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About Emma: A Victorian Romance

In 19th-century London, class lines are sharply drawn, and the social standing to which people are born dictates the path their lives will follow. Emma, an honest and hardworking young maid, never felt her place in life to be a burden. But then she met William, a member of the gentry and the eldest son of a wealthy family. His warm smile and earnest affection threaten to capture her heart... but can love truly conquer all?

Main Cast of Emma: A Victorian Romance

Yumi Touma
plays Emma (voice) (24 episodes)

Tokuyoshi Kawashima
plays William Jones (voice) (24 episodes)

Tokuyoshi Kawashima as William Jones (voice)

Tokuyoshi Kawashima was born on February 8, 1973 and is currently 51 years old.

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Secondary Cast of Emma: A Victorian Romance

Hirofumi Nojima
plays Robert Halford (voice) (3 episodes)

Hirofumi Nojima as Robert Halford (voice)

Hirofumi Nojima was born on April 16, 1973 and is currently 51 years old.

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Noriko Shitaya
plays Collin Jones (voice) (4 episodes)

Noriko Shitaya as Collin Jones (voice)

Noriko Shitaya was born on April 22, 1982 and is currently 42 years old.

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Ruri Asano
plays Fanny (voice) (2 episodes)

Kazusa Murai
plays Alice (voice) (2 episodes)

Aiko Nogami
plays Eliza (voice) (2 episodes)

Natsumi Sakuma
plays Mrs. Melville (voice) (1 episode)

Aya Endo
plays Mary (voice) (4 episodes)

Aya Endo as Mary (voice)

Aya Endo is a Japanese voice actress and narrator from Yamagata Prefecture. At the 2nd Seiyu Awards, she won Best Sin...

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Katsunosuke Hori
plays Mr. Campbell (voice) (1 episode)

Yoko Honna
plays Annie (voice) (4 episodes) , Sarah (voice) (5 episodes)

Yoko Honna as Annie (voice)

Yoko Honna was born on January 7, 1979 and is currently 45 years old.

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Tomomichi Nishimura
plays Al (voice) (9 episodes)

Tomomichi Nishimura as Al (voice)

Tomomichi Nishimura (西村 知道, Nishimura Tomomichi, June 2, 1946) is a Japanese voice actor and actor. He is from Chiba ...

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Noriko Suzuki
plays Theresa Hamilton (voice) (6 episodes)

Sayaka Ohara
plays Grace Jones (voice) (7 episodes)

Sayaka Ohara as Grace Jones (voice)

Sayaka Ohara (大原 さやか, Ōhara Sayaka) is a Japanese voice actress, affiliated with Haikyō. Her major roles include Layl...

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Yûji Mikimoto
plays Stevens (voice) (9 episodes)

Saori Seto
plays Francis (voice) (4 episodes)

Keiko Aizawa
plays Mrs. Campbell (voice) (5 episodes)

Taeko Nakanishi
plays Kelly Stowner (voice) (10 episodes)

Naomi Wakabayashi
plays Tasha (voice) (1 episode)

Yuji Ueda
plays Hakim Atawari (voice) (11 episodes)

Yuji Ueda as Hakim Atawari (voice)

Yuji Ueda is a Japanese voice actor.

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Gara Takashima
plays Dorothea Mölders (voice) (1 episode)

Kaori Mizuhashi
plays Vivian Jones (voice) (8 episodes)

Kaori Mizuhashi as Vivian Jones (voice)

Kaori Mizuhashi is a Japanese voice actress who is employed by Arts Vision. She debuted in 1996 with the game Legend ...

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Kouki Miyata
plays Arthur Jones (voice) (7 episodes)

Kouki Miyata as Arthur Jones (voice)

Kouki Miyata (宮田 幸季, Miyata Kōki, born October 9, 1972) is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with 81 Produce. His for...

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