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About Home and Away

Home and Away is a beloved Australian television soap opera that has been captivating audiences since its debut in 1988. The show is set in the picturesque, fictional town of Summer Bay, a coastal paradise located in New South Wales. Summer Bay is a tight-knit community where the personal and professional lives of its residents are deeply intertwined. From the beautiful beaches to the bustling town center, Home and Away offers a glimpse into the everyday lives of the people who call Summer Bay home.

At the heart of the show are the Fletcher and Stewart families, who have been central to the storylines since the very beginning. Pippa and Tom Fletcher, along with their five foster children Frank Morgan, Carly Morris, Steven Matheson, Lynn Davenport, and Sally Keating, were the original focus of the show. Of these five foster children, Sally Keating would go on to become one of the show's longest-running characters, and her storylines have captivated audiences for decades. The Stewart family, meanwhile, has also been a central part of the show, providing a rich tapestry of storylines that have explored the complexities of family dynamics, love, and loss.

Over the years, Home and Away has tackled many adult-themed and controversial storylines, something that is rarely found in its restricted timeslot. One of the show's first major and disturbing storylines was the rape of Carly Morris, which was a bold and groundbreaking move for its time. Since then, the show has continued to push boundaries and explore complex issues, including drug addiction, mental health, and domestic violence. These storylines have helped to establish Home and Away as a show that is not afraid to tackle the tough issues, and they have resonated with audiences around the world. Despite its many controversies, Home and Away has remained a beloved and enduring part of Australian television culture, and it continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storylines and unforgettable characters.

Main Cast of Home and Away

Ray Meagher
plays Alf Stewart (8166 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Home and Away

Tessa de Josselin
plays Billie Ashford (261 episodes)

Scott Lee
plays Hunter King (709 episodes)

Olivia Deeble
plays Raffy Morrison (690 episodes)

Sophie Dillman
plays Ziggy Astoni (1365 episodes)

Suzi Dougherty
plays Cheryl Braxton (466 episodes)

Jolene Anderson
plays Neive Devlin (466 episodes)

Charlie Clausen
plays Zac MacGuire (231 episodes)

Isabella Giovinazzo
plays Phoebe Nicholson (231 episodes)

Philippa Northeast
plays Evelyn MacGuire (461 episodes)

Alec Snow
plays Matt Page (231 episodes)

Kyle Pryor
plays Nate Cooper (231 episodes)

Kyle Pryor as Nate Cooper

Kyle Pryor is known for his work on Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009), Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010) and Home ...

See Kyle Pryor's other roles

Stephen Peacocke
plays Darryl Braxton (231 episodes)

Bridgette Sneddon
plays Sophie Taylor (466 episodes)

Matthew Little
plays VJ Patterson (696 episodes)

Jessica Grace Smith
plays Denny Miller (235 episodes)

George Mason
plays Martin Ashford (926 episodes)

Jake Speer
plays Oscar MacGuire (231 episodes)

Tai Hara
plays Andy Barrett (231 episodes)

Kassandra Clementi
plays Maddy Osborne (231 episodes)

Cassie Howarth
plays Hannah Wilson (231 episodes)

Bonnie Sveen
plays Ricky Sharpe (231 episodes)

Bonnie Sveen as Ricky Sharpe

Bonnie Sveen was born on July 14, 1988 and is currently 35 years old.

See Bonnie Sveen's other roles

Nic Westaway
plays Kyle Braxton (231 episodes)

Johnny Ruffo
plays Chris Harrington (231 episodes)

Lynne McGranger
plays Irene Roberts (2941 episodes)

Jackson Gallagher
plays Josh Barrett (231 episodes)

Raechelle Banno
plays Olivia Fraser Richards (691 episodes)

Penny McNamee
plays Tori Morgan (1174 episodes)

James Stewart
plays Justin Morgan (1622 episodes)

Orpheus Pledger
plays Mason Morgan (712 episodes)

Lukas Radovich
plays Ryder Jackson (697 episodes)

Sarah Roberts
plays Willow Harris (719 episodes)

Patrick O'Connor
plays Dean Thompson (946 episodes)

Sam Frost
plays Jasmine Delaney (718 episodes)

Courtney Miller
plays Bella Nixon (502 episodes)

Emily Weir
plays Mackenzie Booth (947 episodes)

Johnny Brady
plays Noah Lawson (as Beau Brady) (465 episodes)

Rob Kipa-Williams
plays Ari Parata (282 episodes)

Kawakawa Fox-Reo
plays Nikau Parata (511 episodes)

Tim Franklin
plays Colby Thorne (484 episodes)

Esther Anderson
plays Charlie Buckton (862 episodes)

Pia Miller
plays Kat Chapman (230 episodes) , Katarina Chapman (231 episodes)

Georgie Parker
plays Roo Stewart (1826 episodes)

Jake Ryan
plays Robbo (690 episodes)

Rohan Nichol
plays Ben Astoni (895 episodes)

Kestie Morassi
plays Maggie Astoni (895 episodes)

Luke Mitchell
plays Romeo Smith (1103 episodes)

Les Hill
plays Blake Dean (927 episodes)

Dieter Brummer
plays Shane Parrish (1150 episodes)

Rhys Wakefield
plays Lucas Holden (690 episodes)

Paul Kelman
plays Jason (230 episodes)

Nicholas Cartwright
plays Cash Newman (460 episodes)

Jacqui Purvis
plays Felicity Newman (460 episodes)

Matt Evans
plays Theo Poulos (460 episodes)

Luke Van Os
plays Xander Delaney (460 episodes)

Angelina Thomson
plays Kirby Aramoana (460 episodes)

Adam Rowland
plays Remi Carter (230 episodes)

Stephanie Panozzo
plays Eden Fowler (460 episodes)

Juliet Godwin
plays Bree Cameron (460 episodes)

Sophie Luck
plays Tamara Simpson (230 episodes)

Jessica Redmayne
plays Harper (149 episodes) , Harper Matheson (13 episodes)

Adam Rowland
plays Remi Carter (230 episodes)

Ally Harris
plays Dana (149 episodes) , Dana Matheson (11 episodes)

Kyle Shilling
plays Mali Hudson (230 episodes) , Mali Hudson (149 episodes)

Shane Withington

Emily Symons
plays Marilyn Fisher (6 episodes) , Marilyn Chambers (1826 episodes)

Ada Nicodemou
plays Leah Poulos (15 episodes) , Leah Patterson-Baker-MacGuire (231 episodes) , Leah Patterson (714 episodes) , Leah Patterson-Baker (895 episodes)

Ada Nicodemou as Leah Poulos

Ada Nicodemou was born on May 14, 1977 and is currently 47 years old.

