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  • Released on August 24, 2013

Natsumi (Kie Kitano) moves to Tokyo to enter a fine arts university. In Tokyo, Natsumi meets Ryosuke and they soon become a couple. Ryosuke is a good person, but he doesn't have a job. Every day he just loafs around. To pay for her living expenses, Natsumi begins work at bar. Natsumi and Ryosuke become estranged from each other. They decide to break up. Natsumi's book is finally published.

Full Cast of I Hate Tokyo

Kie Kitano
plays Natsumi Takahara

Sosuke Ikematsu
plays Sosuke Ikematsu

Fumino Kimura

Ittoku Kishibe

Asuka Kurosawa

Eri Fukatsu

Eri Fukatsu

Eri Fukatsu (深津 絵里, Fukatsu Eri, born 11 January 1973) is a Japanese actress. She won the award for best actress at t...

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Asana Mamoru

Rieko Saibara

Asaka Seto

Kanon Tani

Kanon Tani

Kanon Tani played the role of young Meiko Honma in Fuji Television's live-action adaptation of Ano Hi Mita Hana no Na...

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Crew of I Hate Tokyo

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