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Lewis, a young amateur theater director, is offered a job with a governmental program for the rehabilitation of mentally ill patients in a Sydney institution. His project is overrun by one of the patients who wants to stage the opera Cosi Fan Tutte by Mozart despite the fact that none of the patients are able to sing and none of them speak Italian. A comedy of errors ensues, but one which unifies the patients and their director in unexpected ways.

Full Cast of Cosi

Ben Mendelsohn
plays Lewis

Ben Mendelsohn as Lewis

Paul Benjamin Mendelsohn (born 3 April 1969) is an Australian actor. He first rose to prominence in Australia for his...

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Barry Otto
plays Roy

Toni Collette
plays Julie

Toni Collette as Julie

Toni Collette Galafassi (November 1, 1972) is an Australian actress, producer, singer, and songwriter. Known for her ...

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Rachel Griffiths
plays Lucy

Aden Young
plays Nick

Colin Friels
plays Errol

Jacki Weaver
plays Cherry

Jacki Weaver as Cherry

Jacqueline Ruth Weaver AO (born 25 May 1947) is an Australian actress. Weaver emerged in the 1970s as a symbol of the...

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Pamela Rabe
plays Ruth

Pamela Rabe as Ruth

Pamela Rabe was born on April 30, 1959 and is currently 65 years old.

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Paul Chubb
plays Henry

Colin Hay
plays Zac

David Wenham
plays Doug

David Wenham as Doug

David Wenham (born 21 September 1965) is an Australian actor who has appeared in movies, television series and theatr...

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Tony Llewellyn-Jones
plays Kirner

Kerry Walker
plays Sandra

Robin Ramsay
plays Minister for Health

Henry Maas
plays Bernard Goldman

Jack Walsh
plays Air Wrestler

Lawrence Woodward
plays Electrician

Brian Ellison
plays Rigger

Tamara Kuldin
plays Seamstress

Dennis Allard
plays Carpenter

Toni Moran
plays Painter

David Anthony
plays Knucklehead

Skye Wansey
plays Ms Spock

Nick Penn
plays Ballroom Man

Dan Wyllie
plays Closed Ward Nurse

Dan Wyllie as Closed Ward Nurse

Daniel Wyllie (born 1970) is an Australian stage, film and television actor. Wyllie began acting in theatre.

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Damian Monk
plays Closed Ward Nurse

Rachael Maza Long
plays Nurse at Concert

Robert Noble
plays Mens Ward Nurse

Samantha McDeed
plays Pink Lady

Michael Robertson
plays Cussing Patient

Samantha Rebillet
plays Student Actor

Anita Hegh
plays Waitress

Paul Mercurio
plays Mental Patient (uncredited)

Greta Scacchi
plays Mental Patient (uncredited)

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