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Highlander: The Series

About Highlander: The Series

Duncan MacLeod cannot die -- he is a 400-year-old immortal, who has seen his share of humanity's history. Still, he risks his life in battle against other immortals and tries to save people from harm.

Main Cast of Highlander: The Series

Secondary Cast of Highlander: The Series

Alexandra Vandernoot
plays False Tessa / Lisa Halle (1 episode) , Tessa Noël (29 episodes)

plays Rebecca Lord (1 episode)

Cleo Rocos
plays Juliette Fitzcairn (1 episode)

Nicholas Clay
plays Loxley (1 episode)

Richard Moll
plays Slan Quinse (1 episode)

J.E. Freeman
plays Joe Scanlon (1 episode)

Tamsin Kelsey
plays Mrs. Gustavson (1 episode)

Walter Marsh
plays Mr. Stubbs (1 episode)

Jessica Van der Veen
plays Secretary (1 episode)

Mary McDonald
plays Old Peasant (1 episode)

Soon-Tek Oh
plays Kiem Sun (1 episode)

Lisa Bunting
plays Woman Hostage (1 episode)

Paul Stafford
plays First Officer (1 episode)

Vincent Schiavelli
plays Leo Atkins (1 episode)

Wendell Wright
plays Sgt. Powell (3 episodes)

Victor A. Young
plays Lucas Desiree (1 episode)

Todd Duckworth
plays Deputy Struthers (1 episode)

Colleen Winton
plays Gwenn (1 episode)

Jason Michas
plays Confederate Guard (1 episode)

Joan Jett
plays Felicia Martins (1 episode)

Eli Gabay
plays Devereux (1 episode)

Claudia Ferri
plays Devereux's Woman (1 episode)

Patricia Vonk
plays Female Executive (1 episode)

Ron Chartier
plays M.E. Assistant (1 episode)

Don MacKay
plays Stanley (1 episode)

Andrea Libman
plays Belinda (1 episode)

Marc Singer
plays Caleb Cole (1 episode)

Byron Lucas
plays Joshua Cole (1 episode)

Stephen E. Miller
plays Sgt. Herrald (1 episode)

Leslie Carlson
plays Sam Thompson (2 episodes)

Stephen Fanning
plays Jack (1 episode)

Stephen Macht
plays Alexei Voshin (1 episode)

Brooklyn Brown
plays Melinda (1 episode)

Gina Brunton
plays Niva (1 episode)

Garry Davey
plays Soviet Major (1 episode)

Rob Morton
plays Owner (1 episode)

Christoph M. Ohrt
plays Walter Reinhardt (1 episode)

Christianne Hirt
plays Angie Burke (2 episodes)

Ken Kramer
plays Dr. Kramer (1 episode)

Elizabeth Claridge
plays Molly Parker (1 episode)

Mike Cavers
plays Nobleman (1 episode)

Shirley Broderick
plays Noblewoman (1 episode)

J.G. Hertzler
plays Marcus Korolus (1 episode)

Moira Walley-Beckett
plays Natalie Ward (1 episode)

Dee McCafferty
plays Michael 'The Scalper' (1 episode)

Raimund Stamm
plays Herbie (1 episode)

Wanda Wilkinson
plays Helen (1 episode)

Glynda Fitzgerald
plays Brunette Woman (1 episode)

Tim Reid
plays Sgt. Bennett (3 episodes)

Sheila Paterson
plays Greta (1 episode)

Diana Barrington
plays Anne Wheeler (1 episode)

David Petersen
plays Detective Taylor (1 episode)

Earl Pastko
plays Victor Paulus (1 episode)

Peter Howitt
plays Kuyler (1 episode)

Jérôme Keen
plays Anthony (1 episode)

Gérard Touroul
plays Inspector Sole (1 episode)

Michel Voletti
plays Baron Deshields (1 episode)

Crystel Amsalem
plays Young Girl (1 episode)

Sandrine Caron
plays Nathalie (1 episode)

Thierry de Carbonnières
plays Francois Bertrand (1 episode)

Mapi Galán
plays Renee de Tassigny (1 episode)

Dustin Nguyen
plays Jimmy Sang (1 episode) , Chu Lin (1 episode)

Tanguy Gouasdoue
plays Stan (1 episode)

Francine Olivier
plays Madame Bertrand (1 episode)

Dee Dee Bridgewater
plays Carolyn (1 episode)

François Guétary
plays Detective (1 episode)

Joe Sheridan
plays Frank Wells (1 episode)

Christian van Acker
plays Ursa (1 episode)

Georges Corraface
plays Carlo Seandaro (1 episode)

Hugues Leforestier
plays Inspector LeBrun (3 episodes)

Bruce Myers
plays Paul Warren (1 episode)

Julia Stemberger
plays Grace (1 episode)

Fred Pearson
plays Pierre (1 episode)

Pierre Gérald
plays Henry Lamartine (1 episode)

Michael Hofland
plays Bavarian Officer (1 episode)

