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Given incredible power by an ancient Celtic Cross. Callan continues to fight evil... Now, joined by a team of weapons experts, Callan battles an unstoppable empire in Los Angeles.

Full Cast of Cross

Robert Carradine
plays Dr. Zyal

Gianni Capaldi
plays English

Stephanie Drapeau
plays Juliane

Rachel Noll James
plays Beth

Sam Lonigro
plays Samantha

Jonathan Sachar
plays Shark

Megan Titus
plays Elena

Judy Dinella
plays April

Baylen Johnson
plays Young Callan McCrae

Amber Noelle
plays Selene

Gary Castro Churchwell
plays Patch

Jody Mortara
plays Lisa Van Dyke

Shana Rose
plays Rachel

Sophia Gabriella
plays Amy

Rydell Danzie
plays Brute

Erica Taylor
plays Nurse Raven

Kristen Olson
plays Nurse Sullivan

Natalie Howe
plays Dr. Sloan

Luke LaFontaine
plays Jersey

Ned Liebl
plays Saint

Anna Bohn
plays Zoey

Asa Holley
plays Nuke

Ashley Russo
plays Ann

Branden Cook
plays Slag

Paul Anthony Scott
plays Clash

Casey Hendershot
plays Big Red

Jenny Kerr
plays Jackie

Tamara Frapasella
plays Sky

Taran Butler
plays Ace

Troy H. King
plays Butcher

Nicholas Leiting
plays Nick

Adi Spektor
plays Czarny

Brittany Werner
plays Milly

Amy Wolpa
plays Danielle

Whitnee Patterson
plays Whitnee

Tiffany Tessa Doorn
plays Jessica

Karen O'Brien
plays Kaza

Joshua Kovalscik
plays Jackelsmith

Nat Dixon
plays Zara

Harley Marquette
plays Wrath

Christopher Cedeño
plays Tops

Alan Henke
plays Stone

Andrew J McGuinness
plays Drew

R. Daniel Long
plays Rip

Dotan Baer
plays T-hug

Jeffrey Lombardi
plays Detective Young

Crew of Cross

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