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Eau de la vie

About Eau de la vie

  • Released on May 12, 1994
  • Drama

Catherine is taken to dine at "Eau de la vie" an opulent cafe known for its unusual entertainment. Her business associates Grant and Sarah intend to initiate her into their sordid society and strip her of her innocence. Catherine must choose from a small group of performers who will entertain the diners for the evening. She selects a young attractive man unaware that the finale of the evenings entertainment will end in his dead. To save the young man she has chosen, Catherine is driven to fight for her own life but oblivious to her struggle the other diners believe it is all part of the evening's entertainment Catherine has to stand alone. They say that evil triumphs when good people do nothing. Eau de la vie is a dark tale of hedonism and individual courage.

Full Cast of Eau de la vie

Sarah Smuts-Kennedy
plays Sarah

David Geary
plays Grant

Jeff Boyd
plays Maitre D'

Peter Daube
plays Tank Man

Janet Roddick
plays Singer

Kirsty Hamilton
plays Katherine

Crew of Eau de la vie

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