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House of Cards

About House of Cards

  • Released on February 01, 2013
  • Drama

Set in present day Washington, D.C., House of Cards is the story of Frank Underwood, a ruthless and cunning politician, and his wife Claire who will stop at nothing to conquer everything. This wicked political drama penetrates the shadowy world of greed, sex and corruption in modern D.C.

Main Cast of House of Cards

Kevin Spacey
plays Frank Underwood (65 episodes)

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood

Kevin Spacey Fowler KBE (born July 26, 1959) is an American actor, producer, and singer. He began his career as a sta...

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Robin Wright
plays Claire Underwood (73 episodes)

Robin Wright as Claire Underwood

Robin Gayle Wright (born April 8, 1966) is an American actress. She is best known for her roles as Jenny Curran in Fo...

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Michael Kelly
plays Doug Stamper (73 episodes)

Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper

Michael Joseph Kelly (born May 22, 1969) is an American actor. Description above from the Wikipedia article Michael ...

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Nathan Darrow
plays Edward Meechum (39 episodes)

Nathan Darrow as Edward Meechum

Nathan Darrow was born on June 21, 1976 and is currently 47 years old.

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Kate Mara
plays Zoe Barnes (39 episodes)

Kate Mara as Zoe Barnes

Kate Rooney Mara (born February 27, 1983) is an American actress. She is known for work in television, playing report...

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Jayne Atkinson
plays Catherine Durant (59 episodes)

Jayne Atkinson as Catherine Durant

Jayne Atkinson (born February 18, 1959) is an English-born American film, theatre and television actress. She is perh...

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Derek Cecil
plays Seth Grayson (53 episodes)

Derek Cecil as Seth Grayson

Derek Cecil is an American film and television actor, best known for his reccuring role as Seth Grayson on the Netfli...

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Boris McGiver
plays Tom Hammerschmidt (42 episodes)

Boris McGiver as Tom Hammerschmidt

Boris McGiver is an American stage and screen actor. He holds an MFA in Acting from the Tisch School of Arts at New Y...

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Mahershala Ali
plays Remy Danton (45 episodes)

Mahershala Ali as Remy Danton

Mahershalalhashbaz "Mahershala" Ali (born Mahershalalhashbaz Gilmore; February 16, 1974) is an American actor. Ali be...

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Paul Sparks
plays Thomas Yates (39 episodes)

Paul Sparks as Thomas Yates

Paul Sparks is an American actor. He is known for his role as Mickey Doyle in the HBO period drama series Boardwalk E...

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Secondary Cast of House of Cards

Kristen Connolly
plays Christina Gallagher (13 episodes)

Sebastian Arcelus
plays Lucas Goodwin (29 episodes)

Constance Zimmer
plays Janine Skorsky (21 episodes)

Patricia Clarkson
plays Jane Davis (21 episodes)

Patricia Clarkson as Jane Davis

Patricia Davies Clarkson (born December 29, 1959) is an American actress. After studying drama on the East Coast, Cla...

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Neve Campbell
plays LeAnn Harvey (26 episodes)

Neve Campbell as LeAnn Harvey

Neve Adrianne Campbell (born October 3, 1973) is a Canadian actress, who is an influential figure in popular culture,...

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Sakina Jaffrey
plays Linda Vasquez (27 episodes)

Dominique McElligott
plays Hannah Conway (19 episodes)

Dominique McElligott as Hannah Conway

Dominique McElligott (born March 5, 1986) is an Irish actress. She has appeared as a series regular on Raw (2008), He...

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Corey Stoll
plays Peter Russo (14 episodes)

Corey Stoll as Peter Russo

Corey Daniel Stoll (born March 14, 1976) is an American actor. He is best known for his roles as Congressman Peter Ru...

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Gerald McRaney
plays Raymond Tusk (18 episodes)

Gerald McRaney as Raymond Tusk

Gerald McRaney is an American film and television actor, best known for playing Rick Simon on the CBS television seri...

