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Dragon Ball Z is a classic anime series that continues the story of Son Goku, the powerful martial artist who defends Earth from various threats. In this series, Goku’s adventures take on a new dimension as he starts a family and discovers his alien origins as a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta. This revelation adds a new layer to Goku’s character, making him an even more formidable defender of Earth.

The series is filled with an array of fascinating characters, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. Two of the most iconic characters in the series are Vegeta, played by Ryou Horikawa, and Piccolo, voiced by Toshio Furukawa. Vegeta is a proud and arrogant Saiyan prince who initially sees Goku as a rival but eventually becomes an ally. Piccolo, on the other hand, is a wise and powerful Namekian warrior who becomes Goku’s mentor and friend. Together, Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and their allies must defend Earth from a host of new extraterrestrial enemies that pose a threat to the planet’s safety.

Dragon Ball Z is a thrilling and action-packed series that combines martial arts, science fiction, and adventure elements to create a truly unique viewing experience. With its memorable characters, epic battles, and engaging storyline, it’s no wonder that Dragon Ball Z has become a beloved classic in the world of anime. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the series, Dragon Ball Z is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys high-stakes action, intriguing characters, and immersive world-building. So sit back, relax, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with Son Goku and his allies as they defend Earth from the forces of evil in Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z ran for 10 seasons.

Full Cast of Dragon Ball Z

Masako Nozawa
plays Son Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten (voice) (291 episodes) , Gohan (228 episodes) , Son Goten (228 episodes)

Masako Nozawa as Son Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten (voice)
The Son Goku/Gohan/Goten trio are some of the most iconic characters in the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Goku is a powerful and determined Saiyan warrior with a pure heart, while Gohan is his half-Saiyan son who struggles with his identity and hidden power. Goten is the youngest of the three, and a playful and energetic kid with a strong talent for fighting. See Masako Nozawa's other roles

Ryo Horikawa
plays Vegeta (voice) (291 episodes)

Ryo Horikawa as Vegeta (voice)
Vegeta is a Saiyan prince and a powerful warrior in the Dragon Ball Z universe. He is often arrogant and prideful, but also fiercely loyal to his people and determined to become the strongest fighter in the world.

Quotes from Vegeta (voice)

  1. It's over 9000!
  2. I do not fear this new challenge. Rather, like a true warrior, I will rise to meet it.
  3. I am the prince of all Saiyans!
See Ryo Horikawa's other roles

Toshio Furukawa
plays Piccolo (voice) (291 episodes)

Toshio Furukawa as Piccolo (voice)
Piccolo is a member of the Namekian race and is one of the most powerful warriors in the Dragon Ball Z universe. He starts off as Goku's enemy but becomes one of his closest allies as the series progresses.

Quotes from Piccolo (voice)

  1. Special Beam Cannon!
  2. I'm neither Kami nor Piccolo...I am a Namekian who has long since forgotten his name.
See Toshio Furukawa's other roles

Mayumi Tanaka
plays Krillin / Uranai Baba (voice) (291 episodes) , Uranai Baba (291 episodes)

Mayumi Tanaka as Krillin / Uranai Baba (voice)
Krillin is a courageous and loyal friend to the main character, Goku, in the Dragon Ball Z series. Despite being one of the weaker fighters, he continually trains and strives to become stronger.

Quotes from Krillin / Uranai Baba (voice)

  1. 'I don't need a dragonball to tell me how strong you are!'
  2. 'Kamehameha!' (signature move)
See Mayumi Tanaka's other roles

Hiromi Tsuru
plays Bulma / Bulla (219 episodes) , Bra (253 episodes)

Hiromi Tsuru as Bulma / Bulla
Bulma (also known as Bulla in Dragon Ball GT) is a main character in the Dragon Ball Z series. She is a brilliant and wealthy scientist who is responsible for creating many of the gadgets and tools that the Z Fighters rely on during their battles. Bulma is known for being headstrong, confident, and a bit sassy at times. Despite not being a fighter herself, she is always ready to lend a hand to her friends and teammates.

