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American car designer Carroll Shelby and the British-born driver Ken Miles work together to battle corporate interference, the laws of physics, and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford Motor Company and take on the dominating race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966.

Full Cast of Ford v Ferrari

Christian Bale
plays Ken Miles

Christian Bale as Ken Miles

Christian Charles Philip Bale (born 30 January 1974) is an English actor. Known for his versatility and physical tran...

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Matt Damon
plays Carroll Shelby

Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby

Matthew Paige Damon (born October 8, 1970) is an American actor, film producer, and screenwriter. He is the recipient...

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Jon Bernthal
plays Lee Iacocca

Jon Bernthal as Lee Iacocca

Jonathan Edward Bernthal (born September 20, 1976) is an American actor. Beginning his career in the early 2000s, he...

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Caitríona Balfe
plays Mollie Miles

Josh Lucas
plays Leo Beebe

Josh Lucas as Leo Beebe

Over his career, Josh Lucas has worked with many of the film community's greatest talents. He has starred alongside J...

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Noah Jupe
plays Peter Miles

Tracy Letts
plays Henry Ford II

Remo Girone
plays Enzo Ferrari

Ray McKinnon
plays Phil Remington

Ray McKinnon as Phil Remington

Ray McKinnon (born November 15, 1957) is an American actor, screenwriter, film director and producer. He was married ...

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JJ Feild
plays Roy Lunn

Jack McMullen
plays Charlie Agapiou

Corrado Invernizzi
plays Franco Gozzi

Corrado Invernizzi as Franco Gozzi

Corrado Invernizzi was born on April 25, 1965 and is currently 59 years old.

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Joe Williamson
plays Don Frey

Joe Williamson as Don Frey

Joseph Williamson is an actor.

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Ian Harding
plays Ford Executive - Ian

Christopher Darga
plays John Holman

Christopher Darga as John Holman

Christopher Darga is an actor and producer.

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Shawn Law
plays AJ "Gus" Scussel

Emil Beheshti
plays Aeronutronics Chief Engineer

Emil Beheshti as Aeronutronics Chief Engineer

Emil Beheshti is an actor and producer.

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Darrin Prescott
plays Bob Bondurant

Alex Gurney
plays Dan Gurney

Benjamin Rigby
plays Bruce McLaren

Ben Collins
plays Denny Hulme

Francesco Bauco
plays Lorenzo Bandini

Guido Cocomello
plays Ludo Scarfiotti

Adam Mayfield
plays Lloyd Ruby

Sean Carrigan
plays Walt Hansgen

Lachlan Buchanan
plays Celebrity MC - Cloverfield

Giles Matthey
plays Lance Reventlow

Giles Matthey as Lance Reventlow

Giles Ingram Matthey (born 11 November 1987) is an Aussie-born British actor best known for his role as Claude Crane ...

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Rudolf Martin
plays Dieter Voss

Rudolf Martin as Dieter Voss

Rudolf Martin is a German actor.

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Evan Arnold
plays SCCA Official

Darin Cooper
plays Reporter - Sam

Darin Cooper as Reporter - Sam

Darin Cooper was born on April 15, 1966 and is currently 58 years old.

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Elizabeth Dement
plays Ford Secretary #1

Wallace Langham
plays Dr. Granger

Wallace Langham as Dr. Granger

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. James Wallace Langham II (born March 11, 1965) is an American actor. He curre...

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Jonathan LaPaglia
plays Pit Engineer - Eddie

Jonathan LaPaglia as Pit Engineer - Eddie

Jonathan LaPaglia (born August 31, 1969) is an Australian actor known for his roles as Frank Parker on Seven Days, Ke...

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Brad Beyer
plays Wayne (Customer)

Brad Beyer as Wayne (Customer)

Brad Beyer is an actor.

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Ottavio Taddei
plays Italian Photographer

Giovanni Cirfiera
plays Agnelli

Wyatt Nash
plays Cool Young Buyer

Wyatt Nash as Cool Young Buyer

Matthew Wyatt Elrod (born October 2, 1988), better known as Wyatt Nash, is an American television personality and act...

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Drew Rausch
plays Pilot Private Plane

Drew Rausch as Pilot Private Plane

Drew Rausch is an actor.

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Ward Horton
plays Test Driver - Burt

Luiggi Debiasse
plays Ford Italian Translator - Gary

Michael Lanahan
plays Brumos Executive

Tanner Foust
plays Bucknum

Tanner Foust as Bucknum

Tanner Foust is a professional racing driver, stunt driver, and television host. He competes in rally, drift, ice rac...

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Peter Arpesella
plays Ferrari Pit Chief

Andrew Burlinson
plays Ford Executive #2

Lou Beatty Jr.
plays Janitor

Clement Larue
plays Kid Program Seller

Olivier Blin
plays Drunk Man Singing

Marc Forget
plays Le Mans Official #1

Stephane Fiorenza
plays Le Mans Official #2

Joss Glennie-Smith
plays Mechanic Ford Advanced Vehicles

Tim Banning
plays Reporter - Daytona

Arron Shiver
plays Charlie Brockman ABC

Paul Fox
plays British Commentator

Zack Zublena
plays French Commentator

Aylam Orian
plays German Commentator

Kirt Kishita
plays Japanese Commentator

Stefania Spampinato
plays Ferrari's English Translator

Gian Franco Tordi
plays Agnelli Secretary

Cameron Hennings
plays Autograph Seeker

James Tappan
plays IRS Employee #1

Ryan O'Dell
plays IRS Employee #2

Mario Di Donato
plays Ferrari Lawyer

Mario Di Donato is actor.

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Bonnie Antonini
plays Ferrari Secretary

Jenelle McKee
plays Ford Secretary #2

Grace Fae
plays Ford Secretary - Grace

Jan Munroe
plays Edwin Turley

Marisa Petroro
plays Mrs. Henry Ford

Leif Carlgren
plays Ford Exec Sean Reed

Jon Francis Ueberroth
plays Production Line Foreman

Camillo Faieta
plays Ferrari Pit Crew #1

Steven Ziel
plays Ford Executive #3

Vernon Dew
plays Ford Executive #4

Angelo Dibello
plays Ferrari Pit Crew #2

Larsen Deane
plays Shelby Pit Crew - Ronnie Larson

Craig Frosty Silva
plays Shelby Pit Crew - Frosty

Brad McCabe
plays Shelby Pit Crew

Brent Pontin
plays Chris Amon

Mark Krenik
plays Shelby Pit Smokey

Thomas John Rudolph
plays Shelby Pit Big Mug

Luka Bale
plays Le Mans Flower Girl

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