See Ada Nicodemou's other roles

Chris Hemsworth
plays Extra (1 episode) , Kim Hyde (910 episodes)

Chris Hemsworth as Extra

Chris Hemsworth (born 11 August 1983) is an Australian actor. He is best known for his roles as Kim Hyde in the Austr...

See Chris Hemsworth's other roles

Ethan Browne
plays Tane Brown (1 episode) , Tane Parata (724 episodes)

Jackson Heywood
plays Brody Mason (7 episodes) , Lachie Cladwell (8 episodes) , Brody Morgan (705 episodes)

Anna Cocquerel
plays Coco Astoni (4 episodes) , CoCo Astoni (460 episodes)

Kirsty Marillier
plays Rhea (1 episode) , Rose Delaney (460 episodes)

Vanessa Downing
plays Pippa Fletcher (36 episodes) , Pippa Ross (229 episodes)

John Farnham

Adam Briscomb

Bronwyn Eagles

Penne Hackforth-Jones

Adam Saunders

Rachel Gordon

Chris Parkinson
plays Guitarist (1 episode)

Lynn Rainbow
plays Neighbour (1 episode)

Jeff Kevin
plays Father Rawlings (3 episodes)

Denise Roberts
plays Woman Customer (9 episodes)

Alexander Petersons
plays Jeff Samuels (2 episodes)

Elizabeth Alexander

Ed Sheeran
plays Self (1 episode)

Ed Sheeran as Self

Edward Christopher Sheeran, MBE (/ˈʃɪərən/; born 17 February 1991) is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, recor...

See Ed Sheeran's other roles

William Benton
plays Ben Jones (1 episode)

Diarmid Heidenreich
plays Trevor Gunson (6 episodes)

Luke Pegler
plays Sean Gleeson (10 episodes)

Luke Pegler as Sean Gleeson

Luke Pegler (born 1981) is an Australian actor who is known for Scott Wiper's The Condemned and Gregory Dark's See No Evil.

See Luke Pegler's other roles

Paul Gleeson
plays Greg Snelgrove (16 episodes) , (23 episodes)

Richard Carwin
plays Bob Harmsworth (2 episodes)

Samantha Clarke
plays Emma Gleeson (3 episodes)

Erika Heynatz
plays Charlotte King (35 episodes)

Daniel Young
plays Ben Altman (1 episode)

Myles Pollard
plays James Edmund (1 episode) , James Edmunds (16 episodes)

Gabriella Maselli
plays Amber Schultz (1 episode)

Josh Anderson
plays Damo (2 episodes) , Damo Adams (3 episodes)

Jason Chong
plays Doctor Chan (1 episode)

David Roberts
plays Judge Menzies (3 episodes) , (9 episodes)

Alyson Standen
plays Dr. Samantha Benson (4 episodes)

Caroline Brazier
plays Carol Peters (3 episodes)

Anita Hegh
plays Claire Lewis (6 episodes)

Georgia Nicholas
plays Zara Leonard (1 episode)

Samantha Jade
plays Isla Schultz (1 episode) , Isla Schuitz (11 episodes)

John Stone
plays Detective Insepctor John Truman (2 episodes)

James Caitlin
plays Marco Accurso (1 episode)

Georgia Flood
plays Lindsay Ford (3 episodes)

Cameron Stewart
plays Snr. Sgt Mike Emerson (20 episodes)

Adam Gray
plays Grant Barnes (4 episodes)

Daniel Webber
plays Ryan Kelly (9 episodes)

Wade Briggs
plays Sam Kennedy (6 episodes)

Christopher Morris
plays Craig Stanley (4 episodes)

Rebecca Clay
plays Court Sheriff (1 episode)

Mark Slater
plays Assessor Greg (1 episode)

Alan Cinis
plays TV Games Host (1 episode) , Newsreader (2 episodes)

Kathryn Hartman
plays Tanya Osborne (8 episodes)

Vincent Ball
plays Tom Knight (1 episode)

Matt Minto
plays Ethan MacGuire (2 episodes)

Marcus Graham
plays Harvey Ryan (15 episodes)

Tasma Walton
plays Jade Montgomery (1 episode)

Khan Chittenden
plays Sean Green (4 episodes)

Felix Dean
plays VJ Patterson (9 episodes)

Georgia Chara
plays Jessica Lockwood (7 episodes)

Martin Lynes
plays Adam Sharpe (3 episodes)

Eliza Doolittle
plays Herself (1 episode)

Hannah Britland
plays Linda Somerset (5 episodes)

Nick Grimshaw
plays Walkerby (1 episode)

Derek Lea
plays Security Guard (1 episode)

Derek Lea as Security Guard

Derek Lea is an English stuntman and actor. He portrayed Renard's Henchman 2 in The World Is Not Enough (film), Gusta...

See Derek Lea's other roles

Huw Higginson
plays Dr. Matthews (2 episodes)

Premila Jennar
plays ICU Patient (1 episode)

Steve Rodgers
plays Mark Nicholson (9 episodes)

Celia Ireland
plays Connie Callahan (3 episodes)

Emmy Dougall
plays Nina Bailey (3 episodes)

Tess Haubrich
plays Shandi Ayres (14 episodes)

Nathan Waring
plays Boris Struik (2 episodes)

Fletcher Humphrys
plays Jake Pirovic (9 episodes)

Judd Wild
plays Funeral Director (1 episode)

Judd Wild as Funeral Director

Judd Wild is an actor and stunt actor, represented by Who Dares.