Quotes from Bulma / Bulla

  1. Do you want a piece of me? Because you're gonna have to wait!
  2. There's no such thing as fair or unfair in battle. There is only victory or in your case, defeat.
See Hiromi Tsuru's other roles

Naoki Tatsuta
plays Oolong / Karin (voice) (291 episodes) , Karin (291 episodes)

Naoki Tatsuta as Oolong / Karin (voice)
Oolong is a shape-shifting pig who joins the Dragon Ball Z gang on their adventures. Although he can be cowardly at times, he is known for his comedic relief and his unusual abilities.

Quotes from Oolong / Karin (voice)

  1. I'm the mighty Oolong! Fear my power!
  2. I wish for a lifetime supply of premium barley tea!
See Naoki Tatsuta's other roles

Ryusei Nakao
plays Freeza (voice) (252 episodes)

Ryusei Nakao as Freeza (voice)
Freeza is a villainous character in Dragon Ball Z. He is the leader of the Planet Trade Organization and is known for his cruelty, manipulative nature, and obsession with power. Freeza has a powerful, otherworldly form and is notorious for his ability to destroy entire planets.

Quotes from Freeza (voice)

  1. You should learn when to give up. Can't you see that I'm at a completely different level than you?
  2. I'm the strongest in the universe. And that's why I'm the emperor.
  3. I'm sorry I kept you waiting so long. But now, you die.
See Ryusei Nakao's other roles

Joji Yanami
plays Dr. Briefs (voice) (291 episodes)

Joji Yanami as Dr. Briefs (voice)
Dr. Briefs is a genius inventor and scientist who serves as a supporting character in Dragon Ball Z. He is the founder and CEO of Capsule Corporation, a leading technology company in the Dragon Ball universe. Despite being wealthy and successful, Dr. Briefs is often portrayed as eccentric and somewhat absent-minded.

Quotes from Dr. Briefs (voice)

  1. Gero's laboratory must have had a Major Fault in its Ball-Sensors!
  2. I'm a scientist, not a miracle worker!
See Joji Yanami's other roles

Naoko Watanabe
plays Puar / Chi-Chi (voice) (291 episodes) , Chi-Chi (291 episodes)

Naoko Watanabe as Puar / Chi-Chi (voice)
Puar is a small, blue, cat-like creature with the ability to shape-shift. Puar is best friends with Yamcha and often accompanies him on adventures.

Quotes from Puar / Chi-Chi (voice)

  1. I'm sorry, Yamcha. I'm not strong like you and Goku.
  2. Oh no, Yamcha!
  3. Let's get out of here!
See Naoko Watanabe's other roles

Yuko Minaguchi
plays Videl (25 episodes) , Videl, Pan (voice) (38 episodes)

Yuko Minaguchi as Videl
Videl is a skilled martial artist and the daughter of Mr. Satan. She first meets the Z Fighters during the World Martial Arts Tournament and becomes a close ally. She eventually marries Gohan and has a daughter named Pan.

Quotes from Videl

  1. 'I'm not just some weak girl!'
  2. 'My father taught me how to fight, you know.'
  3. 'I don't need a boy to protect me.'
See Yuko Minaguchi's other roles

Hirotaka Suzuoki
plays Tien Shinhan (voice) (291 episodes)

Hirotaka Suzuoki as Tien Shinhan (voice)
Tien Shinhan is a skilled martial artist from the Crane School who has participated in multiple martial arts tournaments. He is a serious and stoic character, who is often seen meditating to improve his skills.

Quotes from Tien Shinhan (voice)

  1. A true warrior doesn't fight to win, but rather to better himself as a fighter.
  2. I'll do my best until I'm completely beaten. That's the way Tien Shinhan lives his life!
See Hirotaka Suzuoki's other roles

Miki Ito
plays Android 18 (voice) (291 episodes)

Miki Ito as Android 18 (voice)
Android 18 is a character in the anime show Dragon Ball Z. She was once a human but was turned into an android by the evil Dr. Gero. She is tough, intelligent, and has an icy demeanor, but deep down, she cares about her family and those close to her.

