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Dangerous Orphans

About Dangerous Orphans

Three orphaned boys - O'Malley, Rossi and Moir - become blood brothers. When they grow up, they plot revenge on the crooks who got away with shooting O'Malley's father. The crooks are doing very nicely importing heroin and laundering money. The boys begin by killing one of the crooks, stealing his indentification and cleaning out the guy's Swiss bank account. But their revenge does not stop here... And the American end of the operation is getting very curious.

Full Cast of Dangerous Orphans

Peter Stevens
plays O'Malley

Jennifer Ward-Lealand
plays Teresa Costello

Ross Girven
plays Rossi

Michael Hurst
plays Moir

Michael Hurst as Moir

Michael Eric Hurst, ONZM (born 20 September 1957) is a New Zealand actor, director and writer, mostly on stage and te...

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Peter Bland
plays Jacobs

Ian Mune
plays Hanna

Ian Mune as Hanna

Ian Mune was born on January 1, 1941 and is currently 83 years old.

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Grant Tilly
plays Beck

Zac Wallace
plays Scanlan

Ann Pacey
plays Moony

Crew of Dangerous Orphans

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