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About Contagious

When shrimp from Mexico, tainted with Cholera, is served to people on a plane bound for LA, an outbreak ensues. A doctor sets out to find the source and contain it before it turns into an epidemic. And if things weren't bad enough, a drug mule from the plane, who was smuggling cocaine in his stomach, infects the drugs, which will be on the streets soon. And to top things off, her husband who is on a camping trip with their two children is sick but did not show any symptoms until they were isolated from the rest of the world. Can she get to them in time?

Full Cast of Contagious

Ken Pogue
plays George Ryburn

Matt Hill
plays Carl Freedman

Karen Elizabeth Austin
plays Norma Meyers

Jim Smith
plays Ben Winorski

Nathaniel DeVeaux
plays Det. Ron

John James Hong
plays Preacher

Sheila Paterson
plays Rose

Janne Mortil
plays Judith

William MacDonald
plays Drug Worker

Ben Immanuel
plays Rick Shaffer

Charles Siegel
plays Bald Man

Tamsin Kelsey
plays ER Doctor #1, Dr. Campbell

Peter Yunker
plays ER Doctor #2

Frances Flanagan
plays ER Nurse with Drug Worker

Ingrid Tesch
plays Nurse #1

Douglas Newell
plays Street Chemist

Deryl Hayes
plays Health Service Doctor

Randi Lynne
plays Health Service Nurse

Rita Whicker
plays Health Worker #2

Lisa Ann Beley
plays Health Worker #3

Lossen Chambers
plays Health Worker #4

Warren Takeuchi
plays Health Worker #5

Amanda O'Leary
plays Homeless Woman

D. Neil Mark
plays Lab Technician

Lesley Ewen
plays Nurse #2

Andrew Johnston
plays Navigator

Jim Filippone
plays Helicopter Pilot

Kasper Michaels
plays Ranger

Allan Franz
plays Ticket Clerk

Gerard Ponsford
plays Trauma Doctor #1

Meredith Bain Woodward
plays Trauma Doctor #2

Fay Salmon
plays Trauma Nurse #1

Jennifer Sterling
plays Triage Nurse Catherine

Brendan Stitchman
plays Young Resident

Christine Upright-Letain
plays Hannah's Secretary

Zoran Dragelj
plays Orderly

Crew of Contagious