Quotes from Android 18 (voice)

  1. I hate to admit it, but you're stronger than I am.
  2. I'm not interested in people who can't put up a good fight.
  3. I don't need your permission.
See Miki Ito's other roles

Hiroko Emori
plays Mama / Chaozu / Bulma / Bulla (voice) (291 episodes) , Chaozu (291 episodes)

Hiroko Emori as Mama / Chaozu / Bulma / Bulla (voice)
Mama is the loving and caring mother of Chi-Chi, the wife of Ox-King, and the grandmother of Gohan and Goten. She is a kind-hearted woman who always looks out for her family and their well-being.

Quotes from Mama / Chaozu / Bulma / Bulla (voice)

  1. I always knew you were a special girl, Chi-Chi, and now you've found a wonderful husband.
  2. Gohan, why don't you come inside? Grandma made your favorite dessert!
  3. Oh my goodness! You're Gohan! Look how much you've grown!
See Hiroko Emori's other roles

Mayumi Shou
plays Chi-Chi (voice) (291 episodes)

Chi-Chi is a character in Dragon Ball Z. She is the wife of Goku and the mother of Gohan and Goten. Chi-Chi is known for being strict and demanding, often pushing her children to study rather than train in martial arts.

Quotes from Chi-Chi (voice)

  1. I'm not just any girl, you know. I'm Chi-Chi, the daughter of the Ox-King.
  2. I don't care about your stupid tournament! Gohan's studies come first!
  3. You're grounded, mister!
See Mayumi Shou's other roles

Toru Furuya
plays Yamcha (voice) (291 episodes)

Toru Furuya as Yamcha (voice)
Yamcha is a former desert bandit turned martial artist who participates in battles to protect the Earth from evil forces. He is known for his bravery and loyalty to his friends.

Quotes from Yamcha (voice)

  1. I may not be the strongest out there, but I'm not gonna let anyone down!
  2. I need to train harder if I'm going to become a great martial artist.
See Toru Furuya's other roles

Tomiko Suzuki
plays Marron (voice) (291 episodes)

Tomiko Suzuki as Marron (voice)
Marron is the daughter of Krillin and Android 18 in the anime series Dragon Ball Z. She first appears as a baby and later as a young child during the Majin Buu Saga. She is depicted as a cute and cheerful little girl who loves her family and enjoys spending time with them.

Quotes from Marron (voice)

  1. 'Daddy, can we go play now?'
  2. 'Mama, you're so beautiful!'
See Tomiko Suzuki's other roles

Mami Koyama
plays Lunch (voice) (291 episodes)

Mami Koyama as Lunch (voice)
Lunch is a character in Dragon Ball Z who is known for her split personality. She has blonde hair and a kind-hearted personality in her normal form but transforms into a violent brunette with a bad temper when she sneezes. She is a skilled fighter and often helps the Z-fighters in battles.

Quotes from Lunch (voice)

  1. 'I can't control it. Whenever I sneeze, I change personalities.'
  2. 'Don't worry, I'm not angry. It's just my other me.'
See Mami Koyama's other roles

Shin Aomori
plays Kibit (voice) (291 episodes)

Shin Aomori as Kibit (voice)
Kibit is a god and the supreme ruler of the planet of the kais. He often takes a hands-off approach but will step in to help when needed. Kibit is known for his calm and collected demeanor.

Quotes from Kibit (voice)

  1. True strength is not just about physical prowess, but also a kind heart and a peaceful mind.
  2. I find it hard to put more importance on one life over another.
See Shin Aomori's other roles

Kohei Miyauchi
plays Master Roshi (voice) (291 episodes)

Kohei Miyauchi as Master Roshi (voice)
Master Roshi, also known as the Turtle Hermit, is a wise yet perverted martial arts master in Dragon Ball Z. He is a former teacher of Grandpa Gohan and Goku and enjoys watching attractive women. He is the owner of the famous martial arts trick, the Kamehameha Wave. See Kohei Miyauchi's other roles

Kozo Shioya
plays Majin Buu (voice) (291 episodes)

Kozo Shioya as Majin Buu (voice)
Majin Buu is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball Z series. He is a villain and one of the deadliest enemies of the protagonists. Initially introduced as a fat, pink genie-like creature, he possesses immense strength and magical powers, making him a formidable opponent. Despite his brutish nature, he has a childlike innocence and loves to play.

