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About Garrison's Gorillas

Garrison's Gorillas is an ABC TV series broadcast from 1967 to 1968; a total of 26 hour-long episodes were produced. It was inspired by the 1967 film The Dirty Dozen, which featured a similar scenario of training Allied prisoners for World War II military missions.

Garrison's Gorillas was canceled at the close of its first season and replaced by The Mod Squad in 1968. It managed to gather a cult following in China in the 1980s.

Main Cast of Garrison's Gorillas

Ron Harper

Cesare Danova

Rudy Solari

Christopher Cary

Brendon Boone

Secondary Cast of Garrison's Gorillas

Peter Brocco

Michael Conrad

Telly Savalas


Wesley Lau

Robin Hughes

Jeff Corey

John van Dreelen

Émile Genest

Eduardo Ciannelli

Barry Sullivan

Frank Gorshin

Harold Gould

Lorna Thayer

Kevin McCarthy

Patric Knowles

Faith Domergue

Jack Hogan

William Campbell

Julie Harris

Rudolph Anders

Gena Rowlands
plays Duchess (1 episode)

Gena Rowlands as Duchess

Virginia Cathryn "Gena" Rowlands (born June 19, 1930) is an American actress. A four-time Emmy and two-time Golden Gl...

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Casey Kasem

Ted Knight

Martin Kosleck

Peter Haskell

Jack Klugman

Glenn Corbett

Will Geer

Jamie Farr

Jamie Farr

Jamie Farr (born July 1, 1934) is an American television, film, and theater actor. He is best known for having played...

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John Abbott

Berry Kroeger

Larry Thor

Frank Marth

Pat Renella

Henry Beckman

Norbert Meisel

Claude Akins

Richard Bakalyan

Larry Storch

Timothy Scott

Phillip Pine

H.M. Wynant

Stanley Adams

Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden (born Hans-Jörg Gudegast; April 3, 1941) is a German-born film and television actor. The internationally...

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Booth Colman

Michael Pataki

Michael Pataki

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Michael Pataki (January 16, 1938 – April 15, 2010) was an American character ...

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Oscar Beregi Jr.

Richard Kiley

Richard Kiley

Richard Paul Kiley (March 31, 1922 – March 5, 1999) was an American actor. He is best known for his distinguished the...

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Horst Ebersberg

Ivan Triesault

Malachi Throne

Roger Perry

Curt Lowens

Skip Homeier

Joe Maross

Sheldon Allman

Celia Lovsky

Mike Farrell

Mike Farrell

Michael Joseph "Mike" Farrell (born February 6, 1939) is an American actor, best known for his role as Captain B.J. H...

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Robert Donner

Heber Jentzsch

William Stevens

Michael Forest

John Carter

Noel Drayton

Steven Marlo

Fabrizio Mioni

Joseph Mell

Sheila Larken
plays Christine (1 episode)

Gilbert Roland

Crew of Garrison's Gorillas

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