David Lowe
plays Clown (1 episode)

Katia Douvalian
plays Maya (1 episode)

Rachel Palmieri
plays Cynthia Hampton (1 episode)

Thomas Kaufman
plays Police Detective (1 episode)

Olivier Pierre
plays Waiter (1 episode)

Edwin Gerard
plays Lawyer (1 episode)

Manault Deva
plays Duchess (1 episode)

Yan Brian
plays Charles Bagnot (1 episode)

Patrick Floersheim
plays Battini (1 episode)

Martin Kemp
plays Alfred Cahill (1 episode)

Jason Riddington
plays Mark Rothwood (1 episode)

Tony Sagastizado I
plays Peruvian Hunter (1 episode)

Werner Stocker
plays Darius (5 episodes)

Douglas Arthurs
plays Joey (1 episode)

Ajay Karah
plays Busboy (1 episode)

Kehli O'Byrne
plays Lynn Horton (1 episode)

J.H. Wyman
plays Gregor / Greg Powers (1 episode)

Sheila Moore
plays Linda Plager (1 episode)

Gillian Carfra
plays Young Linda (1 episode)

Shane Kelly
plays Jonathan (1 episode)

Patti Allan
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Mikal Dughi
plays Mother (1 episode)

Cayde Ritchie
plays Frightened Boy (1 episode)

Geraint Wyn Davies
plays Michael Moore (1 episode)

Ian Alden
plays Young Father Morton (1 episode)

Brittaney Bennett
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Gaetana Korbin
plays Jeanette (1 episode)

Alan Robertson
plays Judge Marvin Singer (1 episode)

Traci Lords
plays Greta (1 episode)

Richard Lautsch
plays Roman (1 episode)

Sheena Easton
plays Annie Devlin (1 episode)

Brian Furlong
plays Kerry (1 episode)

Kris Keeler
plays Tommy (1 episode)

Eric Schneider
plays O'Hara (1 episode)

Philippe Agael
plays Anton Legris (1 episode) , Medical Examiner (1 episode)

Santino Buda
plays Canaan (1 episode)

Sandra P. Grant
plays Asia (1 episode)

Leam Blackwood
plays Tom McGee (1 episode)

Brian Knox McGugan
plays Mark Wells (1 episode)

Curtis Bechdholt
plays Busboy (1 episode)

Jano Frandsen
plays Rutger (1 episode)

Mitchell Kosterman
plays Jeffries (1 episode)

Joe Maffei
plays Harry (1 episode)

Rick Poltaruk
plays Clerk (1 episode) , Big John (1 episode)

Michael Puttonen
plays Lev Arkin (1 episode)

Debbie Podowski
plays Lisa Scott (1 episode)

Kim Kondrashoff
plays Forks (1 episode) , Henry Carter (1 episode)

Ken Camroux-Taylor
plays Mike Honniger (1 episode) , Judd Collins (1 episode)

Frank Crudele
plays Guiseppe (1 episode)

Johnny Mah
plays Hong (1 episode)

Vernon Rieta
plays Soo (1 episode)

Nathalie Presles
plays Claudine (1 episode) , Helene (1 episode)

Jai West
plays The Kid (1 episode)

Clay Borris
plays The Film Director (uncredited) (1 episode)

Don Buchanan
plays The Props Master (uncredited) (1 episode)

Géza Kovács
plays Carter (1 episode)

John Destry
plays Bobby (1 episode)

Dee Jay Jackson
plays Officer Warren (1 episode)

Bill Mackenzie
plays Sheriff (1 episode)

Susan McLennan
plays Betty (1 episode)

Mark Poyser
plays Ben (1 episode)

Bill Croft
plays Peter Matlin (1 episode) , Mancuso (1 episode)

Jan D'Arcy
plays Betty Bannon (1 episode)

Robert Collins
plays Johnson (1 episode)

Patricia Dahlquist
plays Mother (1 episode)

Paul Anthony McLean
plays Frank (1 episode)

Jane Sowerby
plays Claire (1 episode)

Cali Timmins
plays Iris (1 episode)

Topaz Hasfal-Schou
plays Marilyn (1 episode)

Charles Payne
plays Thunder Rodriguez (1 episode)

Ken Roberts
plays Wallace (1 episode)

Wren Roberts
plays George Belcher (1 episode)

Richard Faraci
plays Wilson's Champion (uncredited) (1 episode)

Mark Kandborg
plays Bell Ringer (uncredited) (1 episode)

Deanna Milligan
plays Laura Daniels (1 episode)

Catherine Lough Haggquist
plays Carol (1 episode) , Marcia (2 episodes)

Howard Storey
plays Sheriff (1 episode)

John Tench
plays Max Jupe (1 episode) , Reese (1 episode)

Johnny Cuthbert
plays Billie Hoskins (1 episode)

Carolyn Dunn
plays Nora Fontaine (1 episode)

Terry Arrowsmith
plays Haley (1 episode) , Rawls (1 episode)

