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Cupid's Prey

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  • Released on January 01, 2002

Rebecca Swain is a beautiful, intellectual young woman. Life is good to her. Her new boyfriend Matt's family is rich and socially prominent. The idea of a romantic weekend with him at his parents' palatial estate sounds inviting. The visit to paradise brings her face to face with Matt's family for the first time. His father, Jeremy, is dashingly handsome like his son. His mother Iris, on the other hand, looks at first glance to be a slightly unbalanced alcoholic. Rebecca instantly impresses Jeremy who is smitten with her charm and grace. As the weekend progresses, she finds herself seduced into a deadly love triangle. All is not as it seems between father, mother, and son. As Rebecca peels away the family's hidden realities, she finds herself embroiled in their secrets, and the unwilling victim of the family's most deranged member. She will need all her resources to uncover the ultimate horrible truth and stay alive.

Full Cast of Cupid's Prey

Joanna Pacula
plays Iris Wetherton

Jack Wagner
plays Jeremy Wetherton

Katrina Browne
plays Rebecca Swain

Glen Drake
plays Matt Wetherton

Judy Rankin
plays Berta

Noel Appleby
plays Herbert

Julia Ryan
plays Janet Swenson

Gilbert Goldie
plays Roger

Crew of Cupid's Prey

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