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Fly Me to the Moon

About Fly Me to the Moon

Three young houseflies stow away aboard the Apollo 11 flight to the moon.

Full Cast of Fly Me to the Moon

Tim Curry
plays Yegor (voice)

Tim Curry as Yegor (voice)

Timothy James Curry (born 19 April 1946) is an English actor and singer. He is known for working in a diverse range o...

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Robert Patrick
plays Louie (voice)

Robert Patrick as Louie (voice)

Robert Hammond Patrick was born on November 5, 1958 in Marietta, Georgia, raised there and Boston, Mass., Dayton, Ohi...

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Kelly Ripa
plays Nat's Mom (voice)

Kelly Ripa as Nat's Mom (voice)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kelly Maria Ripa Consuelos (born October 2, 1970) is an American television h...

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Trevor Gagnon
plays Nat (voice)

Philip Bolden
plays I.Q. (voice)

Nicollette Sheridan
plays Nadia (voice)

Nicollette Sheridan as Nadia (voice)

Nicollette Sheridan (born 21 November 1963) is an British-born American actress best known for her roles as Edie Brit...

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Ed Begley Jr.
plays Poopchev (voice)

Ed Begley Jr. as Poopchev (voice)

Edward James "Ed" Begley, Jr. (born September 16, 1949) is an American actor and environmentalist. Begley is perhaps ...

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David Gore
plays Scooter (voice)

Christopher Lloyd
plays Amos (voice)

Christopher Lloyd as Amos (voice)

Christopher Allen Lloyd (born October 22, 1938) is an American actor. He has appeared in many theater productions, fi...

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Adrienne Barbeau
plays Scooters Mom (voice)

Adrienne Barbeau as Scooters Mom (voice)

Adrienne Jo Barbeau (born June 11, 1945) is an American actress, singer and the author of three books. Barbeau came t...

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Buzz Aldrin
plays Himself

Buzz Aldrin as Himself

Buzz Aldrin is an American engineer and former NASA astronaut. He was the second man on the moon in 1969.

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Eddie Frierson
plays Commander Aldrin

David Cowgill
plays Commander Collins

Steven Kramer
plays Leonide

Sophie Simpson
plays Katie (voice)

Sandy Simpson
plays Commander Armstrong (voice)

Phil Proctor
plays Senior Official (voice)

Lloyd Sherr
plays Mission Control 1969 (voice)

Nicholas Guest
plays Fly Buddy #1 (voice)

Archie Hahn
plays Fly Buddy #2

Lynnanne Zager
plays Fly at Launch (voice)

Scott Menville
plays Butch (voice)

Scott Menville as Butch (voice)

Scott David Menville (born February 12, 1971) is an American actor, voice actor and musician. He is best known for hi...

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Michael McConnohie
plays American Newscaster (voice)

Doug Stone
plays Russian Newscaster (voice)

Jessica Gee-George
plays Maggot #1 (voice)

Mona Marshall
plays Maggot #2 (voice)

Mona Marshall as Maggot #2 (voice)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mona Marshall (born Mona Mortica Ianotti on August 31, 1947) is an American vo...

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Barbara Goodson
plays Maggot #3 (voice)

Barbara Goodson as Maggot #3 (voice)

Barbara Goodson was born on August 16, 1949 and is currently 74 years old.

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Gregg Berger
plays Pale Russian Fly (voice)

Gregg Berger as Pale Russian Fly (voice)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Greggory "Gregg" Berger (born December 10, 1950) is an American voice actor, ...

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Grant George
plays Pale Russian Fly (voice)

Dean Wein
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Melora Harte
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Melora Harte as Additional Voices (voice)

Melora Harte was born on October 29, 1943. She is an actress and writer.

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Max Burkholder
plays Mom's Maggot (voice)

Max Burkholder as Mom's Maggot (voice)

Max Burkholder was born on November 1, 1997 and is currently 26 years old.

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Bernard Hill

Bernard Hill

Born in 1944, Bernard Hill is a British actor of film, stage and television. He is best known to British television v...

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