Johnna Wright
plays Margaret (1 episode)

Lisa Vultaggio
plays Carmen (1 episode) , Elda (1 episode)

Andrew Kavadas
plays Mick (1 episode) , Anthony Dourcef (1 episode)

James Gerard
plays Auric (1 episode)

Steven Hilton
plays Barton (1 episode)

Judith Maxie
plays Surgeon (1 episode)

France Anglade
plays Shop Owner (1 episode)

Robert Ito
plays Johnny Leong (1 episode) , Hideo Koto (1 episode)

Manuel Bonnet
plays Cavalry Captain (1 episode)

William Cagnard
plays Marc Cluny (1 episode)

Denis Fouqueray
plays Detective Malle (1 episode)

Pierre Lacan
plays Henri Martin (1 episode)

Alexandra Stewart
plays Catherine Legris (2 episodes)

Trevor Peacock
plays Jacom (1 episode)

Denis Lill
plays Alan Baines (1 episode)

Tonya Kinzinger
plays Juliette (1 episode)

Jack Galloway
plays Peter Wells (1 episode)

Peter Vizard
plays William Stillwell (1 episode)

Nigel Nevinson
plays Doctor (1 episode)

Chrystelle Labaude
plays Clerk (1 episode)

Peter Firth
plays Arthur Drake, aka Drakov (1 episode)

Angeline Ball
plays Elizabeth Vaughn (1 episode)

Tom Watson
plays Eli Jarmel (1 episode)

Daniel Breton
plays Bodyguard (1 episode)

Julie du Page
plays Nicole (1 episode)

Dominique Hulin
plays Ivan (1 episode)

Alexandre Klimenko
plays Bartov (1 episode)

Anna Miasedova
plays Katarina (1 episode)

André Oumansky
plays President Chescu (1 episode)

Chinko Rafique
plays Cashier (1 episode)

Michelle Thrush
plays Sara Lightfoot (1 episode) , Little Deer (1 episode)

Jerzy Rogulski
plays Vice President (1 episode)

Nia Peeples
plays Nefertiri (1 episode)

Philip Akin
plays Charlie DeSalvo (uncredited) (1 episode) , Charlie DeSalvo (credit only) (2 episodes)

Philip Maurice Hayes
plays Alan Wells (1 episode) , Marco (1 episode)

Jerry Di Giacomo
plays Victor Benedetti (1 episode)

Alan Brandon
plays Retailer (1 episode)

Guy Dhers
plays Hooded Man (1 episode)

Bernard Hervé
plays Hooded Leader (1 episode)

Pierre Martot
plays Raynaud (1 episode)

Alfonso Quijada
plays Tio (1 episode) , Carlos (1 episode)

Joseph Rezwin
plays Paul Millet (1 episode)

Patrick Stevenson
plays Street Punk (1 episode) , Lockport (1 episode)

James Smillie
plays John Bowers (1 episode)

Michael Siberry
plays Martin Hyde (1 episode)

Valérie Steffen
plays Inspector Bardot (1 episode)

Mina E. Mina
plays Lao (1 episode) , Kahn (1 episode)

Nicolas Chagrin
plays Segur (1 episode)

Blake Dawson
plays Clerk (1 episode)

Xavier Gaillard
plays Attendant (1 episode)

Terry Howson
plays Water Delivery Man (1 episode) , Hoestler (1 episode)

Clément Harari
plays Scientist (1 episode)

Michèle Seeberger
plays Wife (1 episode)

Meilani Paul
plays Lisa Halle (1 episode)

Vivienne Avramoff
plays Coach (1 episode)

Christopher Gaze
plays Martin Sorrel (1 episode) , Sheriff (1 episode)

Roger Bizley
plays Sheriff (1 episode)

Beverley Hendry
plays Louise (1 episode) , Barbara Madison (1 episode)

Less Clack
plays Doctor (1 episode)

Hugues Profy
plays Guard (1 episode)

Bruno Raffaelli
plays Police Driver (1 episode)

Peter Rutherford
plays Denny Ponance (1 episode)

Jean-Paul Solal
plays Alphonso (1 episode)

Stephen McHattie
plays Michael Kent (1 episode)

Randall 'Tex' Cobb
plays Kern (1 episode)

Chandra West
plays Donna (1 episode)

Peter Bob
plays Kahani (1 episode)

James Harrington
plays Jeremy (1 episode)

Mathew Harrington
plays Jeremy (1 episode)

John Tierney
plays Angus (1 episode) , Old Father Morton (1 episode)

Andrew Wheeler
plays Father Matthew (1 episode)

Dwight McFee
plays Ray Holstrom (1 episode) , Jack Spice (1 episode)

Miguel Fernandes
plays Paul Karros (1 episode)

Ewan 'Sudsy' Clark
plays Heinrich (1 episode) , George Lalonde (1 episode)

Brion James
plays Armand Thorne (1 episode)

Charles Andre
plays Bellam (1 episode)

