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Fun with Dick and Jane

About Fun with Dick and Jane

  • Released on December 21, 2005
  • Comedy

After Dick Harper loses his job at Globodyne in an Enron-esque collapse, he and his wife, Jane, turn to crime in order to handle the massive debt they now face. Two intelligent people, Dick and Jane actually get pretty good at robbing people and even enjoy it -- but they have second thoughts when they're reminded that crime can hurt innocent people. When the couple hears that Globodyne boss Jack McCallister actually swindled the company, they plot revenge.

Full Cast of Fun with Dick and Jane

Richard Jenkins
plays Frank Bascombe

John Michael Higgins
plays Garth

Carlos Jacott
plays Oz Peterson

Aaron Michael Drozin
plays Billy Harper

Gian Franco Tordi
plays Executive

Knox White
plays Sound Technician

Walter Addison
plays Sam Samuels

Ralph Nader
plays Ralph Nader - Defensive Line Coach

Deena Adar
plays Hysterical Globodyne Employee

Jorey Bernstein
plays Ficus Guy

Dilva Henry
plays Female Anchor

Rocael Leiva
plays Gardener

Gavin Grazer
plays KostMart Job Applicant

Taso Papadakis
plays Gym Manager

James St. James
plays Scary KostMart Shopper

Mary Gillis
plays Lactose Intolerant Shopper

Esther Scott
plays Disgruntled KostMart Customer

Larry Dorf
plays Used Car Salesman

Dario Gonzalez
plays Day Laborer

Jules Douglas
plays Day Laborer

Steve Seagren
plays Truck Guy

Huey Redwine
plays INS Agent

Wayne Flemming
plays Nosy Neighbor

Jason Marsden
plays Convenience Store Clerk

Bette Beatrice
plays Elderly Lady with Bags

Kerry Hoyt
plays Coffee Shop Barrista

Kenji Nakamura
plays Sushi Chef

plays Sushi Chef

Daniel Espeseth
plays Ameribanx Security Guard

Peter Weireter
plays Police Leader at Ameribanx

Norma Fierre
plays Naomi Seiler

Louis Weinstein
plays Mark Fish

Peter Conklin
plays Hunter

Steve Kehela
plays Bartender

Frankie Levangie
plays Waiter

Oliver Muirhead
plays Account Rep - Grand Cayman Bank

Bob Morrisey
plays Authorization Officer Spencer

Maggie Rowe
plays Karen Williams

Tony Lupo
plays Cop Outside Grand Cayman Bank

Staci Lawrence
plays Female Globodyne Employee

Alejandro Furth
plays Cesar

Melissa Barker
plays Gym Member (uncredited)

Crew of Fun with Dick and Jane

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