Cast and Crew of Ghost in the Machine

Cast of
Ghost in the Machine

About Ghost in the Machine

After a freak, fatal accident, the soul Karl—aka The Address Book Killer—ends up trapped in the electrical grid. He targets Terry and her son for his next victims, turning home technology against them as deadly weapons.

Full Cast of Ghost in the Machine

Wil Horneff
plays Josh Munroe

Shevonne Durkin
plays Carol Maibaum

Brandon Quintin Adams
plays Frazer

Ted Marcoux
plays Karl Hopkins

Rick Ducommun
plays Phil Stewart

Nancy Fish
plays Karl's Landlord

Jack Laufer
plays Elliot Miller

Richard McKenzie
plays Frank Mallory

Mickey Gilbert
plays Mickey the Driver

Ken Thorley
plays Salesman

Carl Gabriel Yorke
plays Safety Technician

Walter Addison
plays Veteran Cop

Carlease Burke
plays Woman Cop

Michael LaGuardia
plays Cop

Chris Ellis
plays Lieutenant

Robert Lamar Kemp
plays Yuppie

Dom Magwili
plays Doctor

Haunani Minn
plays Nurse

Charles Stransky
plays Cop at Police Station

Alix Koromzay
plays Punk Girl

Helen Greenberg
plays Customer

Nigel Gibbs
plays Detective

Andrew Woodworth
plays Home Security Man

Don Keith Opper
plays Man in Office

Mitchell R. Parnes
plays Bartender

Edwina Moore
plays Newswoman

Cherie Chetyrbok
plays Lady in Black

Crew of Ghost in the Machine


Costume & Make-Up

Visual Effects