Travis MacDonald
plays Mark Roszca (1 episode) , Kid (1 episode)

J. B. Bivens
plays George (2 episodes)

David Hauka
plays Martin Blinder (1 episode)

Willow Johnson
plays Miss Welsley (1 episode)

Rob Stewart
plays Axel (1 episode)

Alan Scarfe
plays Craig (1 episode)

Alexa Gilmour
plays Sharon (1 episode)

Lisha Snelgrove
plays Singer (1 episode)

Marie Stillin
plays Nancy Webster (1 episode)

Roger Bret
plays Brother Andre (1 episode) , Father Bernard (1 episode) , Vendor (1 episode)

Jean-François Pagès
plays Luc Bergon (1 episode) , Basil Dornin (2 episodes)

Frédéric Witta
plays Patrick (1 episode) , Nikov (1 episode)

Colleen Rennison
plays Robin (1 episode)

Aurelio Dinunzio
plays Guard (1 episode) , Security Guard (1 episode) , Sal (1 episode)

Linden Banks
plays Commander (1 episode)

Christina Jastrzembska
plays Catherine (1 episode)

Nancy Sorel
plays Jill (1 episode)

Sherry Miller
plays Sarah Carter (1 episode)

Laura Harris
plays Julia Renquist (1 episode)

John R. Taylor
plays Jake (1 episode)

Amy Adamson
plays Margaret of Devon (1 episode)

Margaret Barton
plays Hag (1 episode)

Dorian Joe Clark
plays Cop One (1 episode)

Jonathan Palis
plays Sheriff (1 episode)

James Rogers
plays Cory (1 episode)

James Timmins
plays Merchant (1 episode)

Bruce Dinsmore
plays Robert Waverly (1 episode)

Barbara Tyson
plays Barbara Waverly (1 episode)

Kelly Fiddick
plays Johnny Sondringham (1 episode)

Justine Priestley
plays Lisa Crane (1 episode)

Gordon Tipple
plays Hangman (1 episode)

Tony Rosato
plays Benny Carbassa (1 episode)

Ken Pogue
plays Simon Lang (1 episode)

Tamara Gorski
plays Peggy McCall (1 episode)

Edgar Davis Jr.
plays Joey (1 episode)

Ernie Prentice
plays Grey-Haired Man (1 episode)

Michael Sunczyk
plays Syd (1 episode)

Mary Woronov
plays Rita Luce (1 episode)

Michael Anderson Jr.
plays Ian Bancroft (1 episode)

Vivian Wu
plays May-Ling Shen (1 episode)

Marc Baur
plays Mike (2 episodes)

Oliver Becker
plays Justin (1 episode)

Lorraine Landry
plays Maureen (1 episode)

Conrad Dunn
plays Matthew (1 episode)

Richard Lynch
plays John Kirin / Cage (1 episode)

Dave Cameron
plays Todd Milchan (1 episode)

Celine Lockhart
plays Nun (1 episode)

Ravinder Toor
plays Cop (1 episode)

Beverley Elliott
plays Supervisor (1 episode) , Karen (1 episode)

Tom Heaton
plays Old Man (1 episode) , Old Tom (1 episode)

Nick Vrataric
plays Tim Parriot (1 episode)

Eugene Lipinski
plays Brother Paul (1 episode)

Paul Bittante
plays Detective (1 episode)

Allixandra East
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Vince Metcalfe
plays Dan Tarendash (1 episode)

Fabrice Bagni
plays Manservant (1 episode)

Bertie Cortez
plays Ringmaster (1 episode) , Dr. Cernaveda (1 episode)

Guillaume Barrière
plays Scribe (1 episode)

Elodie Frenck
plays Arianna (1 episode)

Virginie Peignien
plays Inspector (1 episode)

Gianfranco Salemi
plays Doge (1 episode)

Gérard Touratier
plays Watch (1 episode)

Valérie Zarrouk
plays Naomi (1 episode)

Carmen Chaplin
plays Maria Campalo (1 episode)

George Birt
plays Don Salzer (1 episode)

Olivier Marchal
plays Philippe (1 episode)

Ken Samuels
plays Roger (1 episode)

Denis Sylvain
plays Inspector (1 episode)

Patrice Valota
plays Marc Saracen (1 episode)

Ben Pullen
plays Bonnie Prince Charlie (1 episode)

Thierry Bois
plays Blond Man (1 episode)

David Gregg
plays Steven (1 episode)

Ariane Le Roux
plays Neva (1 episode)

Marc Edouard Leon
plays Paolo (1 episode)

Terence Leroy-Beaulieu
plays Mario (1 episode)

Jean-Charles Maratier
plays Angus (1 episode)

Franck Messin
plays Gaston (1 episode)

Antonio Miceli
plays Raoul (1 episode)

Pierre Semmler
plays Callum (1 episode)

Olivier Siou
plays Laurent (1 episode)

Jonathan Zaccaï
plays Louis (1 episode)

Lex Daniel
plays Joe Dawson (1 episode)

