Cast and Crew of Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Cast of
Escape from the Planet of the Apes

About Escape from the Planet of the Apes

The world is shocked by the appearance of three talking chimpanzees, who arrived mysteriously in a spacecraft. Intrigued by their intelligence, humans use them for research - until the apes attempt to escape.

Full Cast of Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Roddy McDowall
plays Cornelius

Kim Hunter
plays Dr. Zira

Bradford Dillman
plays Dr. Lewis Dixon

Natalie Trundy
plays Dr. Stephanie 'Stevie' Branton

Eric Braeden
plays Dr. Otto Hasslein

Eric Braeden as Dr. Otto Hasslein

Eric Braeden (born Hans-Jörg Gudegast; April 3, 1941) is a German-born film and television actor. The internationally...

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William Windom
plays The President

Sal Mineo
plays Dr. Milo

Albert Salmi
plays E-1

Jason Evers
plays E-2

John Randolph
plays Committee Chairman

Harry Lauter
plays General Winthrop

M. Emmet Walsh
plays Aide

Roy Glenn
plays Lawyer (as Roy E. Glenn Sr.)

Peter Forster
plays Cardinal

Norman Burton
plays Army Officer

William Woodson
plays Naval Officer

William Woodson as Naval Officer

He was the narrator of the famous TV series The Invaders, an American science fiction television program created by L...

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Tom Lowell
plays Orderly

Gene Whittington
plays Marine Captain

Donald Elson
plays Curator

Bill Bonds
plays TV Newscaster

Army Archerd
plays Referee

James Bacon
plays General Faulkner

Ricardo Montalban
plays Armando

Ricardo Montalban as Armando

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino, KSG ( November 25, 1920 – January ...

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John Alderman
plays Marine Corporal (uncredited)

Alan Baxter
plays General (uncredited)

Jack Berle
plays Secretary of State (uncredited)

Paul Bradley
plays Official at Briefing (uncredited)

Karl Bruck
plays German Newscaster (uncredited)

Jeff Burton
plays Dodge (archive footage) (uncredited)

Sam Chew Jr.
plays Undetermined (uncredited)

Robert Cole
plays Reporter (uncredited)

Walker Edmiston
plays Talking Baby Chimp (uncredited) (voice)

James Franciscus
plays Brent (archive footage) (uncredited)

Sig Frohlich
plays Spectator (uncredited)

James W. Gavin
plays Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

George Golden
plays Official at Briefing (uncredited)

James Gonzalez
plays Official at Briefing (uncredited)

Joe Gray
plays Bodyguard (uncredited)

Robert Gunner
plays Landon (archive footage) (uncredited)

Bob Harks
plays Aide (uncredited)

Linda Harrison
plays Nova (archive footage) (uncredited)

Elizabeth Harrower
plays Reporter at Hotel (uncredited)

Shep Houghton
plays Bystander (uncredited)

Joseph La Cava
plays Waiter (uncredited)

Robert Nichols
plays Reporter (uncredited)

Ron Pinkard
plays Undetermined (uncredited)

Janos Prohaska
plays Heloise (uncredited)

Tony Regan
plays Reporter at Hotel (uncredited)

Stephen Roberts
plays Gen. Brody (uncredited)

Hank Robinson
plays Reporter (uncredited)

James B. Sikking
plays Control Room Officer (uncredited)

Jack Slate
plays Reporter (uncredited)

Arthur Tovey
plays Official at Briefing (uncredited)

Arthur Tovey as Official at Briefing (uncredited)

Arthur Tovey was born on November 14, 1904 in Douglas, Arizona, USA as Arthur Roland Tovey. He is known for his work ...

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William Tregoe
plays Hotel Receptionist (uncredited)

William Beckley
plays British News Anchor (uncredited)

Crew of Escape from the Planet of the Apes

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