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Home Fries

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Dorian and Angus chase down their womanizing stepfather with a helicopter, frightening him to death. In his effort to cover their tracks, Dorian begins investigating his stepfather's mistress, Sally. She works at a fast-food drive-through, she's pregnant and Dorian quickly falls in love with her. Unfortunately, his scheming mother wants Sally dead. And Sally isn't sure she wants Dorian to be her child's father and also his brother.

Full Cast of Home Fries

Shelley Duvall
plays Mrs. Jackson

Lanny Flaherty
plays Red Jackson

Mark Walters
plays Deputy

Shane Steiner
plays Soldier in Jeep

Theresa Merritt
plays Mrs. Vaughan

Jill Parker-Jones
plays Lamaze Instructor

Morgana Shaw
plays Lucy Garland

Robert Graham
plays Reverend

Zeke Mills
plays Tobacco Warehouse Supervisor

Brady Coleman
plays Doctor

Jean Donatto
plays Nurse #1

Mona Lee Fultz
plays Nurse #2

Marco Perella
plays Good Ol' Boy in Pickup

Meason Wiley
plays Photo Lab Employee

Zachary Moore
plays Benny

Al Castellanos
plays Man (uncredited)

John Ward Nielsen
plays Lead Cobra Pilot (uncredited)

Crew of Home Fries