Quotes from Majin Buu (voice)

  1. Me Buu, want to fight!
  2. Buu hungry!
  3. Buu make you...chocolate!
See Kozo Shioya's other roles

Toku Nishio
plays Mr. Popo (voice) (291 episodes)

Mr. Popo is a genie-like character in Dragon Ball Z who serves as the attendant to Kami, the guardian of Earth. He is known for his stoicism, calm demeanor, and unique way of speaking.

Quotes from Mr. Popo (voice)

  1. Welcome back, Earthling. How was your stay on Namek?
  2. I am here to serve and protect Kami-sama.
See Toku Nishio's other roles

Reizō Nomoto
plays Rō Kaiōshin (voice) (291 episodes)

Reizō Nomoto as Rō Kaiōshin (voice)
Rō Kaiōshin is a character appearing in the anime series Dragon Ball Z. He is the oldest and most revered of the five Supreme Kais, who are tasked with maintaining peace and balance in the universe. He is also known for his wisdom and gentle demeanor, and is respected by many.

Quotes from Rō Kaiōshin (voice)

  1. Even in the face of darkness, there is always hope.
  2. The greatest power is not in physical strength, but in the strength of one's character.
  3. The universe has infinite possibilities, but they all begin with a single choice.
See Reizō Nomoto's other roles

Ryuuzaburou Ootomo
plays Dabura (voice) (291 episodes)

Ryuuzaburou Ootomo as Dabura (voice)
Dabura, also known as the Demon King, is a powerful antagonist in Dragon Ball Z. He is the ruler of the Demon Realm and serves under the wizard Babidi.

Quotes from Dabura (voice)

  1. 'I have no interest in pointless fights.'
  2. 'I won't hold back just because you're a child. Come at me!'
See Ryuuzaburou Ootomo's other roles

Yuko Kobayashi
plays Marron (voice) (291 episodes)

Yuko Kobayashi as Marron (voice)

Yuko Kobayashi was born on February 6, 1961 and is currently 63 years old.

See Yuko Kobayashi's other roles

Hiroshi Masuoka
plays Master Roshi (voice) (291 episodes)

Hiroshi Masuoka as Master Roshi (voice)

is a Japanese voice actor. He voiced the roles of Masuo Fuguta in Sazae-san and Jam Ojisan in Soreike! Anpanman. He a...

See Hiroshi Masuoka's other roles

Mariko Mukai
plays Mama (voice) (291 episodes)

Mariko Mukai as Mama (voice)
Mama is the loving and caring mother of Goku who always worries about her son's safety while he is away defending the planet from evil forces. She is known for her nurturing nature and her delicious cooking.

Quotes from Mama (voice)

  1. 'My boy may be a little rough around the edges, but he has a pure heart.'
  2. 'Don't you ever think about giving up, Goku'
See Mariko Mukai's other roles

Shigeru Chiba
plays Raditz (39 episodes) , Garlic Jr. (154 episodes)

Shigeru Chiba as Raditz
Raditz is a Saiyan warrior and the older brother of Goku. He arrives on Earth to recruit his brother into the galactic tyrant Frieza's army, but is killed by Goku and Piccolo when he refuses to renounce his evil ways.

Quotes from Raditz

  1. You've got a high power level, but you're no warrior.
  2. I am a Saiyan, from the planet Vegeta!
  3. I'll make you suffer!
See Shigeru Chiba's other roles

Yoko Kawanami
plays Mama (voice) (291 episodes)

Yoko Kawanami as Mama (voice)
Mama is the mother of the main protagonist, Goku, in Dragon Ball Z. She is a loving and caring mother who always makes sure her family is well-fed and taken care of.

Quotes from Mama (voice)

  1. 'You better come back to visit soon, Goku!'
  2. 'Don't forget to wear clean underwear, Goku!'
See Yoko Kawanami's other roles

Takeshi Kusao
plays Trunks (voice) (219 episodes)

Takeshi Kusao as Trunks (voice)
Trunks is a character from Dragon Ball Z. He is the time-traveling son of Vegeta and Bulma, and is hailed as one of the strongest fighters in the series. Trunks possesses extraordinary strength and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He is also known for his signature sword, which he wields with deadly precision.

