Cast and Crew of Dr. Romantic

Cast of
Dr. Romantic

About Dr. Romantic

An eccentric, triple board-certified virtuoso surgeon leaves a top job in Seoul and ends up at a provincial hospital, where he mentors young doctors.

Dr. Romantic ran for 4 seasons.

Main Cast of Dr. Romantic

Lee Kyu-ho
plays Mr. Goo (Goo Hwang-woo) (47 episodes)

Ko Sang-ho
plays Yang Ho-joon (32 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Dr. Romantic

Joo Hyun
plays Chairman Shin Myung Ho [Former chairman] (1 episode) , Chairman Shin Myung-ho (20 episodes)

Park Doo-sik
plays Boyfriend of the appendicitis patient fertilizer (1 episode)

Gu Da-song
plays Female student (1 episode)

Kim Beom-seok
plays Ko Eun-ho (1 episode)

Kim Byung-hee
plays Coast Guard (1 episode)

Jung Han-seol
plays Jo Sung-yoon (2 episodes)

Kang Myeong-ju
plays Deceased Person's Mother (2 episodes)

Ri Min
plays [Truck driver involved in an accident] (1 episode)

Kwon Hyuk-soo
plays Defense Minister Ryu Woong-il (1 episode) , Ryu Woong Il [Minister] (3 episodes)

Kim Nam-jin
plays Joo Hyuk's mother (1 episode)

Park Young-soo
plays [Healthcare center employee] (1 episode)

Cho Wan-ki
plays Dr. Lee (1 episode)

Jung Bo-seog
plays Bae Moon-jung's Father (1 episode) , [Moon Jung’s father] (2 episodes)

Kyung Ki-hyun
plays [Station employee] (1 episode)

Sin Dong-ryeok
plays Il Joong [Geodae Hospital doctor] (1 episode)

Seo Jung-hoo
plays [119 operator] (1 episode)

Gu Bon-jin
plays [Lieutenant commander] (1 episode)

Seo Myung-chan
plays [Military officer] (1 episode)

Jin Yong-uk
plays [Soo Jin's father / Patient] (1 episode)

Kim Dong-hyun
plays [Violent husband] (3 episodes)

Cherish Maningat
plays [Domestic abused victim] (3 episodes)

Kim Jin
plays Choi Soon-young [Paramedic] (1 episode)

Hong Seok-yeon
plays [Violent drunk man] (1 episode)

Go Byeong-taek
plays [Bus passenger with leg injury] (2 episodes)

Kim No-jin
plays Jung Ga Young [Rape victim] (2 episodes)

Park Ki-Ryoong
plays [Yoon Wan's associate] (2 episodes)

Lee Yun-sang
plays [Yoon Wan's associate] (2 episodes)

Park Sung-il
plays [Police officer in ER] (1 episode)

Jang Ui-don
plays [Local police officer] (1 episode)

Kang Suk-won
plays Hyung Joon [Woo Jin's ex colleague] (1 episode)

Cheon So-Ra
plays [Nurse] (1 episode)

Son Sang-yeon
plays Cabo Lightning (1 episode) , Kang Ik Joon [VIP Patient] (4 episodes)

Ahn Soo-ho
plays [Tow yard worker] (2 episodes)

Lee Young-sil
plays [Patient's wife] (1 episode)

Oh Min-ae
plays Ko Kyung-sook (8 episodes)

Im Young-joon
plays Jae-hyun's Grandmother's Son (1 episode)

Jo Eun-sol
plays Jung Byeol (2 episodes)

Ji So-young
plays Bae Yu-rim (1 episode)

Sung Jeong-seon
plays Elderly Patient (1 episode)

Jang Nam-yeol
plays Bus Terminal's Cleaner (Chief Lee's Uncle-in-Law) (1 episode)

plays Blood Transport Vehicle Driver (1 episode)

Cha Solomon
plays Choi Seok-gu's Friend (2 episodes)

Kim Jang-hwan
plays News Announcer (1 episode)

Lee Jin-hong
plays Anesthetic Nurse (2 episodes)

Jo In-woo
plays Paramedic Choi Min-kyu (1 episode)

Hwang Soo-min
plays Reporter Song Hye-jin (1 episode)

Ha I-aan
plays Student with Scraped Leg (2 episodes)

Yoo Sung-min
plays Student Park Jung-min (2 episodes)

Hyun Gun-woo
plays Unconscious Dance Academy Student (2 episodes)

Baek Kyung-min
plays Dance Academy Student (1 episode)

Seo Ah-in
plays Student Experiencing Dizziness (1 episode)

Go Geon-ryeong
plays Cardiac Patient (1 episode)

Byun Joong-hee
plays Patient with Dementia (2 episodes)

Lee Seung-won
plays Guardian of Patient with Wheelchair (1 episode)

Kim Il-hyun
plays Doctor (1 episode)

Bae Bo-ram
plays Doctor (1 episode)

Kim Da-hwin
plays Officer Choi (2 episodes)

Han Kyu-won
plays Yeom Jung-do (3 episodes)

Park Seong-chan
plays Anesthesiologist (3 episodes)

Park Joo-yong
plays Embolism Patient (1 episode)

Park Hee-jung
plays Nurse (2 episodes)

Kang Hae-ri
plays Nurse (3 episodes)

Lee Joo-young
plays Nurse (2 episodes)

Kim Do-won
plays Heo Ye-jun (1 episode)

Kim Si-on
plays Heo Ye-jun's Sister (1 episode)

Lee Han-ju
plays Angry Patient (1 episode)

Ryu Ye-ri
plays Jung In-soo's Wife (1 episode)

Ban Hye-young
plays Reporter (1 episode)

Park Joon-sang
plays Reporter (1 episode)

Lee Dong-kyu
plays Anchor (1 episode)

Jeong Hyeon-woo
plays Electrician (1 episode)

Jung Ae-hwa
plays Villa resident (1 episode)

Choi Sol-hee
plays Villa resident (1 episode)

Min Woo-ki
plays Patient (1 episode)

Jeong Doo-won
plays Cramps patient's husband (1 episode)

Han Ki-Jang
plays Firefighter (1 episode)

Kim Do-hyeong
plays Cha Jin Man's chauffeur (1 episode)

Oh Min-jeong
plays Tteokbokki restaurant owner (2 episodes)

Crew of Dr. Romantic