See Judd Wild's other roles

Craig Ball
plays Gray Page (8 episodes)

Hugo Johnstone-Burt
plays Jamie Sharpe (2 episodes)

Joshua Brennan
plays Courtney Freeman (1 episode)

Angie Diaz
plays Psych Nurse (1 episode)

Don Halbert
plays Supt. David Joyce (1 episode)

Helena Bozich
plays Lynn Davenport (31 episodes)

Nicolle Dickson
plays Bobby Simpson (35 episodes)

Frank Lloyd
plays Neville McPhee (26 episodes)

Sheila Kennelly
plays Floss McPhee (30 episodes)

Norman Coburn
plays Donald Fisher (67 episodes)

Gwen Plumb
plays Doris Peters (1 episode)

Craig Thomson
plays Martin Dibble (31 episodes)

Laurie Foell

Bruce Venables
plays Policeman (1 episode)

Kay Eklund
plays Miss. Purvis (1 episode)

Greg Benson
plays Matt Wilson (9 episodes)

Owen Weingott
plays Walter Bertram (3 episodes)

Peter Vroom
plays Sergeant Bob Barnett (1 episode) , Lance Smart (37 episodes)

Justine Clarke
plays Roo Stewart (21 episodes)

Roslyn Gentle
plays Miss Paterson (1 episode)

Sam Atwell
plays Kane Phillips (4 episodes) , (11 episodes)

Peter Boswell
plays Mervin Baldivis (1 episode) , Mervin Balvidis (1 episode)

Roger Oakley
plays Tom Fletcher (2 episodes)

Richard Sydenham
plays Prosecutor (1 episode) , Paul Willows (3 episodes)

Fiona Spence
plays Celia Stewart (24 episodes)

Helmut Bakaitis
plays George Morris (1 episode)

Kate Ritchie
plays Sally Fletcher (6 episodes)

Deborah Kennedy
plays Vet (1 episode)

Robert Baxter
plays Sgt. Bob Barnett (1 episode) , Bob Barnett (3 episodes) , Sergeant Bob Barnett (8 episodes)

Nicholas Papademetriou
plays Nico Pappas (9 episodes)

Jeff Truman
plays Sam Barlow (14 episodes)

Tiffany Lamb
plays Stacey (1 episode)

Beth Buchanan
plays Alyce Hart (2 episodes)

Lyn Collingwood
plays Colleen Smart (30 episodes)

Liddy Clark
plays Kerry Barlow (4 episodes)

Peter Bensley
plays Andrew Foley (2 episodes)

Richard Healy
plays Dr. Ben Dawson (1 episode) , Ben Dawson (1 episode)

Debra Lawrance
plays Pippa Ross (10 episodes)

Tempany Deckert
plays Selina Roberts (1 episode)

Isla Fisher
plays Shannon Reed (1 episode)

Judy Nunn
plays Ailsa Stewart (14 episodes) , Ailsa Hogan (36 episodes)

Simone McAullay
plays Teresa Masterson (6 episodes) , (9 episodes)

Peter Scarf
plays Liam Tanner (1 episode)

Nic Testoni
plays Travis Nash (4 episodes)

Katrina Hobbs
plays Kelly Watson (1 episode)

Kristy Wright
plays Chloe Richards (3 episodes)

Belinda Emmett
plays Rebecca Nash (4 episodes)

Richard Grieve
plays Lachlan Fraser (3 episodes)

Kristy Wright
plays Chloe Richards (1 episode)

Bree Desborough
plays Justine Welles (9 episodes)

Ryan Kwanten
plays Vinnie Patterson (25 episodes)

Kerry McGuire
plays Diana Fraser (2 episodes)

Kimberley Cooper
plays Gypsy Nash (49 episodes)

Anthony Brandon Wong
plays Hai (1 episode)

Ryan Clark
plays Sam Marshall (19 episodes)

Danny Adcock
plays Gordon Macleay (2 episodes)

Michael Piccirilli
plays James Fraser (11 episodes)

David E. Woodley
plays Joel Nash (28 episodes)

Nick Atkinson
plays Rod Sutton (1 episode)

Nick Atkinson was born on October 29, 1971 and is currently 52 years old.

See Nick Atkinson's other roles

Ben Unwin
plays Jesse McGregor (8 episodes)

Peter Collingwood
plays Bert King (1 episode)

Zac Drayson
plays Will Smith (25 episodes)

Justin Melvey
plays Harry Reynolds (23 episodes)

Kylie Watson
plays Shauna Bradley (27 episodes)

Bec Hewitt
plays Hayley Smtih (2 episodes) , Hayley Smith (30 episodes)

Graeme Squires
plays Tom Nash (10 episodes)

Antoinette Byron
plays Natalie Nash (11 episodes)

Jenny Apostolou
plays Alison (3 episodes)

John Brumpton
plays Mick Dwyer (1 episode)

Paul Chubb
plays Jack Brown (9 episodes)

Stephen Leeder
plays Insp. Mike Carter (2 episodes)

Christa Nicola
plays Kirsty (2 episodes)

Anthony Phelan
plays Ken Smith (27 episodes)

Stephen James King
plays Edward Dunglass (18 episodes)

Cameron Welsh
plays Mitch McColl (16 episodes)

Anna Hruby
plays Judith Ackroyd (19 episodes)

Brendan McKensy
plays Duncan Stewart (22 episodes)

Ricky Lau
plays Immigrant (1 episode)

Mitchell McMahon
plays Mitch McColl (7 episodes)

Mark Shaw
plays Constable Barry Dennis (2 episodes)

Kelly Butler
plays Debbie Smart (3 episodes)

Nicole Nabout
plays Juliette Bellati (4 episodes)

Nancye Hayes
plays Ailsa Stewart (11 episodes)

Barry Quin
plays Dr. Philip Grigg (1 episode)