Quotes from Trunks (voice)

  1. I fight for the future!
  2. Now I won't hold back, time to show you my full power!
  3. It's not about whether or not I can, it's about whether or not I must!
See Takeshi Kusao's other roles

Kazumi Tanaka
plays Jeice (93 episodes)

Jeice is a member of the Ginyu Force, a team of elite soldiers in the service of Frieza. He's known for his flamboyant personality, his powerful energy attacks, and his signature pose, in which he strikes a pose with his hands on his hips and his tongue sticking out.

Quotes from Jeice

  1. I'm the captain of the most elite team in the galaxy, the Ginyu Force!
  2. You're in for a world of hurt when you mess with me!
See Kazumi Tanaka's other roles

Hikaru Midorikawa
plays Android 16 (voice) (252 episodes)

Hikaru Midorikawa as Android 16 (voice)
Android 16 is a powerful android created by Dr. Gero to assist in his vengeance against Goku. He was designed for battle and is known for his immense strength and durability. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is gentle and non-violent, and values all forms of life.

Quotes from Android 16 (voice)

  1. This pain will make me stronger. I will not let this end here.
  2. I have been programmed to protect nature and defend it against human kind. That's all I am living for.
See Hikaru Midorikawa's other roles

Takeshi Aono
plays Kami (voice) (291 episodes)

Takeshi Aono as Kami (voice)
Kami is a wise character in Dragon Ball Z who serves as the Guardian of the Earth. He is depicted as being kind-hearted and compassionate.

Quotes from Kami (voice)

  1. 'One must not allow oneself to become sentimental.
  2. 'There's nothing fun about worrying over things you can't change, so don't bother.
  3. 'I thought that true power came from within oneself...'
See Takeshi Aono's other roles

Hideyuki Hori
plays Captain Ginyu (voice) (156 episodes)

Hideyuki Hori as Captain Ginyu (voice)
Captain Ginyu is a villainous character from the anime series Dragon Ball Z. He is the captain of the Ginyu Force, an elite team of mercenaries hired by Frieza. Ginyu possesses the ability to switch bodies with other living beings, giving him an advantage in battle.

Quotes from Captain Ginyu (voice)

  1. I won't forgive anyone who disrupts Lord Frieza's plans.
  2. Together we are the Ginyu Force, the fiercest fighters in the galaxy!
  3. Change now!
See Hideyuki Hori's other roles

Ichiro Nagai
plays Karin (voice) (291 episodes)

Ichiro Nagai as Karin (voice)
Karin is a wise and mystical cat who lives on top of a giant tower. He plays an important role in the story by helping Goku, and later other characters, gain more power through his special water.

Quotes from Karin (voice)

  1. I thought I told you already, there's no going back down unless you grow wings!
  2. You can't put a price on wisdom, and I'm full of it!
See Ichiro Nagai's other roles

Yukimasa Kishino
plays Tao Pai Pai (54 episodes) , Burter (93 episodes)

Show Hayami
plays Zarbon (93 episodes)

Show Hayami as Zarbon
Zarbon is a recurring character in the Dragon Ball Z anime series. He is Frieza's right-hand man and one of his top henchmen. Zarbon is known for his good looks, elegant mannerisms, and his ability to transform into a more powerful, monstrous form.

Quotes from Zarbon

  1. I'm sorry to say that your friends won't be joining you in the afterlife. I took care of them myself.
  2. I see that you're finally having some fun, Vegeta. Don't let me interrupt.
  3. You're a fool if you think you can beat me in one of Frieza's elite squadrons.
See Show Hayami's other roles

Keiko Yamamoto
plays Higashi no Kaio (voice) (291 episodes)

Keiko Yamamoto as Higashi no Kaio (voice)

Keiko Yamamoto was born on August 7, 1943 and is currently 80 years old.

See Keiko Yamamoto's other roles

Shozo Iizuka
plays Nappa (64 episodes)

Shozo Iizuka as Nappa
Nappa is a large muscular alien and one of the villains in the Dragon Ball Z series. He is often seen as the right-hand man of Vegeta and is known for his fierce and brutal fighting style. Nappa is also known for his arrogance and tendency to underestimate his opponents.

