Bruce Wagner
plays Pianist

Kevin Best
plays Black Actor

Murray Rubin
plays Sidney Zeit

Christopher Kriesa
plays Sarge

Mary Pat Gleason
plays Policewoman

Mary Pat Gleason as Policewoman

Mary Pat Gleason (February 23, 1950 - June 2, 2020) was an American film and television actress. From 1983–85 she app...

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Crew of I, Madman

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