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This contemporary version of the classic drama series delves into the “what if” questions that keep us awake at night. Each episode tells emotional, provocative stories about people who walk in with a desire, but end up reborn to themselves through the magical realism of Fantasy Island.

Main Cast of Fantasy Island

Secondary Cast of Fantasy Island

Rick Holmes
plays Landon Green (1 episode)

Brittnee Garza
plays Tanya Stevens (1 episode)

Brian Tester
plays Matteo (1 episode)

Ricardo Laboy
plays Axel (1 episode)

Ubi Catasús
plays TV Station Floor Manager (1 episode)

Sebastian Vazquez
plays Shane (1 episode)

Michelle Cortés
plays Bartender (1 episode)

Julian Garcia
plays Maître D' (1 episode)

Mieko Hillman
plays Theodora (1 episode)

Rodrigo Rojas
plays David (1 episode)

Katira Maria
plays Satnam (1 episode)

Kamori Clark-McGeoy
plays Young Theo (1 episode)

Adam Irigoyen
plays Raul (1 episode)

Ektor Rivera
plays Martino (1 episode)

Georgina Borri
plays Contemporary Lily (1 episode)

Liz Dieppa
plays Young Lily (1 episode)

Yaiza Figueroa
plays Evelyn (1 episode)

Edwin Emil Moró
plays Felipe (1 episode)

Luis Rivera
plays Officer (1 episode)

Luis Omar O'Farrill
plays Guy (1 episode)

Stephanie Berry
plays Older Ruby Akuda (1 episode) , Older Ruby (1 episode)

David Moses
plays Older Mel Akuda (1 episode) , Older Mel (1 episode)

Maricelis Galanes
plays Carmen (1 episode)

Anuja Joshi
plays Nisha (1 episode)

Andy Favreau
plays Josh (1 episode)

Alfredo de Quesada
plays King (1 episode)

K.T. Thangavelu
plays Anu (1 episode)

Kapil Bawa
plays Mukesh (1 episode)

Raj Vats
plays Astrologer (1 episode)

Andres Ramos
plays Officer (1 episode)

Josie Bissett
plays Camille (1 episode)

Laura Leighton
plays Nettie (1 episode)

Gabriela Z. Hernandez
plays Dr. Gina (2 episodes)

Sarah Chaney
plays Cam (1 episode)

Karina Curet
plays Waiter (1 episode)

Gillian Saker
plays Rachel Goldwater (1 episode)

Andrew Richardson
plays Reginald Goldwater (1 episode)

Matt Pascua
plays Ramon (1 episode)

Adain Bradley
plays Mel Akuda (2 episodes)

Daniel Lugo
plays Segundo (3 episodes)

Selah Austria
plays Ryleigh Graham (1 episode)

April Brinson
plays Alexis (1 episode)

Alexa Mansour
plays Helene (6 episodes)

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