Jeremy Brudenell
plays Robert de Valicourt (1 episode) , Nicholas Ward (1 episode)

Selina Giles
plays Tasha (1 episode)

Georges Keyl
plays Bohdan (1 episode)

Bertrand Lacy
plays Doctor Chandon (1 episode)

Xavier Schliwanski
plays Alexei (1 episode)

Charles Maquignon
plays Bartender (1 episode) , Gerard (1 episode)

Tom McBeath
plays Coleman (1 episode) , Sam Grinkhov (1 episode)

Lawrence Shore
plays Man at Airport (1 episode)

Michel Feller
plays Footman (1 episode) , Gentleman (1 episode)

Andrew Woodall
plays Ernst Daimler (1 episode)

Claude Berthy
plays Father Guillaume (1 episode)

Louise Vincent
plays Alice Millet (1 episode) , Lina Cimoli (1 episode)

Jean-Claude Deret
plays Georges Dalou (2 episodes)

Lorànt Deutsch
plays Young Georges (1 episode)

Thierry Gary
plays Iggy (1 episode)

Georges Janin
plays Young Bernard (1 episode)

Lyes Salem
plays Aram (1 episode)

Paudge Behan
plays Lucas Kagan (1 episode)

Géraldine Cotte
plays Simone (1 episode)

Robert Cavanah
plays Franklin Waterman (1 episode)

Jacques Ciron
plays Head Clerk (1 episode)

Pierre-Alexis Hollenbeck
plays Rudy (1 episode)

Olivier Kandel
plays Young Kagan (1 episode)

Richard Lintern
plays Tarsis (1 episode)

Terry Barclay
plays Rick Davis (1 episode) , Paco (1 episode)

Azdine Melliti
plays Rene (1 episode)

Laurence Mercier
plays Woman (1 episode)

Rebecca Potok
plays Madame Camille (1 episode)

Didier Terron
plays Claude (1 episode)

Patrick Albenque
plays Genet (1 episode)

Debbie Davis
plays Danielle (2 episodes)

Mykhaël Georges-Schar
plays Business Man (1 episode)

John Suda
plays Hamza (1 episode)

David Robb
plays Kalas (5 episodes)

David Gilliam
plays Jeremy Clancy (1 episode)

Matthew Géczy
plays Martin (2 episodes)

Emmanuel Karsen
plays Nino (2 episodes)

Albert Pariente
plays Guard (1 episode)

Sian Webber
plays Christine Salzer (2 episodes)

Forbes Angus
plays Constable (1 episode)

Andrew MacGregor
plays Donal (1 episode)

Billy Mitchell
plays Brian McSwain (1 episode)

Robert Moloney
plays Brian McSwain (1 episode)

William Samples
plays Bruce (1 episode)

Gerry Rousseau
plays Raymond Fairchild (1 episode) , Rafe (1 episode)

Liliana Komorowska
plays Mara (2 episodes)

Garrison Christiohn
plays Dr. Weldon (1 episode)

Jeffrey Renn
plays Young Ian Bancroft (1 episode)

Mercedes Tang
plays Vietnamese Woman (1 episode)

George Austin
plays Anderson (1 episode)

Hagan Beggs
plays Doc Hobbs (1 episode)

Craig Bruhnanski
plays Sheriff (1 episode)

Chilton Crane
plays Helen Wells (1 episode)

Darryl Shackelly
plays Chaske (1 episode)

Bobby Stewart
plays Officer Winston (1 episode)

L. Harvey Gold
plays Igor Stefanovich (1 episode) , Bourchek (1 episode)

Jenafor Ryane
plays Alicia (1 episode)

Kim Restell
plays Julie (1 episode)

Greg Rogers
plays Detective Sheridan (1 episode)

David Longworth
plays Paxton (1 episode) , Father Peter (1 episode)

Michael Dobson
plays Cop (1 episode)

Chris Lovick
plays Shepherd (1 episode)

Tony Marr
plays Laundry Worker (1 episode)

Mario Philip Azzopardi
plays The Count (uncredited) (1 episode)

Myles Ferguson
plays Kenny (2 episodes)

Michael Preston
plays Terrence Kincaid (1 episode)

Luc Corbeil
plays Merriman (1 episode)

Michael Ryan
plays Sheriff (1 episode)

Joel Wirkkunen
plays McPhee (1 episode)

Sean Allan
plays Colonel Simon Killian (1 episode)

Karim Saleh
plays Boadin Al Deneb (1 episode) , Sultan (1 episode)

Dave 'Squatch' Ward
plays Cisco (1 episode)

Claire Keim
plays Marie (1 episode) , Waitress (1 episode)

Emile Abossolo M'bo
plays Jocko (1 episode) , Luther (1 episode)

Christine Upright-Letain
plays Andrea Henson (1 episode)

Peter Outerbridge
plays Paul Kinman (1 episode)

Eileen Barrett
plays Alice Markum (1 episode)

Nicola Cavendish
plays Queen Anne (1 episode)

