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  • Released on January 01, 1998

Raoul finds solitude in an abandoned farm called 'Hurrah' after the horrendous death of his girlfriend. His only human contact is a neighbour who warns him of envious locals who may have been involved in the deaths of the previous owners. One day, Julia crashes into his front gate. She is looking to escape her life and 'Hurrah' may be the perfect place.

Full Cast of Hurrah

Tushka Bergen
plays Julia

Marton Csokas
plays Raoul

Marton Csokas as Raoul

Marton Csokas (born 30 June 1966) is a New Zealand film and television actor. Description above from the Wikipedia a...

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Ben Gabriel
plays Yackl

Andrew Blackman
plays Emerson

Greg Carroll
plays Mal

Brendan O'Connor
plays Ed

Crew of Hurrah

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