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In the captivating historical drama, 'Firebrand', a stellar cast brings to life the tumultuous story of King Henry VIII and his sixth wife, Katherine Parr. The narrative centers on Katherine Parr, portrayed by the talented Alicia Vikander, who is known for her roles in 'Ex Machina' and 'The Danish Girl'. Vikander brings a touch of grace and resilience to her portrayal of Katherine, whom history remembers for her intellect, piety, and survival skills. Joining Vikander is the acclaimed Jude Law, who takes on the role of the notorious King Henry VIII. Law, known for his roles in 'The Talented Mr. Ripley', 'Sherlock Holmes', and 'The Young Pope', embodies the tyrannical king with his unique blend of charm, intensity, and unpredictability.

'Firebrand' takes viewers on a riveting journey as it focuses on Katherine Parr's time as regent while King Henry VIII is away from England, tending to his military ventures. As Katherine skillfully navigates the poisonous court politics and wields her power with wisdom, she continuously proves herself as a capable and level-headed leader. However, her fate takes a chilling turn when King Henry VIII returns from the battlefield, haggard and drawn by illness, and haunted by paranoia. Their once-peaceful relationship begins to disintegrate as the king's mental and physical state rapidly deteriorates, ultimately drawing Katherine into a life-or-death struggle for her own survival.

The contrast between Vikander's compassionate Katherine Parr and Law's increasingly volatile Henry VIII adds a layer of tension to every scene. Viewers will find themselves on the edge of their seats as they watch Katherine navigate the treacherous court and try to survive against the unpredictable and tyrannical king. With its gripping plot and exceptional acting, 'Firebrand' promises to be an enthralling exploration of a critical period in British history.

Full Cast of Firebrand

Alicia Vikander
plays Katharine Parr

Alicia Vikander as Katharine Parr
Alicia Vikander delivers a captivating performance as Katharine Parr in the historical drama 'Firebrand'. Her portrayal of the intelligent and resilient sixth wife of Henry VIII masterfully showcases the intricate balance of fear and determination that Katharine must maintain to survive in the volatile Tudor court. Vikander's powerful on-screen presence and nuanced acting bring depth and humanity to the historical figure, offering viewers an engaging and insightful look into the life of a woman who defied expectations and left a lasting impact on British history. See Alicia Vikander's other roles

Jude Law
plays Henry VIII

Jude Law as Henry VIII
In the compelling historical drama, 'Firebrand', Jude Law masterfully embodies the complex character of King Henry VIII. Known for his versatility and depth, Law delivers a commanding performance, portraying the iconic figure's notorious temperament and internal struggles with remarkable authenticity. His nuanced depiction of Henry's intense emotions, coupled with the portrayal of the monarch's physical deterioration, creates a captivating narrative that keeps viewers engaged. Law's performance adds tremendous depth to the narrative, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in historical storytelling and exceptional acting. See Jude Law's other roles

Eddie Marsan
plays Edward Seymour

Eddie Marsan as Edward Seymour
Eddie Marsan delivers a captivating portrayal of Edward Seymour in the historical drama 'Firebrand'. With his remarkable talent and ability to immerse himself in a role, Marsan brings to life the enigmatic Seymour, King Henry VIII's advisor and brother to Jane Seymour – the third wife of the Tudor monarch. Through his nuanced acting, Marsan showcases Seymour's cunning and political acumen, making him a compelling figure in the complex web of courtly intrigue and power dynamics. His performance significantly enriches the viewing experience, leaving audiences thoroughly engaged in the intricate narratives of the Tudor court. See Eddie Marsan's other roles

Sam Riley
plays Thomas Seymour

Sam Riley as Thomas Seymour
In the captivating historical drama, "Firebrand", Sam Riley delivers a compelling performance as the ambitious and manipulative Thomas Seymour. Riley skillfully balances charm and cunning, as he portrays Seymour's calculated attempts to gain power and influence over the young Queen Elizabeth. His on-screen presence adds an intense layer of intrigue, as he navigates the treacherous world of Tudor politics. Riley's nuanced portrayal of Seymour's complex motivations keeps viewers engaged throughout, making this performance a must-watch for both fans of historical dramas and Sam Riley's acting prowess. See Sam Riley's other roles

Simon Russell Beale
plays Stephen Gardiner

Simon Russell Beale as Stephen Gardiner
In the captivating historical drama "Firebrand", Simon Russell Beale delivers a mesmerizing performance as Stephen Gardiner. As the steadfast and astute advisor to King Henry VIII, Beale's Gardiner is a force to be reckoned with, expertly navigating the treacherous world of Tudor politics with cunning and charisma. Beale commands the screen with his nuanced portrayal, imbuing Gardiner with a quiet intensity and unyielding conviction that elevate an already gripping narrative. His performance is a masterclass in character acting, showcasing his profound understanding of human nature and mastery of period drama – further cementing his status as one of the most versatile and accomplished actors of our time. See Simon Russell Beale's other roles

Erin Doherty
plays Anne Askew

Ruby Bentall
plays Cat

Bryony Hannah
plays Ellen

Maia Jemmett
plays Dot

Patsy Ferran
plays Princess Mary

Junia Rees
plays Princess Elizabeth

Andy M Milligan
plays Earl of Warwick

Edward Harrison
plays John Gates

Mina Andala
plays Jalida

Paul Tinto
plays Stowe

Frank Howell
plays Thomas Wriothesley

Ashleigh Reynolds
plays Leo

Ian Drysdale
plays Sir Anthony Denny

Julian Clapton
plays Courtier

David Vickers
plays Nicolas Robert Charcoal maker

Joseph Aston Grant
plays William Petre

Dan Fallon
plays Kings Guard

Paul Candelent
plays Server

Mark de Freitas
plays King's Guard

Darryl Lane
plays Catherine Parr's Footman

Callum Sked
plays Bishop Gardiner's Footman

Mia Threapleton
plays Joan

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