Diane Bellego
plays Elena Moreno (1 episode) , Angela Constantine (1 episode)

Fred Henderson
plays Desantis (1 episode)

Kevin Lesmister
plays Earl of Welsley (1 episode)

Tony Scanling
plays Lord Keating (1 episode)

Veena Sood
plays Shandra Devane (2 episodes)

Kabir Bedi
plays Kamir (1 episode)

Alec Willows
plays Martin Millay (1 episode)

Ann Turkel
plays Kristin (1 episode)

Ron Halder
plays Walter Graham (1 episode)

Ocean Hellman
plays Alexa Bond (1 episode)

Godfrey James
plays Frederick of Godfrey (1 episode) , Charles Browning (1 episode)

Brent Fidler
plays Jeremy Beaufort (1 episode)

David MacKay
plays Gremio (1 episode)

Alison Moir
plays Diane Terrin (1 episode)

Dave Adams
plays Emcee (1 episode)

George Gordon
plays French Officer (1 episode)

Robert Iseman
plays Mike (4 episodes)

Tracy Olson
plays Lord Sewell (1 episode)

Brent Sheppard
plays Rescuer (1 episode)

Byron Chief-Moon
plays Jim Coltec (1 episode)

Ben Immanuel
plays Bryce Korland (1 episode)

Colin Foo
plays Clerk (1 episode)

Michael Gall
plays Tall Beatnik (1 episode)

Dan Muldoon
plays Captain (1 episode)

Carla Temple
plays Denise (1 episode)

Julien Bizot
plays Driver (1 episode)

Geoffroy Boutan
plays Claude Massanet (1 episode)

Patrick Burgel
plays Albert (1 episode)

Valéria Cavalli
plays Dominique Davis (1 episode)

Carl Chase
plays Robert Davis (2 episodes)

Morgan Cooke
plays Antoine (1 episode)

Karlos Granada
plays Will Katon (2 episodes)

Kwan-Young Lee
plays Sailor (1 episode)

Kristin Minter
plays Rachel MacLeod (3 episodes)

Ricco Ross
plays Kassim (1 episode)

Benjamin Feitelson
plays Nasir Al Deneb (1 episode)

F. Braun McAsh
plays Hans Kirshner (1 episode) , Innkeeper (1 episode) , Derelict (1 episode)

Soumaya Akaaboune
plays Aliya (1 episode)

Dolores Chaplin
plays Clarice (1 episode) , Theresa del Gloria (1 episode)

Tomer Sisley
plays Reza (1 episode)

Dine Souli
plays Official (1 episode)

Peta Wilson
plays Inspector (1 episode)

Anthony Hyde
plays Nathan Stern (1 episode)

Stephen Dimopoulos
plays Seth Hobart (1 episode) , Vince Petrovic (1 episode)

Nadia Cameron-Blakey
plays Rebecca Horne (2 episodes)

Tim Henry
plays Jim Rainey (1 episode) , Detective Dennis Tynan (1 episode)

Guy Amram
plays Kelly (1 episode)

Patrick Serraf
plays Man (1 episode)

Crispin Bonham-Carter
plays Danny Cimoli (1 episode)

Simon Kunz
plays Damon Case (1 episode)

Stéphane Boucher
plays Edward Bellamy (1 episode)

Tim Holmes
plays Immortal (1 episode)

Roger Lumont
plays Marco Mastina (1 episode)

Pierre Rousselle
plays Jean (1 episode) , Detective (1 episode)

Lisa Stadnykova
plays Melissa (1 episode) , Kenny's Mother (1 episode) , Jillian O'Hara (1 episode) , Passing woman (1 episode)

Patrick Mille
plays Jean-Philippe de Lefaye III (1 episode)

Gresby Nash
plays Andrew Donnelly (1 episode)

Luc Bernard
plays Inspector Deon (1 episode)

Shannon Finnegan
plays Sarah (1 episode)

Laura Marine
plays Nancy Goddard (1 episode)

George Salmon
plays James (1 episode)

Roland Gift
plays Xavier St. Cloud (5 episodes)

Philippe Bouclet
plays Philippe D'Estaing (1 episode)

David Gabison
plays Manager (1 episode)

Pascal Laurent
plays Hastings (1 episode)

Richard Lukas
plays Detective (1 episode)

Jean-Paul Muel
plays Inspector Dufay (1 episode)

Stan Reitz
plays Bernard d'Estaing (1 episode)

Hester Wilcox
plays Angela (1 episode)

Cécile Pallas
plays Gina de Valicourt (1 episode)

Jeremy Beck
plays Young Duncan MacLeod (1 episode)

Matthew Walker
plays Ian MacLeod (3 episodes)

Allan Clow
plays Neil MacGregor (1 episode)

Anna Hagan
plays Mary MacLeod (2 episodes)

Deryl Hayes
plays Andrew Beckmann (1 episode)

Cluny MacPherson
plays Robert MacLeod (1 episode)

