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  • Released on July 09, 1998

Larceny, adultery, sabotage and treachery. Yes, just your typical Christmas with the Dredge family! Twelve-year-old Joey Dredge is in trouble again. Expelled for jumping off the school roof, he's haunted by his father's death and hates his mother's new boyfriend and his bullying son. Compounding his misery is the knowledge he has to spend Christmas with them at the family beach house. Things look grim until the unexpected arrival of great-grandfather Albert, fresh from a stint in prison. Forced to share the back shed with this swearing, farting and devious octogenarian, Joey's life changes. Between barbecuing the family dog, performing a self-burial and causing his intended step-father to consume a startling amount of hash, Joey learns a few life lessons from Albert, who despite his many vices may give Joey the strength to accept the past and embrace the future.

Full Cast of Crackers

Daniel Kellie
plays Joey Dredge

Peter Rowsthorn
plays Bruno

Susan Lyons
plays Hilary Dredge

Terry Gill
plays Jack Hall

Maggie King
plays Violet 'Vi' Hall

Valerie Bader
plays Aunt Dottie

Warren Mitchell
plays Albert Hall

Christopher Chapman
plays Angus

Louise Siversen
plays Teacher

Ross Williams
plays Vice Principal

Rainey Carah
plays Driver

Tom Coltraine
plays Driver's Companion

Kirsty Child
plays Charge Nurse

Crew of Crackers

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