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A masked figure known as "The Curious" collects tales of dark magic, otherworldly encounters and twisted technology in this kids anthology series.

Main Cast of Creeped Out

Aurora Aksnes
plays Narrator (23 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Creeped Out

Sam Ashe Arnold
plays Keith (1 episode)

Diya Kittur
plays Amy (1 episode)

Berkley Silverman
plays Millie (1 episode)

Berkley Silverman as Millie

Berkley Silverman is an actress, known for PAW Patrol (2013), Creeped Out (2017) and Spin (2021).

See Berkley Silverman's other roles

Rhys Gannon
plays Stu (1 episode)

Margaret Jackman
plays Mrs. Franny McMurtle (1 episode)

Maeve Larkin
plays Stu's Mum (1 episode)

Jonathan Blake
plays Sam Sanford (1 episode)

Graham Burton
plays Recital Parent (1 episode)

Phil Corbitt
plays Mr. Fitzgerald (1 episode)

Maximus Evans
plays Fitzy (1 episode)

Anya Lawrence
plays Naini (1 episode)

Rachael McGuinness
plays Mrs. Sanford (1 episode)

Andrew Readman
plays Mr. Herabius (1 episode)

Marcus Taylor
plays Bill Goat (1 episode)

Nenaa-Jo Uraih
plays School Secretary (1 episode)

Darlene Cooke
plays Aunt Abigail (1 episode)

Jordan Poole
plays Greg (1 episode)

Jake Sim
plays Kelsey (1 episode)

Boris Burnell Anderson
plays AJ (1 episode)

Rosina Carbone
plays Auntie Jean (1 episode)

Malen Clarkson
plays Vincent (1 episode)

Jason Done
plays Andrew (1 episode)

Macey Howarth
plays Young Jean (1 episode)

Jaiden Cannatelli
plays The Curious (5 episodes)

Jaiden Cannatelli as The Curious

Jaiden Cannatelli was born on April 23, 2006 and is currently 18 years old.

See Jaiden Cannatelli's other roles

William Romain
plays The Curious (3 episodes)

Amelia Curtis
plays Thomas' Mum (1 episode)

Gianluca Gallucci
plays Spud (1 episode)

Jacob Henshaw
plays Thomas (1 episode)

Imogen Tear
plays Alexa (1 episode)

Sydney Wade
plays Jessie (1 episode)

Sydney Wade as Jessie

Sydney Wade was born on July 18, 2002 and is currently 21 years old.

See Sydney Wade's other roles

Jennifer James
plays Jessie's Mum (1 episode)

Daniel Ryan
plays Jessie's Dad (1 episode)

Daniel Ryan as Jessie's Dad

Daniel Ryan (born 1968) is an English actor and writer.

See Daniel Ryan's other roles

Robert Styles
plays Mr. Blackteeth (1 episode)

Caitlan Barrett-Ward
plays Patty (1 episode)

Stephanie Dooley
plays Mrs. Peterson (1 episode)

Noah Valentine
plays The Bottler (1 episode)

Simon Naylor
plays Mr. Sanford (1 episode)

Tiffany Elefano
plays Kim Bosher (1 episode)

Steve Cooke
plays Marti's Voice (1 episode)

Rebecca Hanssen
plays Pearl (1 episode)

Rebecca Hanssen as Pearl

Rebecca Hanssen was born on February 27, 1994 and is currently 30 years old.

See Rebecca Hanssen's other roles

William Haresceugh
plays Danny (1 episode)

Chris Jack
plays Darrell (1 episode)

Zita Sattar
plays Hannah (1 episode)

Acushla-Tara Kupe
plays Pui (1 episode)

Tillie Amartey
plays Arlene (1 episode)

Isabella Pinto
plays Dent (1 episode)

Bella Band
plays Janie (1 episode)

Lola Ogunyemi
plays Jo (1 episode)

Elizabeth Bower
plays Paxton (1 episode)

Romy Weltman
plays Esme Curtis (1 episode)

Justin Paul Kelly
plays Ashley (Kindlesticks) (1 episode)

Justin Paul Kelly as Ashley (Kindlesticks)

Justin Paul Kelly is an actor, known for The Umbrella Academy (2019), Private Eyes (2016) and Creeped Out (2017).