Kasper Michaels
plays Partner (1 episode)

Ernie Pitts
plays Cop (1 episode)

Carolyn Adair
plays Witch (uncredited) (1 episode)

Chris Humphreys
plays Graham Ashe (1 episode)

Réal Andrews
plays Haresh Clay (1 episode)

Jo Bates
plays Glenda (1 episode)

Kevin Hansen
plays Clayton Hobart (1 episode)

Chris Villaruel
plays Fan (1 episode)

Marcia Strassman
plays Betsy Fields (1 episode)

Mario Battista
plays Big Gino (1 episode)

James Crescenzo
plays Mr. Luca (1 episode)

Bob Dawson
plays O'Grady (1 episode)

Philip Heinrich
plays Bobby (1 episode)

Larry Morrison
plays Roadie (1 episode)

Robin Mossley
plays Jimmy the Weasel (1 episode)

Bob Wilde
plays Dominic Delio (1 episode)

Alastair Duncan
plays Terence Coventry (1 episode)

Keith Holmgren
plays Gerald (1 episode)

Stephen J.M. Sisk
plays Tim (1 episode)

Sheila Tyson
plays Assistant (1 episode)

John Moore
plays Farmer (1 episode)

James Leard
plays Detective Frayne (1 episode) , Detective Robert Frayne (1 episode)

Kathy Evison
plays Jennifer Hill (1 episode)

Larke Miller
plays Woman (1 episode)

Nathaniel DeVeaux
plays Reverand Thomas Bell (1 episode)

Kira Clavell
plays Coyantu (1 episode)

Christopher Racasa
plays Enrique (1 episode)

Awaovieyi Agie
plays Jeffrey (1 episode)

Mitch Davies
plays Captain Greenwell (1 episode)

Patrick Thomas Gorman
plays Sergeant Hickson (1 episode)

Kevin Conway
plays Alec Hill (1 episode)

Dean Balkwill
plays German Dissident (1 episode)

Martin Evans
plays Colonel Stauffenburg (1 episode)

Raoul Ganeev
plays Guard (1 episode)

Noah Heney
plays Brownshirt #1 (1 episode)

Jan Tříska
plays Nicolae Breslaw (1 episode)

Affif Ben Badra
plays Peasant (1 episode)

Sotigui Kouyaté
plays Hijad (1 episode)

Greg Michaels
plays Tippet (1 episode)

Richard Ridings
plays Silas (2 episodes)

Marcus Testory
plays Caspian (2 episodes)

Nathalie Gray
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Sonja Codhant
plays Marina Lemartin (1 episode)

Tom Russell
plays Edward Cervain (1 episode)

Véronique Baylaucq
plays Secretary (1 episode) , Annie (1 episode)

Frank Middlemass
plays Baron Lemartin (1 episode)

Georges Gay
plays George the Parking Attendent (1 episode)

Sylvain Rougerie
plays James Foulard (1 episode)

Matthew Thompson
plays James (1 episode)

Astrid Veillon
plays Desiree (1 episode)

Deborah Epstein
plays Luisa Hidalgo (1 episode)

Carmen du Sautoy
plays Anna Hidalgo (1 episode)

Claudie Arif
plays Duenna (1 episode)

Felipe Calvarro
plays Rafael (1 episode)

Elsa Franco
plays Isabella (1 episode)

Monique Messine
plays Housekeeper (1 episode)

Elisa Tovati
plays Gilda (1 episode)

Arturo Venegas
plays Don Diego del Gloria (1 episode)

Marie Vernalde
plays Young Anna (1 episode)

Michael Culkin
plays Bernie Crimmins (1 episode)

David Barrass
plays Harry (1 episode)

Harry Jones
plays Andrew (1 episode)

Neville Phillips
plays Butler (1 episode)

Paul Barrett
plays The Bobby (1 episode)

Colin David Reese
plays Uriah (1 episode)

Nathalie Radovic
plays Morgue Employee (1 episode) , The Nurse (uncredited) (1 episode)

Barnaby Apps
plays Patrick (1 episode)

Valerie Ann Wyss
plays Barmaid (1 episode)

Geoffrey Bateman
plays Richard Dunbar (1 episode)

Michael J. Jackson
plays Sean Burns (3 episodes)

Marine Jolivet
plays Inspector Begue (1 episode)

Barbara Keogh
plays Grandmother (1 episode)

Katie Carr
plays Claire Clairmont (1 episode)

Jonathan Firth
plays Lord Byron (1 episode)

Don Foran
plays Jerry Garrity (1 episode)

Tracy Keating
plays Mary Shelley (1 episode)

Michel Modo
plays Maurice (10 episodes)

Jeffrey Ribier
plays Mike Paladini (1 episode)

Christopher Staines
plays Percy Shelley (1 episode)

Patrick Gordon
plays Immortal Hermit (1 episode)

Edward Jewesbury
plays Jason Landry (1 episode)

Emily Raymond
plays Allison Landry (1 episode)