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Kim Dickens
plays Kate Baldwin (16 episodes)

Kim Dickens as Kate Baldwin

Kimberly Jan Dickens (born June 18, 1965) is an American actress. Her film debut was in the 1995 comedy film Palookav...

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Lars Mikkelsen
plays Viktor Petrov (26 episodes)

Lars Mikkelsen as Viktor Petrov

Lars Dittmann Mikkelsen is a Danish actor.

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Damian Young
plays Aidan Macallan (19 episodes)

Damian Young as Aidan Macallan

Damian Young (born October 27, 1961) is an American actor. Description above from the Wikipedia article Damian Young...

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Joel Kinnaman
plays Will Conway (26 episodes)

Cody Fern
plays Duncan Shepherd (8 episodes)

Diane Lane
plays Annette Shepherd (8 episodes)

Diane Lane as Annette Shepherd

Diane Colleen Lane (born January 22, 1965) is an American actress and producer. Born and raised in New York City, Lan...

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Greg Kinnear
plays Bill Shepherd (8 episodes)

Greg Kinnear as Bill Shepherd

Gregory Buck Kinnear (born June 17, 1963) is an American actor and television personality, who first rose to stardom ...

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Campbell Scott
plays Mark Usher (21 episodes)

Campbell Scott as Mark Usher

Campbell Scott (born July 19, 1961) is an American actor, producer, director, and voice artist. His notable TV roles...

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Molly Parker
plays Jackie Sharp (32 episodes)

Molly Parker as Jackie Sharp

Molly Parker (born 30 June 1972) is a Canadian actress, writer, and director. She is best known for her roles in inde...

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Elizabeth Marvel
plays Heather Dunbar (20 episodes)

Elizabeth Marvel as Heather Dunbar

Elizabeth Marvel is an American actress. Her most prominent roles include Det. Nancy Parras on The District, Solicito...

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Jimmi Simpson
plays Gavin Orsay (26 episodes)

Jimmi Simpson as Gavin Orsay

Jimmi Simpson is an American stage, film and television actor, best known for his recurring roles in television serie...

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Michel Gill
plays President Garrett Walker (1 episode) , Garrett Walker (28 episodes)

Rachel Brosnahan
plays Call Girl (1 episode) , Rachel Posner (29 episodes)

Rachel Brosnahan as Call Girl

Rachel Brosnahan (born July 12, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Miriam "Midge" Maisel...

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James Saito
plays Dr. Krebs (1 episode)

James Saito as Dr. Krebs

​James Tomio Saito (born March 6, 1955) is an American actor, best known for his physical portrayal of Shredder in th...

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Alex Webb
plays Agent Carter (1 episode)

Suzanne Savoy
plays Patricia Whittaker (1 episode)

Adam Donshik
plays Jordan Sadowsky (1 episode)

Parisa Fitz-Henley
plays Waitress (1 episode)

Parisa Fitz-Henley as Waitress

Parisa Fitz-Henley was born on July 22, 1977 and is currently 46 years old.

See Parisa Fitz-Henley's other roles

Paton Ashbrook
plays Bridget Cohen (4 episodes)

Paton Ashbrook as Bridget Cohen

Paton Ashbrook was born on September 6, 1988 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Paton Lee Lamas. She is known for her...

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Carolyn Michelle Smith
plays Willa (3 episodes)

Max Firestein
plays Russian Teen (1 episode)

Kelsi Chandler
plays Front Desk Clerk (1 episode)

Richard Toth
plays Arnold Silva (2 episodes)

Delphi Harrington
plays Louise (1 episode)

Andrea Leigh
plays WH Secretary (2 episodes)

Devin Druid
plays Danny (1 episode)

Devin Druid as Danny

Actor best known for his role as Tyler Down on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

See Devin Druid's other roles

Lora Lee Gayer
plays Press 2 (1 episode)

Sharrie McCain
plays Soilder (1 episode)

Amy Lynn Stewart
plays Claire's Mother (1 episode)

plays White House Press Corp (1 episode)

Erik Jensen
plays Fitz (1 episode)

Erik Jensen as Fitz

Erik Jensen was born on July 20, 1970 and is currently 53 years old.

