Cast of
Cody: The Burnout

About Cody: The Burnout

  • Released on October 11, 1995

Cody goes undercover on a task force established to track down arsonists who are wreaking havoc in the city. Fiorelli and Cody race against time to obtain the information they need to get Cody out alive when they discover a corrupt officer is within their ranks.

Full Cast of Cody: The Burnout

Gary Sweet
plays Cody

Robert Mammone
plays Fiorelli

Alexandra Fowler
plays Stella

D.J. Foster
plays Mike

Christopher Stollery
plays Gavin Warner

Bill Young
plays Campbell

Bill Young as Campbell

Bill Young was born on June 1, 1950 and is currently 74 years old.

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Andrew S. Gilbert
plays Williams

Shane Bourne
plays Graham

Paul Gleeson
plays Det. Con. Cooper

Gillian Hyde
plays Det Sgt. Hilary Mann

John Mandoukos
plays Taggart

Paul Lyons
plays Hohnen

Katherine Halliday
plays Julie

Rudi Baker
plays Mark

Paul Wilson
plays Fire Officer

Yvonne Lang
plays Dr. Lau

Duncan Piney
plays Markham

Paul Alexander
plays Businessman

Simone Harris
plays Natalie

Hannah O'Brien
plays Zoe

Pat Loria
plays Max

Charles Weyman
plays Superintendent

Chad Hannah
plays Wino

Emily Weare
plays Antonia Gleason

Crew of Cody: The Burnout

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