Cast and Crew of House IV

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House IV

About House IV

  • Released on January 21, 1992

Roger Cobb is killed in a car accident. His family must move into the house that has haunted him for several years. Soon the family begins to experience scary and unexplained phenomena.

Full Cast of House IV

Terri Treas
plays Kelly Cobb

William Katt
plays Roger Cobb

Scott Burkholder
plays Burke

Denny Dillon
plays Verna Klump

Melissa Clayton
plays Laurel Cobb

Dabbs Greer
plays Dad

Ned Romero
plays Ezra

Ned Bellamy
plays Lee

Ned Bellamy as Lee

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ned Bellamy (born May 7, 1957) is an American actor. Bellamy was born in Dayt...

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John Santucci
plays Charles

Rebecca Rocheford Davies
plays Seraphina

Kane Hodder
plays The Human Pizza (uncredited)

Mark Gash
plays Mr. Grosso

Crew of House IV

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