See Erik Jensen's other roles

Al Sapienza
plays Marty Spinella (1 episode)

Al Sapienza as Marty Spinella

An American film and television actor and producer, best known for his role in the television serie "The Sopranos" as...

See Al Sapienza's other roles

Francie Swift
plays Felicity Holburn (2 episodes)

Francie Swift as Felicity Holburn

Francie Swift is an American film and television actress. She holds an BFA in Acting from State University of New Yor...

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Dan Ziskie
plays Jim Matthews (6 episodes)

Dan Ziskie as Jim Matthews

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dan Ziskie is an American actor. He recently has portrayed figures in position...

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Boris Kodjoe
plays Brett Cole (4 episodes)

Boris Kodjoe as Brett Cole

Boris Frederic Cecil Tay-Natey Ofuatey-Kodjoe is a German-born actor, producer, and former model best known for his r...

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Ron Canada
plays Vincent Abruzzo (2 episodes)

Ron Canada as Vincent Abruzzo

Ron Canada is an American actor and producer who began his acting career in 1978. Canada has had a long career in bot...

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Linda Powell
plays Marcy Siegerson (3 episodes)

Linda Powell as Marcy Siegerson

Linda Powell is an American stage and screen actress who studied acting at Michael Howard Studios and at Circle in th...

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Beth Chamberlin
plays Tabitha Peters (1 episode)

Athena Karkanis
plays Melody Cruz (5 episodes)

Athena Karkanis as Melody Cruz

Athena Karkanis (born May 16, 1981) is a Canadian television, film and voice actress. She is noted for her role as Gr...

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James Martinez
plays Alex Romero (3 episodes)

James Martinez as Alex Romero

James Martinez is an American stage and screen actor who attended The Juilliard School for Dramatic arts. He has perf...

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Daniel Sauli
plays Benjamin Grant (1 episode)

Daniel Sauli as Benjamin Grant

Daniel Sauli is an actor and director.

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Korey Jackson
plays Sean Jeffries (10 episodes)

Wendy Moniz
plays Laura Moretti (6 episodes)

Wendy Moniz as Laura Moretti

Wendy Moniz (born January 19, 1969) is an American television actress. She is known for her roles as Dinah Marler in ...

See Wendy Moniz's other roles

Kathleen Chalfant
plays Margaret Tilden (3 episodes)

Kathleen Chalfant as Margaret Tilden

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kathleen Chalfant (born January 14, 1945) is an American actress.

See Kathleen Chalfant's other roles

Benito Martinez
plays Hector Mendoza (2 episodes)

Benito Martinez as Hector Mendoza

Benito Martinez (born June 28, 1971) is an American actor most known for his role as police captain (later city counc...

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Terry Chen
plays Xander Feng (2 episodes)

Terry Chen as Xander Feng

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Terry Chen (born February 3, 1975) is a Canadian movie and television actor. ...

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Gil Birmingham
plays Daniel Lanagin (1 episode)

Gil Birmingham as Daniel Lanagin

Gil Birmingham (born July 13, 1966) is an American actor of Comanche ancestry. He made his first TV appearance on an ...

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Malcolm Goodwin
plays Darnell Hayes (1 episode)

Albert Jones
plays Tommy Devine (1 episode)

Albert Jones as Tommy Devine

Albert Jones is an actor.

See Albert Jones's other roles

Frank Ridley
plays Harlan Traub (1 episode)

Frank Ridley as Harlan Traub

Frank Ridley is known for The Box (2009), Don't Look Up (2021) and Edge of Darkness (2010).

