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About Dead Mount Death Play

It's a showdown for the ages as the legendary hero takes on the corpse god necromancer, but when the dust settles, something isn't quite right... In the final moments of their epic confrontation, the corpse god's final gambit shot was wholly unexpected -- reincarnation magic! Across space and time, a boy named Polka Shinoyama awakens feeling...not quite himself...... Who could've expected that the climactic battle between good and evil would turn out like this??

Dead Mount Death Play ran for 1 season.

Main Cast of Dead Mount Death Play

Secondary Cast of Dead Mount Death Play

Souma Shiomi
plays Priest (voice) (1 episode)

Gou Shinomiya
plays Police officer (voice) (3 episodes)

Rumi Okubo
plays Izuna Ajishiro (voice) (5 episodes)

Soshiro Hori
plays Priest (voice) (1 episode)

Mei Shibata
plays Girl (voice) (1 episode)

Farahnaz Nikray
plays Deathclaw Saya (voice) (1 episode)

Akihiro Sakata
plays Reporter (voice) (1 episode)

Tomohiro Ono
plays Man (voice) (1 episode)

Ryoma Masuda
plays Man (voice) (1 episode)

Azusa Aoi
plays Bunny Girl (voice) (2 episodes)

Haruka Jinya
plays Clerk (voice) (1 episode) , Police officer (voice) (2 episodes)

Nene Hieda
plays Bunny girl (voice) (1 episode)

Shouta Aoi
plays Lemmings (voice) (2 episodes)

Yu Serizawa
plays Kazuki Shinoyama (voice) (4 episodes)

Marie Oi
plays Lady (voice) (1 episode)

Madoka Yonezawa
plays Fire-Breathing Bug (voice) (1 episode)

Shouto Kashii
plays Fake Fire-Breathing Bug (voice) (1 episode)

Kaya Okuno
plays Fake Fire-Breathing Bug (voice) (1 episode)

Masafumi Kobatake
plays Employee (voice) (1 episode)

Masayuki Katô
plays Police officer (voice) (1 episode) , Fake Fire-Breathing Bug / Corpse God's father (voice) (1 episode)

Kazuki Miyagi
plays Police officer (voice) (1 episode)

Kentaro Tone
plays Fire-Breathing Bug (voice) (1 episode)

Hiroki Nanami
plays Miyabi Hosorogi (voice) (1 episode)

Mitsuki Nakamura
plays Boss (voice) (1 episode)

Ryosuke Asano
plays Male announcer (voice) (1 episode)

Crew of Dead Mount Death Play