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About From There to Here

  • Released on May 22, 2014
  • Drama

From There To Here is set in the aftermath of the 1996 Arndale bombing and follows Daniel Cotton, a Manchester family man who is torn between the life he wants and the life he could have.

Full Cast of From There to Here

Philip Glenister
plays Daniel (3 episodes)

Steven Mackintosh
plays Robbo (3 episodes)

Saskia Reeves
plays Claire (3 episodes)

Bernard Hill
plays Samuel (3 episodes)

Bernard Hill as Samuel

Born in 1944, Bernard Hill is a British actor of film, stage and television. He is best known to British television v...

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Morven Christie
plays Louise (3 episodes)

Morven Christie as Louise

Morven Christie (born 1 September 1981) is a Scottish actress.

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Ben-Ryan Davies
plays Ryan (3 episodes)

Leon Harrop
plays Lee (3 episodes)

Liz White
plays Joanne (3 episodes)

Vincent Regan
plays Stapleton (3 episodes)

Daniel Rigby
plays Charlie (3 episodes)

Ben Batt
plays Newell (3 episodes)

Ace Bhatti
plays DI Graves (3 episodes)

Neil Ashton
plays Martin (3 episodes)

Crew of From There to Here

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