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El sueño del regreso

About El sueño del regreso

A handful of immigrants make a bittersweet pilgrimage back to the land of their birth in this comedy drama. Ten people who have little in common beyond the fact they were all originally from Puerto Rico and now live in New York, discover they've won a contest giving them each a free, all-expenses paid vacation -- in Puerto Rico. While some are eager to visit the place they once called home, others are nervous about what they will find and wary about confronting the people and things they left behind.

Full Cast of El sueño del regreso

Gladys Aguayo
plays Clotilde

Awilda Carbia
plays Matilde

Magali Carrasquillo
plays Daisy

Luisa de los Ríos
plays Leonela

José Félix Gómez
plays Rodolfo

Sara Jarque
plays Sara Cristina

Katy Franco
plays Holly

Yezmín Luzzed
plays Maggie

Johnny Ray Rodríguez
plays Brian Kelly

Gladys Rodríguez
plays Carlotta

Teófilo Torres
plays Baldorioty (Baldo)

Raymond Arrieta
plays Flight attendant

Samuel Negrón
plays Tito

Provi Seín
plays Isabel

Gilberto Santa Rosa
plays Party singer

Christian Santiago

Iris Martinez

Carlos Merced

Axel Cintrón

Ángel F. Rivera

Ramon Saldaña

Víctor Santos
plays Captain

Tavin Pumarejo

Juan Manuel Lebrón

Victor Alicea

Letty Contreras

Helbert Massari

Salvador Rosa

Mariano Mier

Miguelón Rodríguez

Sonybel Zeno

Tanishka Pardo

Gerardo Ortiz

Luis Torres Mercado

Crew of El sueño del regreso