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'Henry Danger' is a popular live-action comedy series that follows the exciting and humorous adventures of Henry Hart, an ordinary 13-year-old boy who stumbles upon the opportunity of a lifetime. When Henry becomes the sidekick-in-training to the superhero Captain Man, played by Cooper Barnes, he quickly realizes that he has signed up for a wild ride that will test his limits and challenge him in ways he never imagined. As Kid Danger, Henry must learn to balance his double life, juggling the everyday struggles of middle school with the high-stakes, adrenaline-pumping world of crime-fighting.

The show's talented cast brings the characters to life in a way that is both entertaining and relatable to viewers. Jace Norman shines as Henry Hart, delivering a performance that captures the innocence, excitement, and occasional awkwardness of being a teenager. At the same time, Cooper Barnes' portrayal of Captain Man adds a layer of humor and lightheartedness to the series, as he struggles to balance his superhero duties with his responsibilities as a mentor to Henry. Together, the chemistry between these two characters creates a dynamic that is both engaging and enjoyable to watch.

As Henry navigates his new life as Kid Danger, he encounters a variety of challenges and obstacles that test his abilities and force him to grow as a person. From facing down dangerous villains to dealing with the pressures of school and friendship, 'Henry Danger' explores themes that will resonate with viewers of all ages. Along the way, Henry learns valuable lessons about loyalty, responsibility, and the importance of staying true to oneself, even in the face of adversity. With its unique blend of action, comedy, and drama, 'Henry Danger' is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good superhero story, or who simply enjoys a fun and entertaining show.

Main Cast of Henry Danger

Cooper Barnes
plays Ray Manchester/Captain Man (121 episodes)

Jace Norman
plays Henry Hart/Kid Danger (121 episodes)

Sean Ryan Fox
plays Jasper Dunlop (121 episodes)

Sean Ryan Fox as Jasper Dunlop

Best known for his role as Jasper on the hit Nickelodeon series Henry Danger.

See Sean Ryan Fox's other roles

Riele Downs
plays Charlotte Bolton (121 episodes)

Ella Anderson
plays Piper Hart (121 episodes)

Ella Anderson as Piper Hart

Ella Anderson (born March 26, 2005) is an American actress.

See Ella Anderson's other roles

Secondary Cast of Henry Danger

Michael D. Cohen
plays Schwoz (1 episode) , Schwoz Schwartz (47 episodes)

August Kamp
plays Derek (1 episode)

Jessie Graff
plays Marlene (1 episode)

Jessie Graff as Marlene

Jessica Lauren Graff is an American professional stunt woman and athletics-based television personality. She is a bla...

See Jessie Graff's other roles

Thomas Kuc
plays Hudson Gimble (1 episode)

Cole Sand
plays Elroy (1 episode)

Cole Sand as Elroy

Cole Sand is an actor.

See Cole Sand's other roles

Jack Griffo
plays Max Thunderman (1 episode)

Kira Kosarin
plays Phoebe Thunderman (1 episode)

Raquel Bell
plays Kathy (1 episode)

David Lengel
plays Jed (1 episode)

David Lengel as Jed

David Lengel was born on March 25, 1982 and is currently 42 years old.

See David Lengel's other roles

Gia Rose
plays Bianca's Friend (1 episode)

Dan Schneider
plays Robert Kirby / T.V. Annoucer V.O. (1 episode)

Maeve Tomalty
plays Bianca (1 episode)

Kiyoko Yamaguchi
plays Neesha (1 episode)

Jalein Abania
plays Nevaeh (1 episode)

Jed Alexander
plays Vows Guy (1 episode)

Duncan Bravo
plays Mr. Gooch (4 episodes)

John Dixon
plays Phone Shark (1 episode)

Brett Gilbert
plays Mark (1 episode)

Arne Gjelten
plays Palmer (1 episode)

Nicholas Keenan
plays Jacob (1 episode)

Briana Lane
plays Kelly Green (1 episode)

Briana Lane as Kelly Green

Briana Lane was born on October 27, 1985 and is currently 38 years old.

See Briana Lane's other roles

Michelle Alvarado Martins
plays Bride (1 episode)

Amber Bela Muse
plays Nurse Cohort (1 episode)

Mike Ostroski
plays Dr. Minyak (1 episode)

Mike Ostroski as Dr. Minyak

Mike Ostroski was born on April 11, 1975 and is currently 49 years old.

