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The relationship between a band's bassist, their drummer, and the drummer’s roommate and ex-boyfriend, who is a professional violinist.

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Takuya Eguchi
plays Akihiko Kaji (voice)

Takuya Eguchi as Akihiko Kaji (voice)

Takuya Eguchi is a Japanese voice actor and singer from Setagaya, Tokyo. He is affiliated with 81 Produce. He has voi...

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Masatomo Nakazawa
plays Haruki Nakayama (voice)

Shogo Yano
plays Mafuyu Satou (voice)

Yuma Uchida
plays Ritsuka Uenoyama (voice)

Yuma Uchida as Ritsuka Uenoyama (voice)

Yuma Uchida is a Japanese voice actor. His older sister Maaya Uchida is also a voice actress.

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Shintaro Asanuma
plays Ugetsu Murata (voice)

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