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The rigorous city life of China, while bustling and unforgiving, contains the everlasting memories of days past. Three stories told in three different cities, follow the loss of youth and the daunting realization of adulthood. Though reality may seem ever changing, unchangeable are the short-lived moments of one's childhood days. A plentiful bowl of noodles, the beauty of family and the trials of first love endure the inevitable flow of time, as three different characters explore the strength of bonds and the warmth of cherished memories. Within the disorder of the present world, witness these quaint stories recognize the comfort of the past, and attempt to revive the neglected flavors of youth.

Full Cast of Flavors of Youth

Taito Ban
plays Xiao Ming (voice)

Taito Ban as Xiao Ming (voice)

Taito Ban (坂 泰斗, Ban Taito, December 18, 1992) is a Japanese voice actor born in Fukuoka Prefecture who is affiliated...

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Mariya Ise
plays Young Xiao Ming (voice)

Mariya Ise as Young Xiao Ming (voice)

Mariya Ise is a Japanese actress, voice actress and narrator from Kanagawa. She is affiliated with Across Entertainme...

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Minako Kotobuki
plays Yi Lin (voice)

Haruka Shiraishi
plays Lulu (voice)

Haruka Shiraishi as Lulu (voice)

Haruka Shiraishi (白石 晴香, Shiraishi Haruka) is a voice actress from Tokyo, Japan. She was affiliated with Hirata, but ...

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Hiroki Yasumoto
plays Steve (voice)

Hiroki Yasumoto as Steve (voice)

Hiroki Yasumoto (安元 洋貴, Yasumoto Hiroki, March 16, 1977) is a Japanese voice actor and narrator from Yamaguchi Prefec...

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Takeo Otsuka
plays Li Mo (voice)

Takeo Otsuka as Li Mo (voice)

Takeo Otsuka (大塚 剛央, Ōtsuka Takeo, born October 19, 1992) is a Japanese voice actor from Tokyo. He is affiliated with...

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Ikumi Hasegawa
plays Xiao Yu (voice)

Ikumi Hasegawa as Xiao Yu (voice)

Ikumi Hasegawa (長谷川 育美, Hasegawa Ikumi, May 31) is a Japanese voice actress from Tochigi Prefecture affiliated with R...

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