Toby Schmitz
plays Charlie Nicholas (1 episode)

Shaun Loseby
plays Fraser (1 episode)

Christopher Egan
plays Nick Smith (12 episodes)

Spencer McLaren
plays Kieran Fletcher (6 episodes)

Tammin Sursok
plays Dani Sutherland (25 episodes)

Cameron Clarke
plays Surfer (1 episode)

Luke Daniels
plays Surfer (1 episode)

Robyn Gibbes
plays Eve Smith (1 episode)

Nick Flint
plays Luke Harvey (4 episodes)

Sharyn Hodgson
plays Carly Lucini (3 episodes)

Daniel Amalm
plays Jack Wilson (3 episodes)

Jarrah Darling
plays Hot Dog (1 episode)

Michael Beckley
plays Rhys Sutherland (13 episodes)

Paula Forrest
plays Shelley Sutherland (9 episodes)

Kate Garven
plays Jade Sutherland (10 episodes)

Peter Gwynne
plays Mr. Geraldson (1 episode)

Ben Tate
plays Kel (2 episodes)

Christie Hayes
plays Kirsty Phillips (1 episode) , Kirsty Sutherland (10 episodes)

Rowena Wallace
plays June Reynolds (4 episodes)

Rob Steele
plays Les Smart (2 episodes)

Lois Ramsey
plays Mrs. Trent (1 episode)

Sebastian Elmaloglou
plays Max Sutherland (4 episodes)

Daniel Collopy
plays Josh West (1 episode)

Yure Covich
plays Dave Rogers (2 episodes) , Nugget (2 episodes)

Sibylla Deen
plays Amber McNeil (8 episodes)

Mitch Firth
plays Seb Miller (3 episodes)

Brett Hicks-Maitland
plays Dylan Russell (7 episodes)

Lisa Hayson-Phillips
plays Nurse Julie Cooper (2 episodes)

Kip Gamblin
plays Scott Hunter (4 episodes)

Isabel Lucas
plays Tasha Andrews (4 episodes)

Isabel Lucas as Tasha Andrews

Isabel Lucas, born on 29th January 1985, is an Australian actress perhaps best known for her role as Tasha Andrews on...

See Isabel Lucas's other roles

Joel McIlroy
plays Flynn Saunders (5 episodes)

Clarissa House
plays Beth Hunter (4 episodes)

Amy Mizzi
plays Kit Hunter (3 episodes)

Danny Raco
plays Alex Poulos (3 episodes)

Jason Smith
plays Robbie Hunter (4 episodes)

Tobi Atkins
plays Henry Hunter (1 episode)

Indiana Evans
plays Matilda Hunter (1 episode)

Indiana Evans as Matilda Hunter

Indiana Rose Evans (born 27 July 1990) is an Australian actress, singer and songwriter, known for her roles in Home a...

See Indiana Evans's other roles

Lindsay Farris
plays Dom Loneragan (12 episodes)

Sophie Katinis
plays Tess Loneragan (3 episodes)

Beth Aubrey
plays Jeanette Davis (1 episode)

Jason Montgomery
plays Kevin Arthur 'Spike' Lowe (1 episode)

Benedict Wall
plays Duncan Stewart (9 episodes)

Danielle King
plays Yvonne Wise (1 episode) , Nurse Tennyson (2 episodes)

Eliza Scanlen
plays Tabitha (5 episodes)

Brian Harrison
plays School Inspector Horton (1 episode)

John Manning
plays Geoff Campion (1 episode)

Matthew Pearce
plays Mitch Todd (2 episodes) , Axel Boyd (15 episodes)

Christian Antidormi
plays Jayden Post (5 episodes)

Christian Antidormi as Jayden Post

Christian Antidormi was born on May 20, 1992 and is currently 32 years old.

See Christian Antidormi's other roles

Sharni McDermott
plays Patricia Henderson (2 episodes)

Sacha Horler
plays Ranae Turner (2 episodes)

Lisa Gormley
plays Bianca Scott (1 episode)

Alea O'Shea
plays Darcy Callahan (18 episodes)

Lisa Gormley
plays Bianca Scott (4 episodes)

M.J. Kokolis
plays Cafe Patron (1 episode)

Michele-Antonio Mattiuzzi
plays Constable Stevenson (1 episode) , Constable Neal Stevenson (6 episodes) , Neal Stevenson (8 episodes)

Ryan O'Kane
plays Riley Hawkins (11 episodes)

Samantha Ward
plays Nurse Sarah (2 episodes)

Cheree Cassidy
plays Sam Webster (8 episodes)

Jess Bush
plays Jess Kearney (1 episode)

Jess Bush as Jess Kearney

Jess Bush is an Australian actress, model, and visual artist. She is best known for playing Christine Chapel in the t...

See Jess Bush's other roles

Darcey Wilson
plays Eloise Page (13 episodes)

Shiloh Blondel
plays Annabel Kilgore (1 episode)

Melissa Bonne
plays Donna Fields (3 episodes)

Fiona Press
plays Judge Beech-Jones (1 episode)

Aanisa Vylet
plays Jury Foreperson (1 episode)

Raelee Hill
plays Annie Banks (1 episode)

Sam Smith
plays Deacon Manx (1 episode) , Deacon Marx (1 episode)

Luke McKenzie
plays Patrick Stanwood (18 episodes)

Tom O'Sullivan
plays Brian Gilbert (4 episodes)

Jenevieve Chang
plays Helena Harrison (1 episode)

Joel Pierce
plays Joseph Moore (1 episode)

Kate Betcher
plays Rebecca Brown (2 episodes)

Bill Young
plays Bede Hadden (1 episode)

Bill Young as Bede Hadden

Bill Young was born on June 1, 1950 and is currently 74 years old.

