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  • Released on September 08, 2000
  • Drama

A glimpse at the life of legendary Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein.

Full Cast of Eisenstein

Simon McBurney
plays Sergei Eisenstein

Raymond Coulthard
plays Grisha

Jacqueline McKenzie
plays Pera

Jonathan Hyde
plays Meyerhold

Jonathan Hyde as Meyerhold

Jonathan Hyde (born 21 May 1948) is an Australian-born English actor, well known for his roles as J. Bruce Ismay, the...

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Barnaby Kay
plays Andrei

Barnaby Kay as Andrei

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Barnaby Kay (born 1967) is a British actor noted for his roles in television,...

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Leni Parker
plays Anya

Leni Parker as Anya

Leni Parker is a Canadian television and film actress. She is best known for her portrayal of the androgynous alien D...

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Sonya Walger
plays Zina

Sonya Walger as Zina

Sonya Walger (born 6 June 1974) is an English actress known for her roles in the ABC series Lost as Penelope "Penny" ...

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Andrea Mason
plays Elena

Tim McMullan
plays Rak

Ian Bartholomew
plays Pinkov

Ian Bartholomew as Pinkov

Ian Bartholomew was born on January 1, 1954 and is currently 70 years old.

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Daniel MacIvor
plays Stalker

Rolf Saxon
plays Hollywood producer

Louis Hammond
plays Non-proletarian actor

Bernard Hill
plays The voice of Stalin

Bernard Hill as The voice of Stalin

Born in 1944, Bernard Hill is a British actor of film, stage and television. He is best known to British television v...

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