Quotes from Nappa

  1. What's the matter? Are you really this weak?
  2. I'll turn you into space dust in no time!
  3. Vegeta, what does the scouter say about their power level?
See Shozo Iizuka's other roles

Yuji Mitsuya
plays East Kaioshin (voice) (291 episodes)

Yuji Mitsuya as East Kaioshin (voice)
East Kaioshin, also known as Shin, is the ruler of the Eastern quadrant of the universe in Dragon Ball Z. He's a short, blue-skinned deity with white hair and antennae, and he wears a green and gold Potara earring on each ear. He's serious and responsible, and he takes his duties as a Kaioshin very seriously.

Quotes from East Kaioshin (voice)

  1. 'Majin Buu, you have angered me beyond belief.'
  2. 'I am the East Kaioshin, ruler of the eastern quadrant of the universe.'
See Yuji Mitsuya's other roles

Masaharu Satô
plays Saichourou (voice) (291 episodes)

Masaharu Satô as Saichourou (voice)
Saichourou is the old and wise Grand Elder of the Namekians from the anime series Dragon Ball Z. He is the leader of the Namekians and possesses immense power and knowledge.

Quotes from Saichourou (voice)

  1. My child, I have lived for over 500 years. During this time I have seen all, and absorbed much knowledge and information.
  2. The Dragon Balls of Namek are not to be trifled with!
See Masaharu Satô's other roles

Daisuke Gori
plays Mr. Satan / Vinegar (voice) (291 episodes) , Vinegar (291 episodes)

Daisuke Gori as Mr. Satan / Vinegar (voice)
Mr. Satan is a famous martial artist and a recurring character in Dragon Ball Z. He is known for his inflated ego, exaggerated displays of strength, and his tendency to take credit for others' accomplishments.

Quotes from Mr. Satan / Vinegar (voice)

  1. Hercule Satan always keeps his promises!
  2. I am the champion of the world!
See Daisuke Gori's other roles

Yukitoshi Hori
plays Android 19 (87 episodes) , Dodoria (93 episodes)

Yukitoshi Hori as Android 19
Android 19 is a humanoid robot in the show Dragon Ball Z. He was created by Dr. Gero, a former Red Ribbon Army scientist, and is one of the main antagonists of the Androids and Cell sagas.

Quotes from Android 19

  1. You will make an excellent energy source for me.
  2. It's time to absorb your energy.
  3. I am Android 19. You will not escape.
See Yukitoshi Hori's other roles

Bin Shimada
plays West Kai (voice) (252 episodes)

Bin Shimada as West Kai (voice)
West Kai is a character from the anime show Dragon Ball Z. He's a jolly and easygoing character who likes to engage in humorous antics. He's also known to be quite mischievous.

Quotes from West Kai (voice)

  1. I'll tell you what. If you beat me in a race around the galaxy, I'll teach you the Kaioken technique.
  2. Hey, if you're going to die anyway, why not let me kill you? It'll save you the trouble.
  3. Hey, welcome to my domain! It's a lot like heaven, but less boring.
See Bin Shimada's other roles

Hiro Yuuki
plays Dende (voice) (252 episodes)

Hiro Yuuki as Dende (voice)
Dende is a Namekian from planet Namek and serves as the guardian of Earth. He is small in size but has incredible healing abilities and the power to communicate telepathically. Dende is a trustworthy and dependable ally in the battles against evil forces.

Quotes from Dende (voice)

  1. I sense no evil energy.
  2. Please, make me useful!
  3. I'm sorry, truly sorry.
See Hiro Yuuki's other roles

Hisao Egawa
plays Spopovich (voice) (252 episodes)

Hisao Egawa as Spopovich (voice)
Spopovich is a minor villain in Dragon Ball Z who competes in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. He is ruthless and cruel, willing to do whatever it takes to win, including using underhanded tactics like cheating and violence.