See Bill Young's other roles

Jeffrey Travis
plays Dr. Bailey Voss (4 episodes)

Jonathan Lee Jones
plays Courier #2 (1 episode)

Caroline Gillmer
plays Peggy King (5 episodes)

Claudia Barrie
plays Nurse Erica (1 episode) , Erica (1 episode)

Felicity McKay
plays Lena Ascot (11 episodes)

Di Adams
plays Claire Burns (2 episodes)

Julian Garner
plays Nick Dutton (1 episode) , Wally Burns (9 episodes)

Caleb Alloway
plays William Zannis (20 episodes)

Neal Horton
plays Moe (1 episode)

Jesse Rowles
plays Faz (4 episodes)

Ed Wightman
plays Doctor Simms (1 episode)

Aaron Glenane
plays Brett Maloney (5 episodes) , Cody Dalton (7 episodes)

Cameron Rhodes
plays Prosecutor (1 episode)

Sam Woods
plays Pete (1 episode)

Hannah Goodwin
plays Shelly (1 episode)

David Nicoll
plays Guard (1 episode)

Justin Rosniak
plays Ross Nixon (10 episodes) , Ben McPhee (11 episodes)

Oliver Wenn
plays Dr. Pandza (3 episodes)

Zoe Carides
plays Dr. Lang (1 episode)

Blair McDonough
plays Alan Ellis (6 episodes)

Rachael Coopes
plays Jackie Ellis (4 episodes)

Thomas Filer
plays Brendan Gilbert (3 episodes)

Taylor Wiese
plays Curtis (2 episodes)

Nicholas Cassim
plays Sgt. McCarthy (1 episode) , Sgt. Philip McCarthy (1 episode) , Philip McCarthy (2 episodes) , Sergeant McCarthy (3 episodes) , Sergeant Philip McCarthy (5 episodes) , Sergeant Phillip McCarthy (58 episodes)

Tania Nolan
plays Scarlett Snow (55 episodes)

Tania Nolan as Scarlett Snow

Tania Nolan was born on August 19, 1983 and is currently 40 years old.

See Tania Nolan's other roles

Anneliese Apps
plays Beth Ellis (19 episodes)

Annie Byron
plays Judy Lawson (1 episode)

Mirko Grillini
plays Dennis Novak (10 episodes)

Ayeshah Rose
plays Tulli (1 episode)

Monroe Reimers
plays Bill (1 episode) , Russell Harris (3 episodes)

Monette Lee
plays Prosecutor (1 episode)

Caroline Attwood
plays Trend Rep (1 episode)

Leanne Mauro
plays Forensic Officer (1 episode)

Rob Flanagan
plays Terry Diamond (2 episodes)

Matthew Pearce
plays Axel Boyd (1 episode)

Lara Cox
plays Quinn Jackson (7 episodes)

Sophie Cook
plays Marli Lewis (1 episode)

Clayton Adams
plays Mark (1 episode)

Joel Davies
plays Jarrod McGregor (8 episodes)

Josef Ber
plays Detective Inspector Will Shepherd (6 episodes)

Natasha Beaumont
plays Detective Inspector Liz Vincent (3 episodes)

Natasha Beaumont as Detective Inspector Liz Vincent

Natasha Beaumont was born on June 21, 1974 and is currently 49 years old.

See Natasha Beaumont's other roles

Romy Poulier
plays Odette (1 episode)

Dean Kyrwood
plays Paramedic Jethro (1 episode) , Womma (1 episode)

Jerome Meyer
plays Taz (1 episode)

Jack Ellis
plays David Cantrall (3 episodes)

Lisa Kay
plays Professor Pickford (1 episode)

Ishak Issa
plays Joseph (1 episode)

Indiana Kwong
plays Li Xue (1 episode)

Grant Cartwright
plays Dr. Lucas (1 episode)

Jacob Allan
plays Nick Dutton (5 episodes)

Karina Bracken
plays Foreperson (1 episode)

Ben Dalton
plays Court Officer (1 episode)

Tiriel Mora
plays Kurt Adams (6 episodes)

Karen Pang

Lucy Bell
plays Prosecutor (2 episodes)

Murray Scarce
plays Police Officer (1 episode)

Steve Le Marquand
plays Boyd Easton (7 episodes)

Zoe Naylor
plays Nina Gilbert (4 episodes)

Grace Thomas
plays Ava Gilbert (20 episodes)

Ben Purser
plays Rick (1 episode)

Brad McMurray
plays Barry Johnson (5 episodes)

Steve Willis
plays Trainer (1 episode)

Bali Padda
plays Raj (1 episode)

Michael Handley
plays Roach (1 episode)

Geneviève Lemon
plays Hazel Easton (10 episodes)

Natalia Ladyko
plays Danielle (1 episode)

Alex Jewson
plays Overdosing Patient (1 episode) , Bluey (3 episodes)

Gil Balfas
plays Celebrant (1 episode)

Lisbeth Kennelly
plays Catherine (2 episodes)

Cariba Heine
plays Ebony Easton (23 episodes)

Sara Zwangobani
plays Jodi Anderson (2 episodes)

Julia Billington
plays DC Jane Berkin (1 episode)

Ryan Bown
plays Tony Harrison (1 episode)

Darius Williams
plays Ty Anderson (28 episodes)

Jessica Clarke
plays Christina Harrison (12 episodes)

Kaitlyn Boyé
plays Abbi (1 episode) , Abbi Simmons (1 episode)

Ben Maclaine
plays Court Officer (1 episode)

Sophie Don
plays Dempsey Blackwood (12 episodes)

Franco Flammia
plays Trainer (1 episode)

Lianne Mackessy
plays Lauren Shaw (2 episodes)

Christian Willis
plays Stephen Brown (1 episode)

Audrey Blyde
plays Kayla Booth (2 episodes)

Steve Nation
plays Neil Campbell (4 episodes)

Briony Williams
plays Edwina (1 episode)

Sam Webb
plays Nugget (2 episodes)

Mark Duncan
plays Unlucky Driver (1 episode)

Belinda Giblin
plays Martha Baldivis (7 episodes)

Pip Edwards
plays Dr. Anna Griffin (5 episodes)

Ashleigh Brewer
plays Chelsea Campbell (46 episodes)

Mitchell Why
plays Army Officer (1 episode)

Kirk Page
plays Army Chaplain Grant Wilson (2 episodes)

Sam Delich
plays Mark (1 episode)

Kate Fraser
plays Sonogramer (1 episode) , Radiographer (1 episode)

Will McDonald
plays Jett Palmer (27 episodes)

Socratis Otto
plays Aiden Wilcox (3 episodes)

John O'Hare
plays Ted (1 episode)

Branden Christine
plays Journalist (1 episode)

Angus McLaren
plays Lance Salisbury (18 episodes)

Mark Lee
plays Rick Booth (11 episodes)

Mark Lee as Rick Booth

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Mark Lee (born 1958) is an Australian actor and director, whose most promi...