See Mike Ostroski's other roles

Brooke Peoples
plays Miss Swellview (1 episode)

Brandon Weaver
plays Llama King (voice) (1 episode)

Jill Benjamin
plays Ms. Shapen (2 episodes)

Trevor Gore
plays Ortho (1 episode)

Dan Ochoa
plays Benji (1 episode)

JR Reed
plays Ortho's Dad (1 episode)

Kaleo Elam
plays Arnie (1 episode)

Sedona James
plays Monica (1 episode)

Gage Magosin
plays Bobby (1 episode)

Claire Carmouche
plays Student (1 episode)

Yawar Charlie
plays Mr. Finley (1 episode)

Kaori NeVille
plays Marcie (1 episode)

Trenton Rogers
plays Ron (1 episode)

Chris Dotson
plays Mr. Landry (1 episode)

G. Grant Jewett
plays Officer Corbit (1 episode)

Steve Kim
plays Buck (1 episode)

Sheila Korsi
plays Dorris (1 episode)

Amanda Kubota
plays Dreanna (1 episode)

Micah Tayloe Owens
plays William (1 episode)

Micah Tayloe Owens was born on October 5, 2004 and is currently 19 years old.

See Micah Tayloe Owens's other roles

Tommy Walker
plays Drex (7 episodes)

Devin Sidell
plays Megan (1 episode)

Shaun White
plays Himself (1 episode)

Shaun White as Himself

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shaun Roger White (born September 3, 1986) is an American professional snowbo...

See Shaun White's other roles

Luca Alexander
plays Jackson Bartell (1 episode)

Eli Bildner
plays Norris (1 episode)

Derek Graf
plays Gretchen (1 episode)

Derek Graf as Gretchen

Derek Graf is known for Cowboys & Aliens (2011), Boss Level (2020) and Zombieland (2009).

See Derek Graf's other roles

Tensaye Yosef
plays Taylor (1 episode)

Natalie Coughlin
plays Suzy (1 episode)

Mason Davis
plays Max (1 episode)

Alisa Allapach
plays Laylani (1 episode)

Kevin Allen
plays Winnie (1 episode)

A.J. Castro
plays Carlos (voice) (1 episode)

Madison Dae Clarion
plays Krisha (1 episode)

Seth Coltan
plays Clark (1 episode)

Seth Coltan as Clark

Seth Coltan was born on May 26, 1972 and is currently 52 years old.

See Seth Coltan's other roles

Kate Cook
plays Mrs. Hendricks (2 episodes)

Joe Fidler
plays Blake (1 episode)

Joe Kaprielian
plays Sydney Birnbaum (4 episodes)

Ryan Grassmeyer
plays Jeff (2 episodes)

Harry Matheu
plays Sanjla (1 episode)

Albert Minero Jr.
plays Larry (1 episode)

Tristian Oalley
plays Puck (1 episode)

Mario Perez
plays Devlin (1 episode)

Mario Perez as Devlin

Mario Perez is an actor and a stunt performer.

See Mario Perez's other roles

William Romeo
plays Bork (1 episode)

William Romeo as Bork

Albert Romeo Williams grew up in Houston, Texas where he flourished in the arts including dance, theater and martial-...

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Jeffrey Nicholas Brown
plays Mr. Hart (4 episodes) , Jake Hart (4 episodes)

Matthew Zhang
plays Oliver Pook (9 episodes)

Jonathan Chase
plays Dallas (1 episode) , Brian Bender (1 episode)

Jonathan Chase as Dallas

Jonathan Chase was born on October 26, 1979 in Plantation, Florida, USA as Jonathan Shane Greenfield. He is an actor,...

See Jonathan Chase's other roles

Charlie Farrell
plays Roger Reynolds (1 episode)

Jay Horton
plays Darius (1 episode)

Jason Gregory London
plays Henry Le Feuf (1 episode)

Andrew Fox
plays Sebastian (1 episode)

Ethan Suess
plays Kale (1 episode)

Kale Culley
plays Young Ray Manchester (2 episodes)

Kale Culley as Young Ray Manchester

Kale Culley was born on May 17, 2005 and is currently 19 years old.

See Kale Culley's other roles

Katlyn Carlson
plays Lacey (1 episode)

Andrew Hill Newman
plays Rabbi Greenstein (1 episode)

Andrew Hill Newman as Rabbi Greenstein

Andrew Hill Newman was born on October 23, 1959 and is currently 64 years old.

See Andrew Hill Newman's other roles

Helena Assis
plays Tharla (1 episode)

Kelly Sullivan
plays Kris Hart (1 episode) , Siren Hart (1 episode) , Mrs. Hart (2 episodes)

Kelly Sullivan as Kris Hart

Kelly Sullivan was born on February 3, 1978 and is currently 46 years old.

See Kelly Sullivan's other roles

Abbie Cobb
plays Cassie (1 episode)

Emma Loewen
plays Collette (1 episode)

Lindsey Frost
plays Piper's Friend (uncredited) (1 episode)

Torrin Kimberly
plays Piper's Friend #2 (1 episode)

Joseph Salazar
plays Owen (1 episode)

Danielle Reierson
plays Camera Operator (1 episode)

Jason Rogel
plays Morgan Maykew (1 episode)

Jason Rogel as Morgan Maykew

Jason Rogel is a Filipino-American film and television actor. He holds a BA in Theatre Arts from the California State...

