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Emma Thompson
plays Kate Jones

Emma Thompson as Kate Jones

Dame Emma Thompson (born 15 April 1959) is a British actress and screenwriter. Regarded as one of the finest actresse...

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Timothy Spall
plays Jerry

Louise Bourgoin
plays Manon Fontaine

Laurent Lafitte
plays Vincent Kruger

Jack Wilkinson
plays Matt Jones

Marisa Berenson
plays Clothilde

Olivier Chantreau
plays Jean-Baptiste Durain

John Ramm
plays Ken

Jean-Louis Barcelona
plays Minion

Bruce McEwen
plays Texan Couple Man 1

Sabine Crossen
plays Texan Couple Woman 1

Sabine Crossen as Texan Couple Woman 1

Sabine Crossen is an American-born bilingual actress (French mother, American father) who was born in the United Stat...

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Christophe Prévost
plays Texan Couple Man 2

Liz Coke
plays Texan Couple Woman 2

Julie Ordon
plays Girl 1 Beach Club

Vanessa Guide
plays Girl 2 Beach Club

Murielle Hilaire
plays Girl 3 Beach Club

Max Hayter
plays Marcus

Anna Brooke
plays Janice

Linda Hardy
plays Glaxo Secretary

Tom Morton
plays Tim the Groom

Christopher Craig
plays Culco Employee 1

Alan Fairbairn
plays Culco Employee 2

Sinan Bertrand
plays Master of Ceremonies

Catriona MacColl
plays Wedding Guest

Patrice Cols
plays Chateau Guard

Vincent Haquin
plays Henchman

Senie Priti
plays Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Floriane Andersen
plays Secretary (uncredited)

Blanche Dezert
plays Ambassador (uncredited)

Paloma Hidalgo
plays Sister (uncredited)

Thanh Ingle-Lai
plays Maid (uncredited)

Jordan Jones
plays Lover (uncredited)

Mónica Cruz
plays Silvia Jáuregui (2 episodes)

Lola Herrera
plays Carmen Arranz (1 episode)

Beatriz Luengo
plays Lola Fernández (1 episode)

Emma Sánchez
plays Hija de Lola (1 episode)

Abril Herraiz
plays Alma (1 episode)

Ángel Velasco
plays Exmarido de Lola (1 episode)

Ana Bercianos
plays Maite (1 episode)

Cisco Lara

Miguel Ángel Muñoz
plays Rober Arenales (1 episode)

Yamilet Durán
plays Gladys (1 episode)

Liliana Cabal
plays Salazar (1 episode)

Lucas Velasco
plays Luiso (1 episode)

Marta Guerras
plays Sira (1 episode)

Almudena Salort
plays Lala Lazy (1 episode)

Karina Soro
plays Tara (1 episode)

David González
plays Policía (1 episode)

Nuno Gallego
plays Darío (1 episode)

Álex Medina
plays Suso (1 episode)

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