See Mark Lee's other roles

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor
plays Dylan Carter (39 episodes)

Georgia Adamson
plays Karen Thompson (33 episodes)

Adam Sollis
plays Tommy O'Reilly (7 episodes)

Rupert Reid
plays Samuel Collins (3 episodes)

Steve Vella
plays David Wegenar (3 episodes)

Nathan Sapsford
plays Fitz (6 episodes)

Josef Brown
plays Mike (2 episodes)

Kellie Jones
plays Dr. Lisa Booker (1 episode)

Anna Lise Phillips
plays Stella (1 episode)

Anna Lise Phillips as Stella

Anna Lise Phillips is an Australian actress.

See Anna Lise Phillips's other roles

Erin Clare
plays Alana Bentley (4 episodes)

Frazer Lee
plays Joe (1 episode)

Mia Morrissey
plays Jade Lennox (18 episodes)

Trent Baines
plays Scott Larkin (22 episodes)

Patrick Thompson
plays Victor Devlin (3 episodes)

Matt Zeremes
plays Des Hendrix (11 episodes)

Greg Hatton
plays Phil (5 episodes)

Gareth Rickards
plays Reg (5 episodes)

Winston Cooper
plays AFP Chaplain (1 episode)

Mary Regan
plays Celebrant (2 episodes)

John-Paul Jory
plays Constable Ben Marray (1 episode) , Constable Ben Murray. (1 episode) , Constable Murray (3 episodes) , Constable Ben Murray (52 episodes)

Zoe Ventoura
plays Alex Neilson (58 episodes)

Adam Booth
plays Douglas (3 episodes)

Jo Briant
plays Paula Davies (1 episode)

Emily Eskell
plays Simone Bedford (48 episodes)

Anna Phillips
plays Stella (1 episode)

Sophie Gregg
plays Dr. Wilson (4 episodes)

Catherine Moore
plays Mary Keen (2 episodes)

Eryn Jean Norvill
plays Detective Graves (14 episodes)

Helen O'Leary
plays Moira Sinclaire (1 episode)

Edmund Lembke-Hogan
plays Jay Meyers (4 episodes)

Anna Bamford
plays Jeannie Woods (8 episodes)

Tim Ross
plays James Mayvers (11 episodes)

Tom Wilson
plays Blake Gollan (8 episodes)

Cramer Cain
plays Steve (2 episodes)

Shannon Dooley
plays Carrie (1 episode)

Amanda Benson
plays Judy McWalters (1 episode)

Hayley Gia Hughes
plays Cupcake Girl (1 episode)

John McNeill
plays Tow Truck Driver (1 episode)

Timothy Parsons
plays Mutt (1 episode)

Sarah Chadwick
plays Diana Walford (11 episodes)

Andrew Shaw
plays Matt 'Spider' Sullivan (1 episode)

Lee Jones
plays Ned Re (1 episode)

Nicole Shostak
plays Caroline Stewart (1 episode)

Zoe Jensen
plays Shenae (1 episode)

Tim Walter
plays Marco Astoni (10 episodes)

Elizabeth McLean
plays Ultrasound Technician (1 episode)

Jodie Harris
plays Mia Austin (2 episodes)

Sophie Bloom
plays Freya Duric (10 episodes) , Neve Spicer (10 episodes)

Scott Major
plays Murray (5 episodes)

Francisca Braithwaite
plays Freya Bozic (9 episodes)

Kelly Zacharias
plays Melissa (1 episode)

Frankie J. Holden
plays Ian Shaw (10 episodes)

Amanda Muggleton
plays Wendy Shaw (12 episodes)

John Atkinson
plays Sergeant Cooper (1 episode)

Bryce Youngman
plays Dale The Camp Manager (1 episode)

Joshua Morton
plays Ambo Ken (1 episode)

Cameron Daddo
plays Evan Slater (14 episodes) , Owen Davidson (20 episodes)

Cameron Daddo as Evan Slater

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cameron Peter Daddo (born 7 March 1965) is an Australian actor, musician and ...

See Cameron Daddo's other roles

Alice Roberts
plays Ava Gilbert (18 episodes)

Wadih Dona
plays Dr. Kevin Stephens (2 episodes)

Kathryn Schuback
plays Charlie (4 episodes)

Madeleine Jevic
plays Amber Simmons (56 episodes)

Joanne Hunt
plays Francesca Simmons (4 episodes)

Neveen Hanna
plays Katherine (2 episodes)

Bill Conn
plays Doctor Sinclair (1 episode) , Judge (2 episodes)

Tracy Mann
plays Judge (2 episodes)

Ray Chong Nee
plays Michael Finau (2 episodes)

Luke Jacobz
plays Angelo Rosetta (36 episodes)

Annabelle Stephenson
plays Taylor Rosetta (30 episodes)

Will McNeill
plays Leon Carruthers (9 episodes)

Jack Finsterer
plays Paul (10 episodes)

Ditch Davey
plays Dr. Christian Green (39 episodes)

Ditch Davey as Dr. Christian Green

Ditch Davey was born on July 30, 1975 and is currently 48 years old.