See Justin Paul Kelly's other roles

Jesse Adam Lowell
plays Chas (1 episode)

Robin Archer
plays Mr. Thorne (1 episode)

Beatriz Yuste
plays Mrs. Thorne (1 episode)

Andrea Grant
plays Mrs. Tuthill (1 episode)

Aliya Anthony
plays Missy Tuthill (1 episode)

Aria Anthony
plays Sissy Tuthill (1 episode)

Gracie McHendry
plays Ashley Thorne (1 episode)

Thamela Mpumlwana
plays Dave (1 episode)

Leah Choudhry
plays Jodie (1 episode)

Daniel Ogbeide-John
plays Brandon (1 episode)

Emma Gregory
plays Mrs. Gunson (1 episode)

Rachel Leskovac
plays June (1 episode)

Andonis Anthony
plays The Traveller (1 episode)

Russell Richardson
plays Old Baz (1 episode)

Tomaso Sanelli
plays Jack Whitaker (1 episode)

Katie Douglas
plays Indigo (2 episodes)

Wei Ming Yuan
plays Hijinx (2 episodes)

Kendra Nott
plays Ace's Sister (2 episodes)

Keana Bastidas
plays Gudge (2 episodes)

Keana Bastidas as Gudge

Keana Bastidas was born on March 18, 1998 and is currently 26 years old.

See Keana Bastidas's other roles

Julian Richings
plays Zephaniah (2 episodes)

Tyler Lionel Parr
plays Ace's Dad (2 episodes)

Ethan Pugiotto
plays Aiden Whitaker (1 episode)

Wei Yuan
plays Nincom (2 episodes)

Nicolas Grimes
plays Kid Herc (2 episodes)

Lilly Bartlam
plays Cat Daughter (2 episodes)

Lilly Bartlam as Cat Daughter

Lilly Bartlam is an actress, known for PAW Patrol (2013), PAW Patrol: The Movie (2021) and The Handmaid's Tale (2017).

See Lilly Bartlam's other roles

Kyle Breitkopf
plays Ace (2 episodes)

Maia Jae Bastidas
plays Puck (2 episodes)

Maia Jae Bastidas as Puck

Maia Jae Bastidas was born on March 18, 1998 and is currently 26 years old.

See Maia Jae Bastidas's other roles

Jenny Young
plays Ace's Mom (2 episodes)

Simon D. Scott
plays Shoe Man (2 episodes)

Peter Loung
plays Palooka (2 episodes)

Regan Brown
plays Cat Mother (2 episodes)

Alexandra Castillo
plays Claire Whitaker (1 episode)

Alexandra Castillo as Claire Whitaker

Alexandra Castillo is a Chilean-Canadian film and television actress and dancer.

See Alexandra Castillo's other roles

Jaeden Noel
plays Carlos Vasquez (1 episode)

Nadia Casandra
plays Carrie (1 episode)

Leonidas Castrounis
plays Rich (1 episode)

Paloma Nuñez
plays Teacher (1 episode)

Paloma Nuñez as Teacher

Paloma Nuñez is an actor, comedian and voice artist. She has been nominated for 2 Canadian Comedy Awards, (Best Impro...

See Paloma Nuñez's other roles

Tyssen Smith
plays Older Jack (1 episode)

Anthony Christian Potenza
plays Bob (1 episode)

Corteon Moore
plays Older Carlos (1 episode)

Shawn Campbell
plays Majestic Game Voice (1 episode)

Devan Cohen
plays The Paladin (1 episode)

Devan Cohen as The Paladin

Shortly after his first audition, Devan landed the hero role of the L'il Chef on a "Dan-o-nino Yogurt" commercial. Hi...

See Devan Cohen's other roles

Oliver Finnegan
plays Gabe (1 episode)

Bo Bragason
plays Rocky (1 episode)

Angel O'Callaghan
plays Frankie (1 episode)

Scarlett Alice Johnson
plays Leader (1 episode)

Alexander Kirk
plays Dad (1 episode)

Padraig McCormack
plays Georgie (1 episode)

Quincy Kirkwood
plays Molly Dekker (1 episode)

Jakob Davies
plays Crispin Dekker (1 episode)

Jakob Davies as Crispin Dekker

Jakob Davies is a Canadian born Actor. He began acting in 2009 and was featured in several National and International...