Michel Scourneau
plays Cemetary Official (1 episode)

Rachel Shelley
plays Sophie Baines (1 episode)

Danny Dyer
plays Andrew Baines (1 episode)

Odile Cohen
plays Anna (1 episode)

Fethi Zouaoui
plays Flower Vendor (1 episode)

Léonard Guillain
plays Mover (1 episode)

Terence Beesley
plays Jackie Beaufort (1 episode)

Dudley Sutton
plays Father Robert (1 episode)

Jean-Yves Tual
plays Ahriman (1 episode)

Dean Cook
plays Young Max Leiner (1 episode)

Charles Daish
plays Grant Thomas (1 episode)

Ian Richardson
plays Max Leiner (1 episode)

John Scarborough
plays George Thomas (1 episode)

Joe Searby
plays Gerard LeBlanc (1 episode)

Jay Simon
plays Cameron (1 episode)

Aaron Swartz
plays David Leiner (1 episode)

Dara Tomanovich
plays Alex Raven (1 episode)

Paul Bandey
plays Swinson (1 episode)

Ed Bishop
plays Edward Banner (1 episode)

Jasper Britton
plays Willie Kingsley (1 episode)

Anita Dobson
plays Molly Kingsley (1 episode)

Edward Hamilton-Clark
plays U.S. Guard (1 episode)

Martin Jaubert
plays Butler (1 episode)

Cameron K. Smith
plays Thug (1 episode)

Paula Jane Ulrich
plays Young Molly (1 episode)

Robert William Bradford
plays Hospital Guard (1 episode)

Valentine Pelka
plays Kronos / Koren (1 episode) , Kronos (2 episodes) , Kronos / Ahriman (2 episodes)

Antonia Corrigan
plays Little Girl (1 episode)

Michael Halsey
plays Milos Vladic (1 episode)

Mark Leadbetter
plays Gaston (1 episode)

Steven Lyon
plays Zep (1 episode)

Michael Morris
plays Businessman (1 episode)

Stéphane Petit
plays Lazlo (1 episode)

Donald Standen
plays Richard Albright (1 episode)

Alain Creff
plays Benoit (1 episode)

Julius D'Silva
plays Brother #2 (1 episode)

Luke D'Silva
plays Brother #1 (1 episode)

Adam Henderson
plays William Robert Shemp (1 episode)

Alexi Kaye Campbell
plays Dice (1 episode)

Rochelle Redfield
plays Margo (1 episode)

Hugh Simon
plays Tynebridge (1 episode)

Christophe Guybet
plays Pierre (1 episode)

Franck Boclet
plays P.I. (1 episode)

Bernard Chabin
plays Jose (1 episode)

Rita Ghosn
plays Mia (1 episode)

Matthew Radford
plays William of Godfrey (1 episode)

Tobias Raineri
plays Ramon Castillo (1 episode)

Grant Russell
plays Armando Baptista (1 episode)

Justina Vail Evans
plays Katya / Cara (1 episode)

Peter Hudson
plays James Horton / Ahriman (3 episodes) , James Horton (8 episodes)

Michel Albertini
plays Raphael Vega (1 episode)

Bob Cryer
plays Murphy (1 episode)

Christian Erickson
plays Jack Kendall (1 episode)

Dave Hill
plays Rowan Mitchell (1 episode)

Monty Jordan
plays Bounty Hunter (1 episode)

Gunilla Karlzen
plays Celine (1 episode)

Brian Protheroe
plays Bannock (1 episode)

Doug Rand
plays Comic (1 episode)

Bogdan E. Stanoevitch
plays Sears (1 episode)

Valerie-Anne Wyss
plays Female News Reporter (1 episode)

Boris Anderssen Comar
plays Mr. Faith (1 episode)

Norman Chancer
plays Caruso (1 episode)

Rowena Cooper
plays Berta Symes (1 episode)

Jack Ellis
plays Bartholomew (1 episode)

Steven O'Shea
plays Nick (1 episode)

Patrick Rameau
plays Bertrand (1 episode)

Olivier Widmaier Picasso
plays Checco (1 episode)

Benedick Blythe
plays Morgan Walker (1 episode)

Marc Andréoni
plays Sailor (1 episode)

Paris Jefferson
plays Toni (1 episode)

David Saracino
plays Beck (1 episode)

Deborah Steele
plays Marisa (1 episode)

Louise J. Taylor
plays Amy (1 episode)

Paulette P. Williams
plays Charlotte (1 episode)

Thierry Langerak
plays Allan (1 episode)

Kathleen McGoldrick
plays Tara (1 episode)

Alexandre Zambeaux
plays Terry (1 episode)

Elizabeth Gracen
plays Amanda Darieux (18 episodes)

Peter Wingfield
plays Adam Pierson / Methos (20 episodes)

Eva Gord
plays Customer (1 episode)

Lisa Howard
plays Dr. Anne Lindsey (22 episodes)

Olivier Vitrant
plays Tom (2 episodes)

Crew of Highlander: The Series