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Cody: Fall from Grace

About Cody: Fall from Grace

  • Released on August 17, 1995

A jockey is found dead in the street after falling from a balcony of a Hotel. What is thought to be a routine suicide inquiry becomes a murder investigation leading Cody to uncover a race-fixing scam

Full Cast of Cody: Fall from Grace

Gary Sweet
plays Cody

Robert Mammone
plays Fiorelli

Frank Gallacher
plays Duncan White

Bill Hunter
plays Sam Wolfe

Bill Young
plays Campbell

Bill Young as Campbell

Bill Young was born on June 1, 1950 and is currently 74 years old.

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Rob Steele
plays Jock McKinney

David Whitney
plays Ted McKinney

Judith Stratford
plays Anne White

Cormac Costello
plays The Flea

Robert Carne
plays Danny

Lisa Lackey
plays Chantelle

Alex Morcos
plays O'Rourke

Natasha Novak
plays Petra

Rod Zuanic
plays Jimmy

Peter Melov
plays Sgt. Mills

James Steele
plays Measday

Marie Armstrong
plays Lorna

Theresa Miller
plays Journalist

David Betteridge
plays Minister

Paul Pijnappel
plays Doorman

Leigh Luxmoore
plays Attendant

Brandon Burke
plays Conway

Amanda Wenban
plays Olivia

Katherine Hynes
plays Receptionist

John Flower
plays Stevens

Jill McKay
plays Ursula

Tux Akindoyeni
plays Sam's Minder

John McNeill
plays Bookie

David MacKennal
plays Bookie

Brendan Hickey
plays Bookie

Steve McGrath
plays Tout

Sean McKenzie
plays Tout

Robert Noble
plays Harry

Crew of Cody: Fall from Grace

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