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About Four Lives

The true story of the courageous families of four young gay men who lost their lives to killer Stephen Port. Facing police failings, they fought for justice for their loved ones.

Main Cast of Four Lives

Stephen Merchant
plays Stephen Port (3 episodes)

Stephen Merchant as Stephen Port

Stephen Merchant is a British writer, director, radio presenter, stand-up comedian, and actor, best known for his wor...

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Sheridan Smith
plays Sarah Sak (3 episodes)

Leanne Best
plays Kate (3 episodes)

Leanne Best as Kate

Leanne Best (born 15 June 1979) is an English actress.

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Samuel Barnett
plays Ryan Edwards (3 episodes)

Robert Emms
plays Ricky (3 episodes)

Michael Jibson
plays DC Slaymaker (3 episodes)

Ben Cartwright
plays Det. Sqt. O'Donnell (3 episodes)

Memet Ali Alabora
plays Sami Sak (3 episodes)

Kris Hitchen
plays Tom (3 episodes) , Tom Walgate (3 episodes)

Rufus Jones
plays John Pape (3 episodes)

Isabella Laughland
plays China (3 episodes)

Isabella Laughland as China

Isabella Laughland was born on January 1, 1991 and is currently 33 years old.

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Alexa Davies
plays Kiera (3 episodes)

Giselle Cullinane
plays Barbara Denham (3 episodes)

Shaun Thomas
plays Paul (3 episodes)

Kate Layden
plays Sandra (2 episodes)

Jaime Winstone
plays Donna Taylor (2 episodes)

Daniel Ryan
plays Adam Whitworth (2 episodes)

Daniel Ryan as Adam Whitworth

Daniel Ryan (born 1968) is an English actor and writer.

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Holly Aird
plays Jeanette Taylor (2 episodes)

Mollie Winnard
plays Demi (2 episodes)

Stephanie Hyam
plays Jenny Taylor (2 episodes)

Stephanie Hyam as Jenny Taylor

Stephanie Hyam is a British actress.

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Paddy Rowan
plays Jack Taylor (2 episodes)

Ella Kenion
plays Mandy Pearson (2 episodes)

Leo Flanagan
plays Daniel Whitworth (2 episodes)

Leo Flanagan was born on March 20, 1995 and is currently 29 years old.

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Tim Preston
plays Anthony Walgate (2 episodes)

Jack Pierce
plays Acting DI Rolf Schamberger (2 episodes)

Tammy l Meredith
plays Constable R Kevins (2 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Four Lives

Jakub Švec
plays Gabriel Kovari (1 episode)

Ian Puleston-Davies
plays Karl Turner MP (1 episode)

Michael Keogh
plays Dispatcher (1 episode)

Frankie Wilson
plays Barking Police Officer (1 episode)

Frankie Wilson as Barking Police Officer

Frankie Wilson was born on June 27, 1993 and is currently 30 years old.

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Dan Linney
plays Front Desk Officer (1 episode)

Rachel Dale
plays Hull Police Officer (1 episode)

Rufus Wright
plays Interviewing Detective (1 episode)

Dean Fagan
plays Deptford Police Officer (1 episode)

Andy Gathergood
plays PC Ellison, Medway Police Officer (1 episode)

Chris Brazier
plays Rafael Costa (1 episode)

Nadia Clifford
plays Barking Police Officer (1 episode)

Emma Naomi
plays Barking Police Officer (1 episode)

Ashley Gerlach
plays Police Counter Officer (1 episode)

Hugh Simon
plays David Smith QC (1 episode)

Steven Pacey
plays Recorder (1 episode)

Tom Christian
plays DC Ian Atkinson (1 episode)

Grant Crookes
plays Police Officer (1 episode)

Grant Crookes as Police Officer

Grant Crookes was born on September 26, 1965 and is currently 58 years old.

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George Asprey
plays Jonathan Rees QC (1 episode)

Mark Sangster
plays Superintendent (1 episode)

Chris Ryman
plays DC Pericleous (1 episode)

Daniel Jillings
plays Barking Police Officer (1 episode) , PC Holden (1 episode)

Simon Bubb
plays Clerk Of The Court (1 episode)

John Alan Roberts
plays Family Court Member (1 episode)

Daniel Jeffrey
plays Restaurant Customer (1 episode)

Rupert Hill
plays Barking Police Officer (1 episode)

Jason Done
plays Barking Police Sergeant (1 episode)

Kelly Hotten
plays Barking Police Officer (1 episode)

Milo Twomey
plays MIT Detective (1 episode)

Saira Choudhry
plays Police Counter Officer (1 episode)

James Bradshaw
plays DCI Tim Duffield (1 episode)

Shelley Conn
plays Nadia Persaud (1 episode)

Crew of Four Lives

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