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I'm Not Harry Jenson

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  • Released on July 05, 2009

Evoking the style and pace of the Noir genre, the film is essentially a murder mystery with Stanley (Gareth Reeves) the prime suspect. Stanley's success as a novelist has been largely due to his style where he writes from the first person perspective of the central characters, who are always the killers in real-life cases. Troubled with writer's block, his agent suggests a tramping trip "to clear his mind". However, when he wakes up on the first morning of his tramp, he finds his fellow tramper dead.

Full Cast of I'm Not Harry Jenson

Gareth Reeves
plays Stanley

Jinny Lee Story
plays Marissa

Marshall Napier
plays Tom

Ian Mune
plays Bill

Ian Mune as Bill

Ian Mune was born on January 1, 1941 and is currently 83 years old.

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Renato Bartolomei
plays Colby

Cameron Rhodes
plays Rick

Tom Hern
plays Kevin

Rachael Blampied
plays Anna

Michelle Langstone
plays Natalee

Ben Mitchell
plays Jon

Ilona Rodgers
plays Margaret

James Napier
plays Interviewer

Crew of I'm Not Harry Jenson

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