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Hailey Dean Mysteries: Murder, With Love

About Hailey Dean Mysteries: Murder, With Love

Former prosecutor-turned-therapist Hailey Dean is a powerhouse, Mensa bright, and acutely observant. During a tragic week, one of her patients loses her parents to separate fatal accidents along with millions of dollars that has seemingly vanished into thin air. When the police begin to question Hailey's patient, shes knows she is innocent. But who is the culprit?

Full Cast of Hailey Dean Mysteries: Murder, With Love

Kellie Martin
plays Hailey Dean

Kellie Martin as Hailey Dean

Kellie Martin (born October 16, 1975) is an American actress and producer.

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Nancy Grace
plays Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace as Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace was born on October 23, 1959 and is currently 64 years old.

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Cindy Busby
plays Amanda Stone

Cindy Busby as Amanda Stone

Cindy Busby was born on March 18, 1983 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Cindy is an actress, known for The Big Year (2011...

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Giacomo Baessato
plays Danny Morgan

Giacomo Baessato as Danny Morgan

Giacomo Baessato is a Canadian actor.

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Viv Leacock
plays Fincher Garland

Viv Leacock as Fincher Garland

Viv Leacock is an actor and director.

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Jesse Moss
plays Aaron Stone

Jesse Moss as Aaron Stone

Jesse Moss is a Canadian actor.

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Lucia Walters
plays Detective Monty Montgomery

Michael Kopsa
plays Dewey Stone

Michael Kopsa as Dewey Stone

Michael Kopsa (January 22, 1956 – October 23, 2022) was a Canadian voice, film, television and stage actor. He was k...

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Matthew MacCaull
plays Jonas McClellan

Matthew MacCaull as Jonas McClellan

Matthew MacCaull was born on April 4, 1978 and is currently 46 years old.

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Peter Bryant
plays Captain Randy Quinn

Peter Bryant as Captain Randy Quinn

Peter Bryant was born on July 30, 1959 and is currently 64 years old.

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Sarah Boey
plays Parker Dean Wilson

Kate Crutchlow
plays Maya Dean Wilson

Ted Cole
plays Tyler Briggs

Ted Cole as Tyler Briggs

Ted Cole was born on April 5, 1971 and is currently 53 years old.

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Susan Hogan
plays Elizabeth Dean

Susan Hogan as Elizabeth Dean

Susan Hogan is a Canadian Actress.

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Tom Butler
plays Lucas Dean

Tom Butler as Lucas Dean

Tom Butler is a Canadian television and film actor. He best known for his television role on the science fiction ser...

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Norman Misura
plays Sergeant Gene Goetz

Deborah Ramsay
plays Dr. Laura Stone

Carmel Amit
plays Malinda Barnes

Jason Stevens
plays Rent-a-Car Manager

Matt Ellis
plays Joe

Hiro Kanagawa
plays Al Sandburg

Hiro Kanagawa as Al Sandburg

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hironobu Kanagawa (金川 弘敦, Kanagawa Hironobu, October 13, 1963) is a Japanese-...

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Michael Meneer
plays News Reporter

Debs Howard
plays Sue

Debs Howard as Sue

Debs Howard was born on February 10, 1989 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and moved to Canada in 1991. In 2009, she...

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Brad Williams
plays Darnell Johnston

Candus Churchill
plays Denise

Candus Churchill as Denise

Candus Churchill was born on January 10, 1951 and is currently 73 years old.

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Ryan Scramstad
plays Officer Sherwood

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