Cast and Crew of Cruel Intentions 2

Cast of
Cruel Intentions 2

About Cruel Intentions 2

  • Released on March 13, 2001
  • Drama

After his precocious behavior has gotten him bounced out of one more in a string of exclusive private schools, 16-year old Sebastian Valmont has arrived in New York City to live with his father and stepmother. The cunning and handsome Sebastian may have met his match, however in his equally manipulative and beautiful stepsister Kathryn Merteuil.

Full Cast of Cruel Intentions 2

Sarah Thompson
plays Danielle Sherman

Keri Lynn Pratt
plays Cherie Claymon

Barry Flatman
plays Headmaster Sherman

Tane McClure
plays Bunny Claymon

David McIlwraith
plays Edward Valmont

Caley Wilson
plays Blaine

Deanna Wright
plays Penny

Hans Schoeber
plays Gunther

Christopher Davidson
plays Gordon Anderson

Andrew Kraulis
plays Court Reynolds

Ian D. Clark
plays Principal Freeman

Jillian Rees-Brown
plays Delores Freeman

Judy Sinclair
plays Mrs. Gagin

David Fujino
plays Mr. Nago

Jessica Morton
plays Waitress

Miranda Reeves
plays Sherman's Assistant

Virginia A. Frost
plays Elderly Lady

Annie Sorell
plays Gretchen

Alicia Lorén
plays Sarah

William Lasselle
plays Teacher

Janaya Stephens
plays Cab Driver

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