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The movie 'Fresh' is a romantic comedy that explores the modern dating scene through the eyes of its two main characters, Noa and Steve. Noa, played by Daisy Edgar-Jones, is a young woman who is tired of the monotony and superficiality of dating apps. She longs for a genuine connection and is willing to take a chance on something more authentic.

Sebastian Stan plays Steve, the awkwardly charming man who catches Noa's eye in the produce section of the grocery store. Steve is different from the other guys she has met on dating apps. He is quirky, genuine, and has a certain charm that draws Noa in. After their meet-cute, Noa decides to take a chance and gives Steve her number, setting the stage for a refreshing and entertaining romantic comedy.

The film explores the ups and downs of modern dating, as Noa and Steve navigate their new relationship. Along the way, they face challenges and misunderstandings, but their connection remains strong. The chemistry between Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan is undeniable, making 'Fresh' a must-watch for anyone looking for a heartwarming and entertaining romantic comedy. With its unique premise and relatable characters, 'Fresh' is a breath of fresh air in a genre that often feels stale and predictable.

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Daisy Edgar-Jones
plays Noa

Daisy Edgar-Jones as Noa
Daisy Edgar-Jones delivers a captivating performance as Noa in the movie 'Fresh'. Her portrayal of the character is both authentic and engaging, as she navigates the complexities of her unusual relationship with Steve, played by Sebastian Stan. Edgar-Jones's ability to convey a range of emotions, from naivete to fear and determination, adds depth to her character. Her on-screen chemistry with Stan further enhances the overall viewing experience, making 'Fresh' a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers. See Daisy Edgar-Jones's other roles

Sebastian Stan
plays Steve

Sebastian Stan as Steve
Sebastian Stan delivers a captivating performance as Steve in the movie 'Fresh'. His portrayal of the charming yet mysterious character is both intriguing and unsettling, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Stan's ability to convey subtle emotions and nuances adds depth to his character, making it difficult to predict his next move. His chemistry with his co-stars is palpable, further enhancing the overall viewing experience. See Sebastian Stan's other roles

Jojo T. Gibbs
plays Mollie

Jojo T. Gibbs as Mollie
Jojo T. Gibbs delivers a standout performance as Mollie in the movie 'Fresh'. Her portrayal of the character is both captivating and authentic, as she brings a unique blend of humor, vulnerability, and resilience to the role. Gibbs's on-screen presence is magnetic, and she effortlessly commands attention in every scene she appears in. Her ability to convey a wide range of emotions with nuance and depth truly sets her apart, making her a joy to watch throughout the film. See Jojo T. Gibbs's other roles

Andrea Bang
plays Penny

Dayo Okeniyi
plays Paul

Dayo Okeniyi as Paul
Dayo Okeniyi delivers a standout performance as Paul in the movie 'Fresh'. His portrayal of the character is both captivating and nuanced, showcasing his range as an actor. Okeniyi brings a sense of authenticity to the role, making the audience empathize with Paul's struggles and root for his success. His chemistry with the rest of the cast is also noteworthy, contributing to the overall dynamic of the film. Overall, Okeniyi's performance is a highlight of 'Fresh' and leaves a lasting impression on viewers. See Dayo Okeniyi's other roles

Charlotte Le Bon
plays Ann

Charlotte Le Bon as Ann
Charlotte Le Bon's performance as Ann in the movie 'Fresh' is a standout. She brings a sense of warmth and vulnerability to the character, making her instantly relatable and endearing. Her portrayal of Ann's struggle to navigate the complexities of modern dating is both humorous and heartfelt, adding depth to the film's exploration of contemporary relationships. Le Bon's natural charisma and on-screen presence make Ann a character that audiences will root for, making her performance a highlight of the movie. See Charlotte Le Bon's other roles

Brett Dier
plays Chad

Brett Dier as Chad

Brett Dier is a Canadian film and television actor, best known for playing series regular Michael Cordero Jr. on the ...

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Alina Maris
plays Melissa

William Belleau
plays Man

Lachlan Quarmby
plays Instructor

Sunghee Lapell
plays Waitress

Arghavan Jenati
plays Cashier

Anthony Ingram
plays Grocery Man

Anthony Ingram as Grocery Man

Anthony Ingram was born on November 27, 1966 and is currently 57 years old.

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Frances Leigh
plays Mannequin Woman

Lance Birley
plays Shirtless Guy

Joe Costa
plays Hunter

Larry Hoe
plays Business Man

Scott McGrath
plays Politician

Robert Corness
plays Older Man

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