See Frank Ridley's other roles

Kelly AuCoin
plays Gary Stamper (3 episodes)

Dave Quay
plays Sam Price (1 episode)

Jenna Stern
plays Eliana Caspi (1 episode)

John Harrington Bland
plays Carlson Greer (1 episode)

John Harrington Bland as Carlson Greer

John Harrington Bland was born on February 1, 1968 and is currently 56 years old.

See John Harrington Bland's other roles

Carolyn Mignini
plays Rebecca Huntley (1 episode)

Kristof Konrad
plays Boris Litsky (1 episode)

Christian Camargo
plays Michael Corrigan (1 episode)

Reg E. Cathey
plays Freddy (14 episodes)

John Doman
plays Charles Eddis (1 episode)

John Doman as Charles Eddis

John Doman is an American actor, and a former Marine Corps officer and Vietnam veteran. He's best known for playing D...

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Shawn Doyle
plays Dr. Alan Cooke (2 episodes)

Shawn Doyle as Dr. Alan Cooke

Shawn Doyle (born 1968) is a Canadian actor. Doyle was born and raised in Wabush, Newfoundland, the son of actor Jer...

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Alexander Sokovikov
plays Alexi Moryakov (4 episodes)

Armand Schultz
plays Scott Cunningham (1 episode)

Armand Schultz as Scott Cunningham

Armand Schultz is an actor.

See Armand Schultz's other roles

Kellyn Lindsay
plays Blonde Hooker (1 episode)

Hollis McCarthy
plays Tabitha Lonnergan (1 episode)

Peggy J. Scott
plays Jean Tusk (1 episode)

Peggy J. Scott as Jean Tusk

Peggy J. Scott is an actress.

See Peggy J. Scott's other roles

Chuck Cooper
plays Barney Hull (3 episodes)

Chuck Cooper as Barney Hull

Won the 1996 Tony Award for Best Featured Actor for his portrayal of Memphis in The Life. His other Broadway credits ...

See Chuck Cooper's other roles

Tawny Cypress
plays Carly Heath (2 episodes)

Tawny Cypress as Carly Heath

Tawny Cypress (born August 8, 1976) is an American actress. She has appeared in various television and stage plays. S...

See Tawny Cypress's other roles

J.C. MacKenzie
plays Phil Langdon (1 episode)

J.C. MacKenzie as Phil Langdon

John Charles “J. C.” MacKenzie is a Canadian actor. He is known for his roles as Arnold Spivak in Steven Bochco's ABC...

See J.C. MacKenzie's other roles

David Andrews
plays Tim Corbet (1 episode)

David Andrews as Tim Corbet

David Andrews (born January 1, 1952) is an American actor, best known for his role as General Robert Brewster in Term...

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Ben Daniels
plays Adam Galloway (6 episodes)

Ben Daniels as Adam Galloway

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ben Daniels (born 10 June 1964) is a British actor. A graduate of the London A...

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William Hill
plays Ken Caswell (2 episodes)

Kaili Vernoff
plays Alicia Heyman (1 episode)

Wass Stevens
plays Paul Capra (2 episodes)

Wass Stevens as Paul Capra

Wass Stevens is an actor,

See Wass Stevens's other roles

Gina Grinkemeyer
plays Abby Green (1 episode)

Sarah Dacey Charles
plays Nancy Gallagher (1 episode)

Sarah Dacey Charles as Nancy Gallagher

Sarah Dacey Charlesis an actress.

See Sarah Dacey Charles's other roles

Andrew Polk
plays Harry Marshall (5 episodes)

Andrew Polk as Harry Marshall

Andrew Polk was born on October 2, 1962 and is currently 61 years old.

See Andrew Polk's other roles

Sean Cullen
plays Dean Austen (1 episode)

Sean Cullen as Dean Austen

Sean J. Cullen is an American actor.

