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I'll Tell the World

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  • Released on April 20, 1934

Lee Tracy once again plays a Winchellesque newspaper reporter in Universal's I'll Tell the World. More interested in his sex life than his career, news hawk Brown nonetheless agrees to cover the activities of a European archduke on behalf of his wire service.

Full Cast of I'll Tell the World

Lee Tracy
plays Stanley Brown

Gloria Stuart
plays Jane Hamilton

Gloria Stuart as Jane Hamilton

Gloria Stuart (1910–2010) was an American actress, activist, painter, bonsai artist and fine printer. She is best kn...

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Roger Pryor
plays William S. Briggs

Onslow Stevens
plays Prince Michael

Alec B. Francis
plays Grand Duke Ferdinand

Willard Robertson
plays Hardwick

Lawrence Grant
plays Count Strumsky

Leon Ames
plays Spud Marshall

Wilhelm von Brincken
plays Joseph

Craig Reynolds
plays Aviator

Herman Bing
plays Adolph

Dorothy Granger
plays Brown's Girlfriend - the Dancer

Arthur Stone

Alyce Ardell
plays French Telephone Operator

Gertrude Bennett
plays Woman on Boat

Ward Bond
plays Dirigible Officer

Eugene Borden
plays French Waiter

Walter Brennan
plays Otto - Bicycle Repair Man

André Cheron
plays Barkeeper

Edmund Cobb
plays Detective

John Dilson
plays Legendre

Charles Fallon
plays French Desk Clerk

Julia Griffith
plays Royal Family Member

Gertrude Hoffmann
plays Aunt Louise

Lloyd Ingraham
plays Army Officer

Fred Kelsey
plays Sergeant at Border

Charles Hill Mailes
plays Statesman

Jerry Mandy
plays Tony

Edward McWade
plays Trapper

Edwin Mordant
plays Kurtz

Franklin Parker
plays News Editor

Evelyn Selbie
plays Gypsy Fortune Teller

Paul Weigel
plays Telegraph Operator

Crew of I'll Tell the World

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