Cast and Crew of Full Frontal

Cast of
Full Frontal

About Full Frontal

A day in the life of a group of men and women in Hollywood, in the hours leading up to a friend's birthday party.

Full Cast of Full Frontal

Enrico Colantoni
plays Arty / Ed

David Alan Basche
plays Nicholas's Agent

Terence Stamp
plays Man on Plane / Himself

Nancy Lenehan
plays Woman on Plane

Brad Rowe
plays Sam Osborne

Dina Spybey-Waters
plays Third Fired Employee

Mike Malone
plays Mike

Anthony Powers
plays Male Massage Client

Alison Ebbert
plays Hitler Girlfriend

Jennifer Brusciano
plays Hitler Hitchhiker

Cole Andersen
plays Freud

Al Ahlf
plays Hitler Guard

Lacy Livingston
plays Miramax Receptionist

Nathalie Seaver
plays Clothing Store Owner

Roger Garcia
plays Vampire Neighbor

Laurent Schwaar
plays Concierge

Maria Rogers
plays Woman in Bed

Dawn Suggs
plays Hotel Hostess

Charlotte Puckett
plays Hotel Waitress

Chance Robertson
plays Biker

Monica Lee Burland
plays Theater Patron

Kenn Wood
plays Theater Patron

Cynthia Gibb
plays Pregnant Woman

Andrew Connolly
plays Partygoer

Karen Woodley
plays Partygoer

Chris DeRose
plays Partygoer

Randy Lowell
plays Partygoer

Pliny Porter
plays Partygoer

Coleman Hough
plays Partygoer

Karen Grosso
plays Partygoer (uncredited)

Brian Krow
plays Bellboy (uncredited)

Steven Soderbergh
plays Himself (uncredited)

Camille Wainwright
plays Daphne (uncredited)

Tommy Wilson-O'Brien
plays Fired Employee (uncredited)

Elizabeth Yoder
plays Hotel Lobby Guest (uncredited)

Crew of Full Frontal