See Sean Cullen's other roles

Colm Feore
plays Ted Brockhart (6 episodes)

Colm Feore as Ted Brockhart

Colm Joseph Feore OC (/ˈkɒləm ˈfjɔːr/; born August 22, 1958) is a Canadian actor. A 15-year veteran of the Stratford ...

See Colm Feore's other roles

Michael Warner
plays Oliver Spence (1 episode)

Charles Borland
plays Captain Rockland (1 episode)

David Clennon
plays Ted Havemeyer (1 episode)

David Clennon as Ted Havemeyer

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia David Clennon (born May 10, 1943) is an American actor perhaps best known for...

See David Clennon's other roles

Spencer Garrett
plays Howard Webb (1 episode)

Spencer Garrett as Howard Webb

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Spencer Garrett (born September 19, 1963) is an American actor who has appear...

See Spencer Garrett's other roles

John Scurti
plays Wes Buchwalter (1 episode)

John Scurti as Wes Buchwalter

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John Martin Scurti (b. Northport, New York) is an American actor. Scurti atte...

See John Scurti's other roles

Emily Dorsch
plays Emma Lane (1 episode)

Andrea Cirie
plays Lorrie Tate (2 episodes)

Kate Lyn Sheil
plays Lisa Williams (7 episodes)

Elizabeth Norment
plays Nancy Kaufberger (4 episodes)

Jeremy Bobb
plays Nick Henslow (2 episodes)

Deanna Dunagan
plays Susan Marbury (1 episode)

Deanna Dunagan as Susan Marbury

Deanna Dunagan was born on May 25, 1940 and is currently 84 years old.

See Deanna Dunagan's other roles

Sam Page
plays Connor Ellis (3 episodes)

Sam Page as Connor Ellis

Sam Page is an American actor born on November 5, 1976.

See Sam Page's other roles

Joanna Going
plays Tricia Walker (4 episodes)

Joanna Going as Tricia Walker

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Joanna C. Going (born 22 July 1963) is an American actress. Born in Washingto...

See Joanna Going's other roles

Margaret Daly
plays Elaine Brooks (1 episode)

Brian Keane
plays Ray Meyers (1 episode)

Chip Zien
plays Dr. Charles Rosen (3 episodes)

Malcolm Madera
plays Eric Rawlings (1 episode) , Augustus Underwood (2 episodes)

Kristen Sieh
plays Kelsey Stewart (4 episodes)

Thomas Kopache
plays Earl Hanna (1 episode)

Thomas Kopache as Earl Hanna

Thomas Kopache was born on October 17, 1945 and is currently 78 years old.

See Thomas Kopache's other roles

Jeremy Holm
plays Nathan Green (18 episodes)

Marc Kudisch
plays Henry Mitchell (2 episodes)

Eli Goodman
plays Wayne Snyder (1 episode)

Susan Pourfar
plays Nora Cafferty (6 episodes)

Susan Pourfar as Nora Cafferty

Susan Pourfar is an actress.

See Susan Pourfar's other roles

Kenneth Tigar
plays Walter Doyle (2 episodes)

Kenneth Tigar as Walter Doyle

Kenneth Tigar (born September 24, 1942) is an American actor, primarily on American television, and translator.

See Kenneth Tigar's other roles

Julian Gamble
plays Max Braegher (1 episode)

Linda Marie Larson
plays Jennifer Baumgarten (3 episodes)

Guy Lemonnier
plays Military Aide (1 episode)

Elizabeth Thorp
plays Maria Ford (1 episode)

Chris Agos
plays Rick Bowman (1 episode)

Ann Charles Sutton
plays Young Claire (2 episodes)

Darwin Shaw
plays Rafiq Nasser (1 episode)

Ali Collier
plays Teen Claire (2 episodes)

Geoffrey Cantor
plays Ben Goldstein (2 episodes)

Geoffrey Cantor as Ben Goldstein

Geoffrey graduated magna cum laude from Amherst College with a degree in theater. During his junior year, he attended...

