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Dumb and Dumber To

About Dumb and Dumber To

  • Released on November 12, 2014
  • Comedy

20 years since their first adventure, Lloyd and Harry go on a road trip to find Harry's newly discovered daughter, who was given up for adoption.

Full Cast of Dumb and Dumber To

Tembi Locke
plays Dr. Walcott

Brady Bluhm
plays Billy

Patricia French
plays Ms. Sourpuss

Lindsay Ayliffe
plays Professor Garabedian

Taylor St. Clair
plays Mrs. Steiner

Walt Arnett
plays KEN Audience Member

Erika Bierman
plays Fanny at Age 13

Kassidy Claire
plays Fanny at Age 5

Carly Craig
plays Young Fraida

Bryan Dilbeck
plays Dr. Dilbeck

Dalton E. Gray
plays Young Harry

Michael McCrudden
plays Audience Member

June Shannon
plays Harry's Trailer Park Wife

Maia Moss-Fife
plays Receptionist

Jeff Sumner
plays Convention Official

Julius Sharpe
plays KEN Conference Attendee

Dave Walpole
plays KEN Conference Attendee

Elizabeth Cooper
plays Mrs. Julie James

Michael Yama
plays Harry's Dad

Nancy Byers Farrelly
plays Asylum Nurse #2

Derek Holland
plays Asylum Patient

Brendan Boyle
plays Asylum Patient

Swizz Beatz
plays Ninja Leader

Mike Cerrone
plays Trucker

Sean Gildea
plays Trucker's Pal

Brett Wyman
plays Inventor #2

Jo Helton
plays Mrs. Snergle

Edward Barbanell
plays Nursing Home Orderly

Mariann Neary
plays Farmer's Wife

John Imlay
plays Farmer

Jon Barinholtz
plays Inventor No. 3

Lucas Daniels
plays Bartender

Carter Hicks
plays Bus Kid

Baxter Cooper Rogers
plays Prom Date

Sandra Dorsey
plays Stuffy Woman

Arielle Liberman
plays Emergency Room Nurse

Jon Barry
plays Emergency Room Orderly

Jesse Gines
plays Emergency Room Orderly

Robin O'Neal Sorensen
plays Emergency Medical Technician #1

Chris Randall Sorensen
plays Emergency Medical Technician #2

Daniel Greene
plays Wheelchair Ninja

Will Coogan
plays Room Service Waiter

Caryle Seim
plays Trailer Grandma

Danny Murphy
plays Joystick Victim

Paul Bednarz
plays KEN Convention Employee (uncredited)

Jennifer Cocker
plays Young Inventor (uncredited)

John Deifer
plays Mental Patient (uncredited)

Gregory Fears
plays Man at Gas Station (uncredited)

Abigail Gamache
plays Prom Attendee (uncredited)

William Goodrum
plays Prom Singer (uncredited)

Walter Hendrix III
plays Street Patron (uncredited)

Angela Kerecz
plays Waitress (uncredited)

John Merical
plays Neighbor (uncredited)

Rhomeyn Johnson
plays Bus Driver

Nancy Yee
plays Harry's Mom

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