See Jakob Davies's other roles

Pip Dwyer
plays Mrs. Dekker (1 episode)

Pip Dwyer as Mrs. Dekker

Pip Dwyer is a Canadian stage and screen actress. She's a graduate in Drama and Theatre from the Samuel Beckett Schoo...

See Pip Dwyer's other roles

Jim Annan
plays Mr. Dekker (1 episode)

Jim Annan as Mr. Dekker

Jim Annan is a Canadian film, television and theatre actor.

See Jim Annan's other roles

Michelle McLeod
plays Debby (1 episode)

Leonardo Valeri
plays Taylor (1 episode)

Kaniehtiio Horn
plays Ava (Voice) (1 episode)

Kaniehtiio Horn as Ava (Voice)

Kaniehtiio Horn is a Canadian actress native of the Mohawk reserve of Kahnawake.

See Kaniehtiio Horn's other roles

Helene Robbie
plays The Mouth (2 episodes)

Katharine Ingle
plays Mum (1 episode)

Andrew Steele
plays Dad (1 episode)

Hannah Saxby
plays Nita (1 episode)

Alex Warburton
plays Jett (1 episode)

Minti Gorne
plays Max (1 episode)

Emily Langridge
plays Desk Clerk (1 episode)

Paul Moriarty
plays The Boiler Man (1 episode)

Brielle Robillard
plays Jude (1 episode)

Olivia Presti
plays Willow (1 episode)

Yatharth Bhatt
plays Stan (1 episode)

Morgan Kohan
plays Faye (1 episode)

Claire Qute
plays Mayel (1 episode)

Dante Zee
plays Feng (1 episode)

Tony Nappo
plays VP Hawkins (1 episode)

Claire Rankin
plays Tina (1 episode)

Imogen Faires
plays Kiera (1 episode)

Shanice Archer
plays Marcy (1 episode)

Louis Swanepoel
plays Brock (1 episode)

Doña Croll
plays Glams (1 episode)

Doña Croll as Glams

Doña Croll was born on August 29, 1953 and is currently 70 years old.

See Doña Croll's other roles

Seun Shote
plays Dad (1 episode)

Jacob Chambers
plays Sammy (1 episode)

Richard Brake
plays The Hidden (1 episode)

Richard Brake as The Hidden

Richard Brake is a Welsh/American actor.

See Richard Brake's other roles

Shechinah Mpumlwana
plays Mia Tuthill (1 episode)

Raven Dauda
plays Rosemary Tuthill (1 episode)

Raven Dauda as Rosemary Tuthill

Raven Dauda is a Canadian stage and screen actress.

See Raven Dauda's other roles

Martin Roach
plays Julian Tuthill (1 episode)

Martin Roach as Julian Tuthill

Martin Roach is a Canadian actor.

See Martin Roach's other roles

D'Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai
plays Lucky (1 episode)

Cameron Roberts
plays Lincoln (1 episode)

Patrick Gallagher
plays Coach Carter (1 episode)

Patrick Gallagher as Coach Carter

Patrick Gallagher (born February 21, 1968) is a Canadian actor. He is most famous for his Attila the Hun role in Nigh...

See Patrick Gallagher's other roles

Paulino Nunes
plays Bruce (1 episode)

Paulino Nunes as Bruce

Paulino Nunes was born on April 27, 1968 and is currently 56 years old.

See Paulino Nunes's other roles

Colton Clause
plays George (1 episode)

Phoenix Gatchalian
plays Phoenix (1 episode)

Lola Mae Loughran
plays Cass (1 episode)

Ella Dunlop
plays Alice (1 episode)

James Day
plays Nate (1 episode)

Alice Franziska Woodhouse
plays Junebug (1 episode)

Jola Olajide
plays Claudia (1 episode)

Kevin Sutton
plays Dad (1 episode)

Taighen O'Callaghan
plays Lawrence (1 episode)

Tommy French
plays Elf Deagle (1 episode)

Dominique Moore
plays Mrs. Connor (1 episode)

Alex Eastwood
plays Mikey (1 episode)

Wendy Wason
plays Mrs. Reese (1 episode)

Pavel Douglas
plays Splinta Claws (Voice) (1 episode)

Brennan Clost
plays Older Aiden (1 episode)

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