See Geoffrey Cantor's other roles

Nini Le Huynh
plays Lynn Phang (3 episodes)

Curtiss Cook
plays Terry Womack (8 episodes)

Curtiss Cook as Terry Womack

Curtiss Cook is a film actor.

See Curtiss Cook's other roles

LisaGay Hamilton
plays Celia Jones (4 episodes)

LisaGay Hamilton as Celia Jones

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. LisaGay Hamilton (born March 25, 1964) is an American film, television, and t...

See LisaGay Hamilton's other roles

David Eichenbaum
plays Abbott Vaughn (2 episodes)

Murphy Guyer
plays Oren Chase (1 episode)

Murphy Guyer as Oren Chase

Murphy Guyer (born December 25, 1952) is an American actor, playwright, writer and director, best known for his plays...

See Murphy Guyer's other roles

Lance E. Nichols
plays Gene Clancy (1 episode)

Ellen Burstyn
plays Elizabeth Hale (5 episodes)

Ellen Burstyn as Elizabeth Hale

Ellen Burstyn (born Edna Rae Gillooly; December 7, 1932) is an American actress. Known for her portrayal of complicat...

See Ellen Burstyn's other roles

Cicely Tyson
plays Doris Jones (3 episodes)

Ellen Harvey
plays Martha Wilson (1 episode)

Leonid Citer
plays Igor Milkin (1 episode)

Larry Pine
plays Bob Birch (14 episodes)

Larry Pine as Bob Birch

Larry Pine (born March 3, 1945) is an American film, television and theatre actor. He began his professional acting ...

See Larry Pine's other roles

Reed Birney
plays Donald Blythe (16 episodes)

Reed Birney as Donald Blythe

Reed Birney is an actor.

See Reed Birney's other roles

Eisa Davis
plays Cynthia Driscoll (7 episodes)

Eisa Davis as Cynthia Driscoll

Eisa Davis is an actress, writer, and singer-songwriter working on stage and screen.

See Eisa Davis's other roles

David Pittu
plays Dr. Saxon (2 episodes)

David Pittu as Dr. Saxon

David Pittu is an actor and director.

See David Pittu's other roles

Cindy Cheung
plays Meredith Lee (1 episode)

Cindy Cheung as Meredith Lee

Cindy Cheung is an actress.

See Cindy Cheung's other roles

Eddy Shalita
plays Patron / Party Patron (2 episodes)

Ben Cook
plays Heather Dunbar's Son (uncredited) (1 episode)

Azize Erim
plays Party Patron (1 episode)

Gina Jun
plays Staff (10 episodes)

Monica Sanchez
plays Consuela Munroe (2 episodes)

Anthony DeVito
plays Pizza Guy (1 episode)

Artie Brennan
plays IT Guy (1 episode)

Ryan A. Phillips
plays Drug Dealer (uncredited) (1 episode)

David Corenswet
plays Reed (1 episode)

David Corenswet as Reed

David Packard Corenswet (born July 8, 1993) is an American actor. After graduating from the Juilliard School in 2016,...

See David Corenswet's other roles

Geoffrey Dawe
plays Tusk's Head Lawyer (2 episodes)

Neal Katyal
plays Neal Kumar Katyal (1 episode)

Kevin Kilner
plays Michael Kern (1 episode)

Kevin Kilner as Michael Kern

Kevin Kilner is an American actor who is best known for his roles in the television series Earth: Final Conflict, Alm...

See Kevin Kilner's other roles

Karl Kenzler
plays Sen. Charles Holburn (1 episode)

Maryann Plunkett
plays Evelyn (1 episode)

Maryann Plunkett as Evelyn

Maryann Plunkett was born on January 1, 1953 and is currently 71 years old.

