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Good for Nothing

About Good for Nothing

GOOD FOR NOTHING is an adventurous romp set in the sweeping Old West from Mike Wallis in his directorial debut. Inspired by the Spaghetti Westerns and celebrating the Western genre with an interesting twist, the film follows an odd romance and the resulting emotional confusion of an outlaw who reluctantly develops strong feelings for a woman he has kidnapped.

Full Cast of Good for Nothing

Cohen Holloway
plays The Man

Inge Rademeyer
plays Isabella Montgomery

Jon Pheloung
plays The Sheriff

Richard Thompson
plays Will

Steve Cronin
plays Slim

Barnie Duncan
plays Mexican Tracker

Nigel Harbrow
plays Fernando

Pana Hema-Taylor
plays Young Native American

Pana Hema-Taylor as Young Native American

Pana Hema-Taylor was born on September 14, 1989 and is currently 34 years old.

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Allen Hemberger
plays Undertaker

Toby Leach
plays The Doc

Tony Wyeth
plays The Texan

Sean McChesney
plays Drifter

Mark Norrie
plays Mexican

Toa Waaka
plays Native American Medicine Man

Charles Lum
plays Chinese Medicine Man

Tao Jrang
plays Chinese Interpreter

Norman Chieng
plays Chinese Rock Stacker

Alex Chan
plays Chinese Digger

Terry MacTavish
plays Chaperone

Robin Gamble
plays Henry

Mike Wallis
plays Harry

John Knol
plays Reges

Crew of Good for Nothing

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