See Ditch Davey's other roles

Luke Arnold
plays Lewis Hayes (26 episodes)

Amali Golden
plays Felicity Cox (2 episodes) , Mercedes Da Silva (15 episodes)

Amali Golden as Felicity Cox

Amali Golden was born on June 2, 1988 and is currently 36 years old.

See Amali Golden's other roles

Travis McCurry
plays Ray (1 episode)

Shaun Anthony Robinson
plays Joe (1 episode)

Rick Donald
plays Kieran Baldivis (29 episodes)

Sam Barrett
plays Chloe Anderson (12 episodes)

Ross Newton
plays Greg Marshall (3 episodes)

Josh McConville
plays Wes (2 episodes) , Caleb Snow (7 episodes)

Rian McLean
plays Christopher Fletcher (4 episodes)

Daniel Nemes
plays Adrian (1 episode)

Jamai Evans
plays Surfer Pete (1 episode)

Ana Maria Belo
plays Julia (1 episode)

Peter Paki
plays Wiremu (1 episode)

Michelle Morunga
plays Kai Karanga (2 episodes)

Genevieve Craig
plays Danika (1 episode)

Elijah Williams
plays Jason (2 episodes) , Forrest Duke (14 episodes)

Ritchie Singer
plays Magistrate (1 episode) , Magistrate O’Connell (2 episodes)

Oliver Cooney
plays Martin Breamocks (1 episode)

Tristan McKinnon
plays Callum Pierce (1 episode)

Shameer Birges
plays Officer Adrian Martinez (1 episode) , Adrian Martinez (1 episode) , Officer Martinez (3 episodes) , Officer Adrian Martinez (3 episodes)

Ryan Panizza
plays Nathan Silva (9 episodes)

Dylan Hare
plays Jordan Stanford (1 episode) , Kurt (4 episodes)

Salvatore Coco
plays Dimitri Poulos (8 episodes)

Barry Conrad
plays Jack (1 episode)

Nat Jobe
plays Jesse (3 episodes)

Bridie Carter
plays Susan McCallister (4 episodes) , Susan McAllister (16 episodes)

Ryan Johnson
plays Peter ‘PK’ King (8 episodes)

Zara Zoe
plays Millie Hudson (11 episodes)

River Jarvis
plays Jai Simmons (archive footage) (uncredited) (1 episode) , Jai Simmons (34 episodes)

Sam Alhaje
plays Dougie (1 episode)

Trent Johansen
plays Barry (1 episode)

Anna Samson
plays Chloe Anderson (1 episode) , Mia Anderson (10 episodes)

Luke Chiswell
plays Red (2 episodes)

Henry Manuell
plays River Boy (1 episode)

Gemma Dart
plays Becky (1 episode)

Billy Allagiannis
plays Mitchell Davidson (1 episode)

Michael Tang
plays Grant (1 episode)

J.R. Reyne
plays Emmett Ellison (31 episodes)

Jenna Sutch
plays Jackie Dunn (1 episode)

Septimus Caton
plays Dr. Bolton (2 episodes)

Lucas Linehan
plays Tex Wheeler (21 episodes)

Jamaica Vaughan
plays Naomi Ward (8 episodes)

Rob Mallett
plays Bob Forsyth (11 episodes)

Ben Wood
plays Marty (4 episodes)

Ariadne Sgouros
plays Joanna Devlin (4 episodes)

Matt Hardie
plays Carl (1 episode)

Sofia Nolan
plays Heather Fraser (17 episodes)

Sabrina Kirkham
plays Jane (1 episode)

Josh Virgona
plays Tully Dixon (1 episode)

Gabriel Stoltz
plays Pete Wilson (2 episodes)

Maleeka Gasbarri
plays Stacey Collingwood (22 episodes)

Stephen Hunter
plays Gerald (1 episode)

Stephen Hunter as Gerald

Stephen Hunter was born in Wellington, New Zealand and was unwittingly cast as "the clown" from a young age. The lab...

See Stephen Hunter's other roles

Shaun Martindale
plays Ned (1 episode)

Anthony Harkin
plays Gus (1 episode)

Jazz Laker
plays Jamie (1 episode) , Nurse Jamie (2 episodes) , Nurse Amy (2 episodes)

Rose Riley
plays Sienna Blake (22 episodes)

Laura Lakshmi
plays Allegra Freeman (14 episodes)

Scarlet Hunter
plays Natalie (1 episode)

Melanie Bowers
plays Mara (1 episode)

Natasha Cheng
plays Nancy (3 episodes)

Jodine Muir
plays Shonda Evans (1 episode)

Norman Wyndham
plays James (2 episodes)

Bren Foster
plays Stephan Tennyson (3 episodes) , Stephen Tennyson (16 episodes)

Marny Kennedy
plays Rachel Young (10 episodes)

Gerard Carroll
plays David Morris (1 episode) , Matthew Filmore (2 episodes)

Evan Evagora
plays Mike (1 episode)

Evan Evagora as Mike

Evan Evagora was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. His mother Marie is of New Zealand and Cook Island Maori de...

See Evan Evagora's other roles

Dean Reid
plays JT (1 episode)

Deepak Sharma
plays Lachie (1 episode)

Vivienne Greer
plays Forensic Police Officer (1 episode)

Corey London
plays Photographer (1 episode)

Brenden Dodds
plays Paramedic Mike (1 episode)

Lisa Flanagan
plays Detective Amy Peters (6 episodes)

Nisrine Amine
plays Dr. Jordan (1 episode)

Fay Du Chateau
plays Nurse Sue (2 episodes)

Frances Berry
plays Maria (1 episode)

Charles Mayer
plays Dr. Taylor (1 episode)

Michelle Doake
plays Wedding Celebrant (2 episodes)

Megan Smart
plays Anne Sherman (7 episodes)

Sam Mac
plays Himself (1 episode)

Damien Strouthos
plays Hazmat Team Leader O’Connell (2 episodes)

Danny Elacci
plays Hazmat Team Member Baxter (1 episode)

Akkshey Caplash
plays Paramedic Aaron (2 episodes)

Julian Maroun
plays Detective Darren Nasser (6 episodes)