See Maryann Plunkett's other roles

Dani Englander
plays 1st Lady Patricia Walker (1 episode)

Carl Schurr
plays Chief Justice (1 episode)

Samuel Ray Gates
plays Police Officer (1 episode)

Samuel Ray Gates as Police Officer

Samuel Ray Gates is an actor.

See Samuel Ray Gates's other roles

Matthew Bowerman
plays Tech Guy (1 episode)

Steven Ted Beckler
plays Henry Chapman (1 episode)

Samuel Maupin
plays Minister (1 episode)

Gary Ray Moore
plays Jack Warton (1 episode)

Frances Mitchell
plays Sue Warton (1 episode)

Bryan Langlitz
plays Brian (1 episode)

Kamal Jones
plays Cop (1 episode)

Jaci Jones
plays Staffer (1 episode)

Chad Tyler
plays Reporter (1 episode)

Christopher Reed
plays Background Player (1 episode)

John C. Vennema
plays Senator Sheer (1 episode)

Doug Barron
plays Senator Baker (1 episode)

Finn Douglas
plays Charlie Conway (1 episode)

Donnie Kehr
plays Adam Gould (1 episode)

Susanne Arrington
plays Tennessee Chair (1 episode)

Gilbert Cruz
plays Texas Chair (1 episode)

Randall Taylor
plays Alabama Chair (1 episode)

Maura Claire Harford
plays Alaska Chair (1 episode)

Demetria Joyce Bailey
plays California Chair (1 episode)

Alan Wade
plays Delaware Chair (1 episode)

Ann Harada
plays Hawaii Chair (1 episode)

Alan Richmond
plays Indiana Chair (1 episode)

Scott Lehman
plays Louisiana Chair (1 episode)

Jake Tapper
plays Jake Tapper (1 episode)

Paul Begala
plays Paul Begala (1 episode)

S.E. Cupp
plays Self (1 episode)

S.E. Cupp as Self

S.E. Cupp was born on February 23, 1979 and is currently 45 years old.

See S.E. Cupp's other roles

Van Jones
plays Van Jones (1 episode)

Van Jones as Van Jones

Van Jones was born on September 20, 1968 and is currently 55 years old.

See Van Jones's other roles

David Shae
plays Buha (1 episode)

David Shae as Buha

David Shae is an Actor from Rhode Island currently based in Atlanta, GA. David's first taste of acting was in High Sc...

See David Shae's other roles

Susan Rome
plays Danny's Mother (1 episode)

Shaira Barton
plays Luisa's Mother (1 episode)

Tasia Grant
plays Reporter 1 (1 episode)

Lauren O'Quinn
plays Reporter 2 (1 episode)

Cynthia Steele Vance
plays Reporter 3 (1 episode)

Sanjay Raja
plays Reporter 4 (1 episode)

Kelly Miller
plays News Correspondent (1 episode)

Mike Lutz
plays Speechwriter 1 (1 episode)

Felicia Greenfield
plays Speechwriter 2 (1 episode)

Frank Sesno
plays News Anchor (1 episode)

Taylor Thomas
plays News Anchor (1 episode)

Lee Ordeman
plays News Anchor (1 episode)

Carolyn Presutti
plays News Anchor (1 episode)

Melanie Hastings
plays News Anchor (1 episode)

Jessica Kartalija
plays News Anchor (1 episode)

Jonathan D. Williams
plays News Anchor (1 episode)

Bobby Kruger
plays Durant's Staffer (1 episode)

Craig Galloway
plays Secret Service Agent (1 episode)

Katrina Clark
plays Sign Language Interpreter (1 episode)

Pia Glenn
plays Pundit #1 (1 episode)

Ericka Boston
plays Tech Audience Member (1 episode)

Daisy Tahan
plays Sarah Russo (voice) (1 episode) , Sarah Russo (3 episodes)

Daniel Alfonso Contreras
plays Underwood Secret Service (uncredited) (1 episode)

Olivia Luccardi
plays Escort (1 episode)

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