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Detective Raimy Sullivan is stunned when a voice suddenly crackles through her father’s old, long-broken ham radio – it’s Frank Sullivan, somehow transmitting over the airwaves and through the decades from 1996. Separated by twenty years, father and daughter have reunited on a frequency only they can hear, but can they rewrite the story of their lives without risking everyone they love?

Full Cast of Frequency

Peyton List
plays Raimy Sullivan (13 episodes)

Peyton List as Raimy Sullivan

Peyton List (born August 8, 1986) is an American actress and model, known for playing Jane Sterling on the AMC series...

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Riley Smith
plays Frank Sullivan (13 episodes)

Riley Smith as Frank Sullivan

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Riley Smith (born April 12, 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa) is an American film an...

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Devin Kelley
plays Julie Sullivan (13 episodes)

Devin Kelley as Julie Sullivan

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Devin Kelley is an actress best known for portraying the character of Vonda W...

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Lenny Jacobson
plays Gordo (13 episodes)

Lenny Jacobson as Gordo

Lenny Jacobson was born on June 11, 1974 and is currently 50 years old.

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Daniel Bonjour
plays Daniel Lawrence (13 episodes)

Daniel Bonjour as Daniel Lawrence

Daniel Bonjour was born on September 28, 1981 and is currently 42 years old.

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Anthony Ruivivar
plays Stan Moreno (13 episodes)

Mekhi Phifer
plays Satch Reyna (13 episodes)

Mekhi Phifer as Satch Reyna

Mekhi Thira Phifer (born December 29, 1974) is an American actor. He is perhaps best known for his multi-year role as...

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Britt McKillip
plays Young Meghan (13 episodes)

Garry Chalk
plays Ivan Damnjanov (1 episode)

Garry Chalk as Ivan Damnjanov

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gary Chalk (born February 17, 1952) is a British-born Canadian actor, dual US...

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Sean Owen Roberts
plays Ricky Corrado (1 episode)

Viv Leacock
plays Chester Lee (1 episode)

Viv Leacock as Chester Lee

Viv Leacock is an actor and director.

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Michael Charles Roman
plays Thomas Goff (2 episodes)

Alexandra Metz
plays Maya Gowan (2 episodes)

Alexandra Metz as Maya Gowan

Alexandra Metz is an actress and producer.

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Melinda Page Hamilton
plays Marilyn Goff (2 episodes)

Melinda Page Hamilton as Marilyn Goff

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Melinda Page Hamilton (born August 22, 1974) is an American actress. She play...

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Beth Lacke
plays Meghan Womack (1 episode)

Beth Lacke as Meghan Womack

Beth Lacke was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA. She is an actress and producer.

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Dodge Prince
plays Robbie Womack (12 yrs) (2 episodes)

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