See Jason Rogel's other roles

Giovonnie Samuels
plays Jessie (1 episode)

Andre G. Ward
plays Sous Chef (1 episode)

Ariel Martin
plays Patina (1 episode)

Timothy Brennen
plays Vice Mayor Willard (3 episodes)

Sam Becker
plays Granch (voice) (1 episode) , Cockney English Man (voice) (1 episode)

Matt Baram
plays Officer Bitson (1 episode)

Carrie Barrett
plays Mary Gaperman (5 episodes)

Paul Cuneo
plays Officer Roberts (1 episode)

Dayna Dooley
plays Officer Walnut (1 episode)

Alex Enriquez
plays Pablo (1 episode)

Kevin Symons
plays Bill Evil (1 episode)

Kevin Symons as Bill Evil

Kevin Symons is an actor.

See Kevin Symons's other roles

Jackson A. Dunn
plays Rodney (1 episode)

Jackson A. Dunn as Rodney

American actor who has appeared in Legendary Dudas and Henry Danger. He went on to nab the title role in Brightburn. ...

See Jackson A. Dunn's other roles

Nathan Janak
plays Carlos (1 episode)

Zoran Korach
plays Goomer (1 episode)

Connor Finnerty
plays Macho Boy #2 (1 episode)

Kalia Fullerton
plays KLVY News Hair / Makeup Artist / Mail Carrier (2 episodes)

Frankie Grande
plays Frankini (4 episodes)

Noah Alexander Gerry
plays Athletic Teen (1 episode)

Noah Alexander Gerry as Athletic Teen

Most known for his role as Charlie Ashby on the daytime soap The Young and the Restless.

See Noah Alexander Gerry's other roles

Mitchell Berg
plays Lil' Dynamite (1 episode)

Winston Story
plays Trent Overunder (5 episodes)

Winston Story as Trent Overunder

Winston Story was born on October 5, 1971 and is currently 52 years old.

See Winston Story's other roles

Luca Luhan
plays Bose (4 episodes)

Darryl Chan
plays Sensei Juke (1 episode)

Darryl Chan as Sensei Juke

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Darryl M. Chan is an accomplished Hollywood stuntman, martial artist, and acto...

See Darryl Chan's other roles

Donna Jay Fulks
plays Announcer (voice) (1 episode)

Havan Flores
plays Chapa (3 episodes)

Jerry Trainor
plays Joia Amigo (1 episode)

Jerry Trainor as Joia Amigo

Jerry Trainor (born January 21, 1977) is an American actor, comedian and voice actor, widely known for appearing on i...

See Jerry Trainor's other roles

Anthony Turpel
plays Steve (1 episode)

Anthony Turpel as Steve

Anthony Turpel, born January 26, 2000, is an American actor best known for his roles as R.J. Forrester in The Bold an...

See Anthony Turpel's other roles

Enzo Rodriguez
plays Wascal (2 episodes)

Austin Kane
plays Cody (1 episode)

Mark Muñoz
plays Ace (1 episode) , Terry (1 episode)

Vanessa Cater
plays Officer Swanson (1 episode)

Vanessa Rochelle
plays Candy (1 episode)

Reed Shannon
plays Tyler Jenks (1 episode)

Caleb Brown
plays Brandon (1 episode)

David Blue
plays Rick Twitler (4 episodes)

Terrence Little Gardenhigh
plays Miles Macklin (3 episodes)

Dana Heath
plays Mika Macklin (3 episodes)

Ben Giroux
plays The Toddler (1 episode)

Ben Giroux as The Toddler

Ben Giroux is an actor and writer.

See Ben Giroux's other roles

Andrew Lewis Caldwell
plays Mitch Bilsky (1 episode)

Andrew Lewis Caldwell as Mitch Bilsky

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Andrew Robert Caldwell (born July 25, 1989) is an American actor. He appeared...

See Andrew Lewis Caldwell's other roles

Ricky Martinez
plays Tyler (1 episode)

Indi Star
plays Kimmy (1 episode)

Russell Westbrook
plays Shawn Corbit (1 episode)

Nathan Kress
plays (voice) (1 episode)

Nathan Kress as (voice)

Nathan Kress (born November 18, 1992) is an American actor, director, and former child model. He is known around the ...

See Nathan Kress's other roles

Noen Perez
plays Tyler (1 episode)

Leslie L. Miller
plays Hooter (1 episode) , Hooter (uncredited) (1 episode)

David Malkoff
plays George (2 episodes)

Jasmine Davidoff
plays Kim (1 episode)

Krystal Ellsworth
plays Green Dancing Girl (1 episode)

Baron Jay
plays Kanye (1 episode)

Rob Mars

Paul Cuneo
plays Officer Roberts (1 episode)

Née Léau
plays B Jorn (1 episode)

Chloe Coleman
plays Scared Kid #2 (1 episode) , Liz (1 episode)

Chloe Coleman as Scared Kid #2

Chloe Coleman (born December 11, 2008) is an American actress.

See Chloe Coleman's other roles

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