Quotes from Spopovich (voice)

  1. 'You're starting to annoy me!'
  2. 'You talk too much!'
See Hisao Egawa's other roles

Junpei Takiguchi
plays Uranai Baba (voice) (252 episodes)

Junpei Takiguchi as Uranai Baba (voice)
Uranai Baba is a fortune teller and witch who runs a tournament called Baba's tournament. She is depicted as a very old witch with her traditional witch's hat and a crystal ball.

Quotes from Uranai Baba (voice)

  1. Hohoho, let's see what the future holds!
  2. You won't be able to win with brute strength alone, my dear.
See Junpei Takiguchi's other roles

Katsuji Mori
plays Nail (voice) (252 episodes)

Katsuji Mori as Nail (voice)
Nail is a warrior from the planet Namek and one of the strongest fighters among his people. He serves as the loyal bodyguard and advisor to their leader, Grand Elder Guru.

Quotes from Nail (voice)

  1. I suggest you take me seriously, Vegeta. I am not the Namekian I once was.
  2. I am Nail, warrior of Namek. You are Frieza, and you have invaded my territory and killed my people. Let's get down to business.
See Katsuji Mori's other roles

Kenji Utsumi
plays Recoome (291 episodes) , Shenron (voice) (252 episodes)

Kenji Utsumi as Recoome
Recoome is a member of the Ginyu Force, a team of elite mercenaries who work for the evil Frieza. He is a massive and muscular humanoid with red hair and distinctive facial markings. Recoome is known for his over-the-top personality and love of showing off his strength.

Quotes from Recoome

  1. 'You're nothing compared to the mighty Recoome!'
  2. 'Recoome loves a good fight, but Recoome loves himself a little bit more!'
  3. 'Recoome...Ultra Fighting Miracle!'
See Kenji Utsumi's other roles

Norio Wakamoto
plays Cell (180 episodes)

Norio Wakamoto as Cell
Cell is an artificial life form created by Dr. Gero for the sole purpose of becoming the perfect being. He can absorb the abilities of any living being and uses this power to become stronger. He serves as the main antagonist during the Cell Saga.

Quotes from Cell

  1. You make me laugh, Vegeta. You're so concerned with your pride that you completely forget reality.
  2. The power of perfection is within my grasp.
  3. My destiny is greater than you can imagine!
See Norio Wakamoto's other roles

Keiko Yokozawa
plays Annin (voice) (252 episodes)

Keiko Yokozawa as Annin (voice)
Annin is a wise and powerful immortal being who resides in the Furnace of Eight Divisions. She possesses the ability to control fire and is highly respected among both mortals and other immortals.

Quotes from Annin (voice)

  1. When you've lived as long as I have, you come to realize what's really important in life.
  2. I am the guardian of the Furnace of Eight Divisions, Annin!
See Keiko Yokozawa's other roles

Megumi Urawa
plays Erasa (voice) (252 episodes)

Erasa is a high school student and a friend of Videl, with whom she shares a passion for fashion and beauty; Erasa is generally portrayed as vain and air-headed.

Quotes from Erasa (voice)

  1. 'Boys will be boys, right?'
  2. 'Oh my gosh, Videl! That's an amazing outfit you're wearing!'
See Megumi Urawa's other roles

Shigeru Nakahara
plays Android 17 (voice) (219 episodes)

Shigeru Nakahara as Android 17 (voice)
Android 17 is a character from the anime series Dragon Ball Z. He is an android created by Dr. Gero and is one of the main antagonists of the Cell Saga. He has a laid-back and carefree attitude, and loves to fight strong opponents.

Quotes from Android 17 (voice)

  1. I have no interest in doing what you say.
  2. I'm not interested in meaningless efforts.
See Shigeru Nakahara's other roles

Chikao Ohtsuka
plays Tao Pai Pai (voice) (88 episodes)

Chikao Ohtsuka as Tao Pai Pai (voice)
Tao Pai Pai is a powerful assassin in the Dragon Ball Z series who has incredible strength and fighting skills. He is known for his ruthless attitude and his mercenary work of taking out his targets, no matter who they are.

Quotes from Tao Pai Pai (voice)

  1. 'Your death will be quick and painless.'
  2. 'Your services are no longer required.'
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