James Sweeny
plays Matthew Montgomery (10 episodes)

Matt Abercromby
plays Father Neil (1 episode)

Ursula Mills
plays Emma Pizzuti (1 episode)

Trey Daniels
plays Max (1 episode)

Helder Fernandes
plays Surfer Mike (1 episode)

Lara Dignam
plays Carmel (1 episode)

Cassandra Sorrell
plays Dr. Lee (2 episodes)

Alex Williams
plays Jacob Cameron (11 episodes)

Gabriel Fancourt
plays Nurse Dan (1 episode)

Elliot Reece
plays Paramedic (1 episode)

Deborah An
plays Minnie (1 episode)

Meg Clarke
plays Sloane (2 episodes)

Michael Gosden
plays David (1 episode)

Dannika Uusi-Hakimo
plays Dr. West (1 episode)

Miritana Hughes
plays Tui (1 episode) , Alistair (1 episode)

Veronica Milsom
plays Vik Vickers (1 episode)

Peter Phelps
plays Gary Morrow (9 episodes)

Mike Booth
plays Stan (1 episode)

David Wikaira-Paul
plays Kiri (1 episode)

Jennifer Rani
plays Paramedic Carla (3 episodes)

Marney McQueen
plays Celebrant (1 episode)

Troy Harrison
plays Erikson (1 episode)

Oliver Ackland
plays Lloyd (1 episode) , Lloyd Stevens (1 episode)

Akos Armont
plays Gabe Miller (18 episodes)

Rory Kennedy
plays Officer Jones (1 episode)

Isabella Martin
plays Pippy (1 episode)

John Fabry
plays Task Force Manager (1 episode)

Govinda Roser
plays George (1 episode)

Phoebe Tonkin
plays Adrian Hall (7 episodes)

Phoebe Tonkin as Adrian Hall

Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin (born 12 July 1989) is an Australian actress and model. She is best known for portraying...

See Phoebe Tonkin's other roles

Kath Gordon
plays Prue (1 episode)

Annabel Wolfe
plays Ava Gilbert (15 episodes)

Lucy Webster
plays Vicky (1 episode)

Rarriwuy Hick
plays Elandra Hudson (4 episodes)

Ben Brock
plays Dale (1 episode)

Hugo Liu
plays Jamie Chung (2 episodes)

Ben Corlett
plays Brock (3 episodes)

Tom Dawson
plays Connor (3 episodes)

Oscar Lin
plays Nurse Addie (1 episode)

Micaela Ellis
plays Elise (1 episode)

Tony Cogin
plays David (3 episodes)

Jordi Webber
plays Kahu Parata (13 episodes)

Laura Wilkinson
plays Chrissie (1 episode)

Clara Chung
plays Marie (1 episode)

Alex Malone
plays Amanda (3 episodes)

Lachlan Engeler
plays Robbie Carpenter (2 episodes)

Matthew Alexander
plays Paramedic Bellamy (1 episode) , Paramedic James Bellamy (1 episode)

Joshua Hewson
plays Andrew Lawrence (23 episodes)

Dilshan Rain
plays Process Server (1 episode)

Keira Dickson
plays Amy (1 episode)

Kevin Batliwala
plays Constable Doyle (1 episode)

Ron Smyck
plays Courier (1 episode)

Mandy McElhinney
plays Esther Jamison (2 episodes) , Margot Dafoe (6 episodes)

Simon Emmanuel
plays Dylan (1 episode)

Ruby Maishman
plays Kate Vella (9 episodes)

Chanika Desilva
plays Tracey (1 episode)

Nina Oyama
plays Sylvie Gray (2 episodes)

Nina Oyama as Sylvie Gray

Nina Oyama was born on August 18, 1993 and is currently 30 years old.

See Nina Oyama's other roles

Ebony Nave
plays Frances (1 episode)

Jamel Boukabou
plays Court Officer (1 episode) , Bailiff (1 episode)

Sophia Forrest
plays Tegan Osbourne (4 episodes)

Eloise Snape
plays Carey Fielding (1 episode)

James Dyke
plays Jeremy Holding (3 episodes)

Rowan Davie
plays George (1 episode)

Ursula Yovich
plays Victoria Hudson (2 episodes)

Emma Kew
plays Police Officer (1 episode) , Constable Kerryanne Hendricks (1 episode)

Jonny Pasvolsky
plays Detective Will Madden (6 episodes)

Bert LaBonté
plays Samuel Edwards (3 episodes)

James Biasetto
plays Detective Stuart Fletcher (3 episodes)

Zoe Ioannou
plays Ally (1 episode)

Marcia Coronado
plays Bride (1 episode)

Kyle Barrett
plays Grant Finlayson (1 episode)

Giles Gartrell-Mills
plays Curtis (1 episode)

Jack Angwin
plays Jordan (2 episodes)

Amanda McGregor
plays Greta Hunt (2 episodes)

Brian Meegan
plays Graham Carter (2 episodes)

Kate Raison
plays Nicola Carter (2 episodes)

Michael Cameron
plays Banjo Henderson (3 episodes)

Francesca Hung
plays Layla (1 episode)

Helena Cielak
plays Annie (1 episode)

Tristan Gorey
plays Levi Henderson (1 episode) , Levi Fowler (6 episodes)

James Lugton
plays Simon Henderson (1 episode)

Travis Jeffery
plays Mickey (2 episodes)

Harriet Gordon-Anderson
plays Sabrina Taylor (1 episode)

Indiana Linzbichler
plays Surfer Robbie (1 episode)

Kirill King
plays Matt (1 episode)

Darko Kubatka
plays Soccer Referee (1 episode)

Sophie Heathcote
plays Sonia (1 episode)

Matilda Brown
plays Zara Campbell (7 episodes)

Ian Watchirs
plays Policeman (1 episode)

Margot Dunphy
plays Peta (1 episode)

Gregg Arthur
plays Officer (1 episode) , Organist (1 episode) , Polygraph Examiner (1 episode)

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