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Comes Morning

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  • Released on June 04, 2016

Hikari run away from home due to a misunderstanding. The Kuriharas realize that they've misunderstood Hikari. Asato wishes to see his mommy in Hiroshima and goes looking for her. However, Hikari thinks she's been enough of a nuisance to the people around her and decides to take her own life.

Full Cast of Comes Morning

Narumi Yasuda
plays Kurihara Satoko (8 episodes)

Naoki Tanaka
plays Kurihara Kiyokazu (8 episodes)

Hayashida Yusaku
plays Kurihara Asato (8 episodes)

Umika Kawashima
plays Katakura Hikari (8 episodes)

Nanoka Hara
plays Katakura Hikari (age 14) (8 episodes)

Nanoka Hara as Katakura Hikari (age 14)

Nanoka Hara was born on August 26, 2003 and is currently 20 years old.

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Eri Ishida
plays Asami Yoko (8 episodes)

Aimi Satsukawa
plays Goto Kasumi (8 episodes)

Saori Takizawa
plays Hoshino Risa (8 episodes)

Tomoka Kurokawa
plays Hirata Konomi (8 episodes)